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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors G through J

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Gaillard, Stephen. PIRATES OF THE SKY: A Tale of Modern Adventure. Chicago: Rand McNally, 1915. Marginal; hidden super-city in the Andes of Incan origin though the city has become inhabited by modern, scientifically advanced air pirates. Rare.

Gale, Zona. ROMANCE ISLAND. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1906. Phoenicians survive cross-dimensionally in the South Atlantic.

Galier, W. H. A VISIT TO BLESTLAND. Melbourne, Australia: Robertson, 1896; Ln: Gay & Bird, 1896. Lost race utopian; mystic. Rare.

Gammon, David. AGAINST THE GOLDEN GODS. London & Redhill: Lutterworth, 1947. Australia.

Ganpat [pseud of Martin Louis Gompertz]. DAINRA. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1931. Alexandrian Greek colony in Himilayas around 200 B.C. Associational only, since the book nearly functions as a "historical" explaining some of the lost race elements in other of this author's novels.

Ganpat. FAIRY SILVER: A Traveller's Tale. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1932. Two lost races: descendants of King Solomon's followers together with descendants of 18th Century French explorers have a scientifically advanced culture hidden in Central Asia.

Ganpat. HARILEK. Edinburgh & Ln: Blackwood, 1923; Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1923. Nordics & classical Greeks in Central Asia. Excellent.

Ganpat. MIRROR OF DREAMS, A Tale of Oriental Mystery. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1928; NY: Doubleday Page, 1928. India. Pre-glacial lost race's mysterious force lingers in ruins. Possibly an influence for Hilton's Lost Horizon.

Ganpat. SEVEN TIMES PROVEN. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1934. Marginal; lost race's treasures. Gobi.

Ganpat. SNOW RUBIES. Edinburgh & Ln: Blackwood, 1925; Boston/NY: Houghton Mifflin, 1925. Nocturnal troglodytes of Nordic origin in the Himalayas.

Ganpat. THE VOICE OF DASHIN, A Romance of Wild Mountains. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1926; NY: Doran, 1927. Pre-IndoEuropean lost race in Himalayan City of Fairy Towers.

Ganpat. WREXHAM'S ROMANCE. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1935. Sequel to Harilek.

Gardner, Elsie B. MAXIE IN THE JUNGLE; or, The Temple of the Incas. NY: Leon & Cupples, 1937. Chinese-Semitic-Incas living in hidden Peruvian valley unchanged for 2000 years.

Gardner, Matt. THE CURSE OF QUINTANA ROO. NY: Popular, 1972 wraps. Marginal; horror novel with Mayan living dead.

Gardner, Maurice B. BANTAN PRIMEVAL. Boston: Forum, 1961. Oceanic; amazons.

Garon, Marco [possible pseudonym of D.A. Griffiths]. AZAN THE APE MAN: The Lost City. Ln: Curtis Warren, 1950; pictorial wraps. Second volume of the Azan series of six titles, against which the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate obtained a court injunction.

Garrison, Wendell Phillips. THE NEW GULLIVER. Jamaica, NY: Marion Press, 1898. Oceanic race of intelligent horses.

Genone, Hudor [pseud of William James Roe]. INQUIRENDO ISLAND. NY: Putnam, 1886. Satiric utopian; Atlantic Ocean.

Gerard, Francis. GOLDEN GILT. Ln: Rich & Cowan, 1938; NY: Dutton, 1940. Colony of Crusaders survives in Central Asia.

Gerard, Francis. THE PRISONER OF THE PYRAMID. Ln: MacDonald, 19a48. Crime with lost race element, in Central America.

Gerard, Francis. THE SECRET SCEPTOR. NY: Dutton, 1939. Medieval survival in southern Wales.

Gerard, Louise. THE GOLDEN CENTIPEED. NY: Dutton, 1910. African romance with hidden city & prehistoric survival with Ayesha-like White Queen.

Germains, Victor W. CRUSOE WARBURTON. NY: Coward-McCann, 1954. Castaway encounters a people resembling classical Greeks.

Gibbons, Charles Harrison. MARBLED CATSKIN. Ln: Stanley Paul, 1929. Marginal; last Atlantean is found in Africa, a dwarf witch.

Gibson, Charles D. MY LADY & ALLAN DARKE. NY: Macmillan, 1899. Castaway in colonial times captured by a bizarre people.

Gill, Richard. THE VOLCANO OF GOLD. NY: Stokes, 1942. Incas in the Amazon region.

