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Mathias Sandorf

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Trieste, 1867. Two petty criminals, Sarcany and Zirone, intercept a carrier pigeon. They find a ciphered message attached to its leg and uncover a plot to liberate Hungary from Austro-Hungarian rule. The two meet with Silas Toronthal, a corrupt banker, and form a plan to deliver the conspirators to the police in exchange for a rich reward. The three conspirators, Count Sandorf, Stephen Bathory and Ladislas Zathmar are arrested and sentenced to death. Fifteen years later, the renowned physician Dr. Antekirtt sets out to avenge those three brave men. Enlisting the aid of two French acrobats, Pescade and Matifou, he scours the Mediterranean in search of those who planned the betrayal. Rich beyond all imagination, wielding great power and master of an island fortress filled with advanced weaponry, Dr. Antekirtt will not rest until justice is done

The ROH edition of Mathias Sandorf is the only complete translation available in print or digital formats It includes passages that were omitted from George Hanna's 1889 original translation, and his translation errors have been corrected. The print edition includes all of the 111 original illustrations by Leon Benett.

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Salgari dayaki Jules Verne's (1828-1905) oeuvre includes 65 novels, some 20 short stories and essays, 30 plays, some geographical works, and several opera librettos. His novels have inspired 120 feature films. Many of his ideas have been hailed as prophetic; his novels explored space, air and underwater travel long before they became commonplace.

"A cracking read, villainous villains and heroes so noble you do want to put your fingers down your throat occasionally but that shouldn't put you off. Nor should the nonsense about hypnotism or the unlikely coincidences or casual racism with which the book is riddled. It is a book of its time but the plot rattles along as the reader is taken on a whistle stop tour of the Mediterranean. A good read which deserves to be better known." ~John Laidler, A reviewer on Amazon.com

"This work by Jules Verne is one of his best. It is part science fiction and part The Count of Monte Cristo. Lots of twist and action. A very exciting book." ~Doc Spindrift, A reviewer on Amazon.com.

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