A Masterpiece of the Silent Screen

There is some debate as to the first adaptation of Salgari's novels. Cabiria directed by Giovanni Pastrone bears many similarities to Emilio Salgari's 1908 adventure novel Cartagine in Fiamme (Carthage is Burning). Salgari, however, was never credited, Gabriele D'Annunzio being billed as the official screenwriter. In fact D'Annunzio had been brought on board to help revise the film once it had been shot, earning the credit by changing the title to Cabiria, changing the name of some of the characters and rewriting the captions, using more grandiloquent expressions than those employed by Pastrone. The three-hour movie with its grand proportions and cast of thousands created a sensation throughout Italy. It pioneered epic screen production and foreshadowed the work of D.W. Griffith, Eisenstein and others.

The Mystery of the Black Jungle

Lex Barker: Tarzan Fights the Thugs

In The Mystery of the Black Jungle (1953) Lex Barker played the intrepid Bengali tiger hunter Tremal-Naik fighting for the life of his beloved gainst the dreaded Thugs of the Kali cult. A "B movie" it later spawned the sequelThe Black Devils of Kali (1955). He also played Enrico di Ventimiglia in another Salgari adapted swashbuckler Son of the Red Corsair (1958). Steven Spielberg later brought the cult back to the screen inIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Sandokan against the Leopard of Sarawak

Ray Danton: Another Hollywood Leading Man in Italy

In the mid-sixties Luigi Capuano directed two Sandokan adventures and cast handsome leading man Ray Danton to play the 'Tiger of Malaysia' in Sandokan against the Leopard of Sarawak (aka Throne of Vengeance.) He reprised the role along with most of the original cast in Sandokan Fights Back (aka The Conqueror and the Empress) later that same year. Guy Madison played Yanez in both films and would later go on to play the evil Suyodhana in the Salgari inspired Mystery of Thug Island.

Sandokan The Great

Steve Reeves: Hercules Turns Malay Pirate

After a series of films where he played classic heroes in ancient Greece and Rome, Steve Reeves turned in his sword and sandals to lead a band of Dyaks, Malays and Borneans against a corrupt British colonial ruler in 1963's Sandokan the Great. Umberto Lenzi's film proved popular enough to spawn the 1964 sequel The Pirates of The Seven Seas, where Steve Reeves once again played the legendary 'Tiger of Malaysia.' He also appeared as Morgan in Primo Zeglio's Morgan the Pirate, a sixties Salgari knockoff.

The Pirates of The Seven Seas

Steve Reeves: The Sandokan Adventure Continues

Filmed in Singapore it tells the story of Sandokan who is a Malaysian rebel who, with a group of renegades, goes up against a British General who is trying to force the King to resign.

Morgan the Pirate

Steve Reeves: Another pirate flick

A Welsh pirate raids up and down the Caribbean, battling the Spanish, the English and other pirates.

Sandokan contra el Leopardo de Sarawak

Pelicula Completa (Español)

Samoa, la joven y bella prometida de Sandokan, es secuestrada por su primo Charles Druk. Con este secuestro, el despechado Druk piensa vengarse de Sandokan por la muerte de su padre. Samoa es hipnotizada y mantenida oculta en unas cuevas. Su futuro esposo, Sandokan, señor de Malasia, hará todo lo posible por liberarla de su cautiverio.

El Corsario Negro

Spot - Nocilla(Español) 1977

An old Spanish commercial from the late 70s, when nocilla promoted a sticker album that illustrated the adventures of the Black Corsair.