Gillet, Alexis F. TITAN & VOLCAN; A Story Woven into the Lives of Two Young Men. Boston: Meador, 1933. A floating island of advanced lilliputians.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. HERLAND. NY: Pantheon, 1979; serialized in the author's magazine The Forerunner January thru December, 1915. Hidden valley with an all-female race. Gilman wrote other utopians, mostly too didactic to entertain, including MOVING THE MOUNTAIN. NY: Charlton, 1911, originally in Forerunner Sept/October, 1911. Two of her utopian tales ("A Woman's Utopia" & "A Fallen Sister") were never published & subsequently lost.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins]. CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN: Her Progress Toward Utopia, with Selected Writings. Syracuse University Press, 1995. Some items in this collection are glancingly Lost Race of the utopian sort. As the collection is little-known to fantasy readers, I'll describe fantasy content relevant to more than utopia. "Aunt Mary's Pie Plant" from Women's Home Companion June 1908 is a rather tentative utopian told in the manner of a local color story; city sophisticate visits small village that supports womens' businesses. "The Garden of Babies" from Success July 1909 is a utopian vision of a place that meets the needs of mothers. "Her Housekeeper" from Forerunner January 1910, is a satire of a world wherein a husband can be the housekeeper. "A Strange Land" from Forerunner August 1919 is a very short allegory previsioning her utopian novel Herland. "Maidstone Comfort" from Forerunner Sept 1912 set in a women's rest home was written in opposition to Dr. S. Weir Mitchell's actual methods which inspired Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper" & is therefore an addendum to that classic. "Forsythe & Forsythe" from Forerunner April 1913 is another social utopian of women's & men's utter equality in matters of divorce & remarriage. "Bee Wise" from Forerunner July 1913 is an ambitious tale of a feminist utopian city. "A Council of War" from Forerunner August 1913 expresses further feminist utopian notions. Also excerpts from her utopian fantasy novel Moving the Mountain & from Herland (1915); & from With Her in Ourland (1916).

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. WITH HER IN OURLAND, in the author's magazine The Forerunner in 1916. A sequel to Herland never published in its entirety in book form.

Gilmore, Inez Irwin Haynes. ANGEL ISLAND. NY: Holt, 1914; Ln: Bell, 1914; NY: Arno, 1978. Castaways discovery race of winged women. Feminist.

Gilson, Barbara [pseud of Charles Gilson]. QUEEN OF THE ANDES. Ln: Warne [1935]. Incas.

Gilson, Major Charles. THE CITY OF THE SORCERER. Ln: Hutchinson [about 1930]. Survival of Egyptians & Carthaginians in the interior of Africa.

Gilson, Major Charles. THE LOST CITY, Being the Authentic Account by Professor Miles Unthank of the search for the Sarcophagus of Serophis, & the Theft of the Mystic Scarab, formerly in the British Museum. Ln: "The Boy's Own Paper" Office [1923]. Ancient Egyptian culture survives in the Sudan.

Gilson, Major Charles. THE LOST ISLAND. Ln: Frowde, 1910.

Gilson, Major Charles. THE PIRATE AEROPLANE. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1913. During attempt to cross by air an impassible desert, an enclave of classical Egyptians is discovered.

Gilson, Major Charles. THE REALM OF THE WIZARD KING, A Romance of Cent ral Africa. Ln: Boy's Own Paper Office [about 1930?]. Romans & prehistoric survivals in Central Africa.

Glanville, Ernest. TYOPA. Ln: Methuen, 1920. Missing link monkey-people.

Glanville, Ernest. THE INCA'S TREASURE. Ln: Methuen, 1903. Last of the Incas.

Glanville, Ernest. IN SEARCH OF THE OKAPI: A Story of Adventure in Central Africa. Chicago: McClurg, n.d. [c1905]. Cave-dwelling demon-women.

Glenn, Dr. George Alan. WHEN LONELINESS COMES. Denver, Colorado: issued by the author, 1940. Enlightened tribe of Amazons with secret of immortality. The presence of La, High Priestess of the Temple of the Moon, would seem to be a superficial borrowing from Burroughs.

Glossop, Reginald.Ý BURNING SANDS. Marseille: Ý Studies Publications, 1928. Discovery of city of super-scientific Romans beneath the Sahara. Rare.

Gotthelf, Ezra Gerson. THE ISLAND OF NOT-ME. NY: Galleon, 1935. Unknown dystopian civilization deploring individuality.

Gozlan, Leon. THE MAN AMONG THE MONKEYS; or, Ninety Days in Apeland. To which are added The Philosopher & His Monkeys, The Professor & Crocodile, & Other Strange Stories of Men & Animals. With Illustrations, Many of them by Gustave Dore. Ln: Ward Lock Taylor, 1873; first English edition is by Anonymous, then reprinted as by Leon Gozlan (Ln: Warne, 1890). Also issued as THE EMOTIONS OF POLYDORE MARASQUIN. Ln/Paris: Vizetelly, 1888; Marseille: Studies Publications, 1928; & as MONKEY ISLAND, or The Emotions of Polydore Marasquin.Ln/NY: Warne, 1890. Originally in French as LES EMOTIONS DE POLYDORE MARASQUIN. Paris: Michel-Levy, 1857, earlier serialized in the Journal Pour Tous (Hachette, Paris, serialized 29 March 1856 - 19 April 1856) with the Dore illustrations. Castaway becomes ruler of the apes. There are two later novels with this same theme; see A. Lee Knight's The Rajah of Monkey Island & Harry Prentice's The King of Apeland.

Graeme, Bruce [pseud of Graham Montague Jefferies]. BLACKSHIRT THE ADVENTURER. Ln: Hutchinson, 1936. Thriller about a criminal society in caverns deep below London.

Graham, Elizabeth Susanna, writing as "Lemuel Gulliver, Jr." VOYAGE TO LOCUTA; A fragment: with etchnigs, & notes of illustration dedicated to Theresa Tidy. Ln: Printed for J. Hatchard, 1818. Island race visited by Gulliver's son. Rare.

Granville, Austyn W. THE FALLEN RACE. Chicago: Tennyson Neely, 1892; wraps. Lost race of kangaroo-people in Australia, ruled by a white queen.

Gratacap, Louis P[ope].THE NEW NORTHLAND. NY: Benton, 1915. Advanced dwarfish race of Cainites in warm valley of far North, mutated because of the warming radium pool.

Gratton-Smith, T. E. THE CAVE OF A THOUSAND COLUMNS. Ln: Hutchinson, 1938. Advanced civilization of winged people & strange creatures in hollow earth, under Australia.

Gray, Anne. CYRIL'S QUEST; or, O'er Hill & Vale in the Land of the Incas. Ln: R.T.S., 1905. Marginal; remnant of Incas.

Gray, Berkeley. Ý. THE LOST WORLD OF EVEREST. London & Glasgow: Children's Press, [c.1950s].Ý Lost valley peopled by descendants of English survivors of the Indian Mutiny, plus their Hillman servants who have degenerated into monstrous bug-eyed living underground.

Graydon, William Murray. THE WHITE KING OF AFRICA: or, The Mystery of the Ancient Fort. NY: Street & Smith, 1899.

Green, Dominic. "That Thing Over There" in INTERZONE, June 1998. Technologically advanced race called the Yeh-teh high in Tibet.

Green, FitzHugh. Z. R. WINS. NY: Appleton, 1924. Viking culture in the Arctic; wooly mammoths.

Green, William Semple. SACRIFICE; or, The Living Dead. Colusa, CA: Addington & Green, 1882. Middle East. Significant for merging Lost Race & the supernatural before Haggard.

Greene, George W. THE WHITE GIRL OF SPIRIT ISLAND. Boston: Christopher, 1927. Marginal; secret colony in the South Seas of runaway slaves during the Civil War.

Greene, John O. THE KE WHONKUS PEOPLE. Indianapolis: Vincent, 1890. Lost white race in temperate valley of polar region above Canada.

Gregory, Jackson, writing as "Quien Sabe," but reissued under his own name. DAUGHTER OF THE SUN, A Tale of Adventure. NY: Scribners, 1921; Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1923. Last Inca queen guards her vanished people's treasure.

Grey, Edward. CONCEALED FOR THIRTY YEARSa. Ln: Remington, 1890. Pacific Island culture descended from colonists from the English Middle Ages.

Griffin, Sercombe. THE CRIMSON CATERPILLAR. Ln: Sampson Low, 1935. North Africa; cat-eyed race in the hollow earth.

Griffin, Sercombe. WITHIN THE GOLDEN GLOBE. Ln: Harrap, 1938. Hidden Tibetan city.

Griffith, George. A CRIMINAL CROESUS. Ln: John Long, 1904. Viking survival in subocean cavern of the Atlantic.

Griffith, George. HIS BETTER HALF. Ln: White, 1905. Kavera, an ancient nation on the India/Russia border, due to supernatural powers, has never been entered from the outside, & is impervious to change or conquest.

Griffith, George. THE ROMANCE OF GOLDEN STAR. Ln: White, 1897. An Inca couple, awakened from suspended animation, attempt to reestablish their empire.

Griffith, George. THE RAIN OF "LE VENGEUR" & Other Stories. Ln: Ferret Fantasy, 1974. Includes "The Gold Plant" from Pearson's Weekly May 11, 1895. African.

Griffiths, Alan. STRANGE NEWS FROM HEAVEN. Ln: Dickson, 1934. Missing link; satiric.

Grimshaw, Beatrice. THE MYSTERY OF TUMBLING REEF. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1932. Subhuman race on remote island.

Grogan, Gerald. A DROP IN INFINITY. Ln: John Lane, 1915. Hollow earth, dimensions, advanced race. Scarce.

Groom, Pelham. PURPLE TWILIGHT. Ln: Werner Laurie, 1948. Outpost of Atlantis lingers within the Matto Grosso. Also Martians.

Gros, Jules. L'HOMME FOSSILE: Aventures d'une expedition scientifique dans les mers australes (Fossil Man: Adventures of a Scientific Expedition in the Austral Seas). Paris: Flammarion, 1892.

Gross, Anna Goldmark. THE GNOMES OF THE SALINE MOUNTAINS: A Fantastic Narrative. NY: Shakeskpeare Press, 1912. Title story regards an underground dwarf race below Austria.

Gross, Anton. MERCHANTS OF PERCIOUS GOODS. Boston: Roxburgh, 1920. Weird shorts including a Symmes Hole hollow earth tale.

Guernsey, D. Riley. LOST IN THE MAMMOTH CAVE. NY: Broadway Publishing, 1905. Hidden tribe of Indians.

Gurdon, Captain J. E. THE SECRET OF THE SOUTH. Ln: Warne, 1950. Antarctic. Hollow earth.

Tales of Dinotopia created by James Guerney, written by diverse hands

Gurney, James. DINOTOPIA: A Land Apart from Time. Atlanta, Georgia: Turner, 1992; Greenwich Workshop, 1992, 3500 copy special edition; NY: Harper Collins, 1998. A scientist & his son are shipwrecked on a Lost World of dinosaurs & people. This witty children's book became a veritable franchise with further picture books, novels, pop-up book, blank-books, postcards, trading cards, art prints, puzzles, calendars, a six-hour ABC television miniseries, ZBS radio production, posters, games, &c.;

Gurney, James. DINOTOPIA: The World Beneath. Atlanta: Turner, 1995; NY: Harper Collins, 1999. Sequel to Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time continuing the adventures of castaways in a land of dinosaurs & a culturally advanced civilization.

Gurney, James. DINOTOPIA: First Flight. NY: Harper Collins, 1999. The creator's long-awaited third picture book, a prequel to Dinotopia, A Land Apart from Time.

[Gurney, James] Alan Dean Foster: DINOTOPIA LOST: A Bold New Adventure in a Hidden Land of Humans & Dinosaurs. Atlanta, Gorgia: Turner, 1996; London & NY: Harper Collins, 1998.

[Gurney, James] Gene DeWeese: FIRESTORM. NY: Random, 1997. A tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Alan Dean Foster: THE HAND OF DINOTOPIA. NY: Harper Collins, 1999. Alan's second novel of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Midori Snyder: HATCHLING. Random House: 1992. A tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Scott Ciencin: LOST CITY. NY: Random House, 1992. A tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Peter David: THE MAZE. NY: Random House, 1998. Tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Mark A. Garland: THE RESCUE PARTY. NY: Random House, 1999. Tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] John Vornholt: RIVER QUEST. NY: Random House, 1995. A tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] John Vornholt: SABERTOOTH MOUNTAIN. NY: Random House, 1996. Tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Scott Ciencin: SKY DANCE. NY: Random House, 1999. Tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Scott Ciencin: THUNDER FALLS. NY: Random House, 1996. Tale of Dinotopia.

[Gurney, James] Cienein, Scott: WINDCHASER. NY: Random House, 1995. A tale of Dinotopia.

Gwinn, D. Howard. THE GOLD OF OPHIR. NY: F. T. Neely, 1898; wraps. Marginal; underground archeological discovery in Colorado proves Phoenicians & Lost Tribes of Israel once lived in North America.

Haedicke, Paul. THE EQUALITIES OF PARA-PARA; Written from the Dictations of George Rambler, M.D., F.R.G.S. Chicago: Schuldt-Gathmann, 1895. Chinese who fled the Mongol invasion dwelling in a Utopian society in Africa.

Haggard, Andrew. LESLIE'S FATE: & Hilda, or The Ghost of Erminstein. Bristol: Arrowsmith [1892]. Two novellas. "Leslie's Fate" regards a race in a hidden valley of Scotland.

Lost Races in the works of H. Rider Haggard followed by parodies & unauthorized sequels by diverse hands

Haggard, H. Rider. ALLAN & THE HOLY FLOWER. NY: Longmans Green, 1915; in England as THE HOLY FLOWER. Ln: Ward Lock, 1915. Marvelous orchid guarded by a monster ape & venerated by a lost tribe.

Haggard, H. Rider. ALLAN QUATERMAIN. Ln: Longmans; NY: Harper, 1887. East African lost race, the book that set the standard for the theme.

Haggard, H. Rider. ALLAN'S WIFE & Other Stories. Ln: Blackett, 1889 large wraps (very rare); NY: Frank F. Lovell, 1889. Africa.

Haggard, H. Rider. AYESHA, The Return of She. Ln: Ward & Lock; NY: Doubleday Page, 1905. Ancient Greek civilization descended of Alexander's armies lingering in Central Asia.

Haggard, H. Rider. BENITA, An African Romance. Ln: Cassell, 1906. US title THE SPIRIT OF BAMBATSE. NY: Longmans Green, 1906.

Haggard, H. Rider. ELISSA; or, The Doom of Zimbabwe. NY: Longmans Green, 1900. Marginal. Set about 500 B.C., the title tale of this collection assumes Zimbabwe to be the last Phoenician colony & also the biblical Ophir. Issued in England as BLACK HEART & WHITE HEART & Other Stories. Ln: Longmans Green, 1900.

Haggard, H. Rider. THE GHOST KINGS. Ln: Cassell, 1908. US title THE LADY OF THE HEAVENS. NY: Authors & Newsapers Assoc, 1908; wraps; NY: Frank F. Lovell, 1908. Kingdom of dwarves with psychic powers in Africa.

Haggard, H. Rider. HEART OF THE WORLD. New York & Ln: Longmans Green, 1895. Mayans under lake.

Haggard, H. Rider. HEU-HEU, or, The Monster. Ln: Hutchinson; NY: Doubleday Page, 1924. Missing links & Assyrian survival in Africa; set before King Solomon's Mine.

Haggard, H. Rider. THE IVORY CHILD. Ln: Cassell, 1916; NY: Longmans Green, 1916. Survival of a classical Egyptians in Africa.

Haggard, H. Rider. THE PEOPLE OF THE MIST. London & NY: Longmans Green, 1894.

Haggard, H. Rider. QUEEN SHEBA'S RING. NY: Doubleday Page; Ln: Nash, 1910. Race descended of Abyssianian Jews.

Haggard, H. Rider. SHE: A History of Adventure. NY: Harper's Franklin Square Library, 24 December 1886, pirated edition in wraps; Ln: Longmans Green, 1887. Central to the whole literature.

Haggard, H. Rider. SHE & ALLAN. NY: Longmans Green, 1920; Ln: Hutchinson, 1921. East Africa.

Haggard, H. Rider. "Suggested Prologue to a Dramatised Version of 'She'" in Longman's Magazine March 1888.

Haggard, H. Rider. WHEN THE WORLD SHOOK, Being an Account of the Great Adventure of Bastin, Bickley & Arbuthnot. Ln: Cassell, 1919; NY: Longmans Green, 1919. Atlanteans found in suspended animation on South Seas island.

Haggard, H. Rider. WISDOM'S DAUGHTER: The Life & Love Story of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Ln: Hutchinson, 1923; NY: Doubleday Page, 1923.

Haggard, H. Rider. THE YELLOW GOD: An Idol of Africa. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1908; Ln: Cassell, 1909. Immortal queen rules a lost race; her vampirism turns her long string of husbands into mummies.

[Haggard] Anonymous. "The Doom of She, Fragment of a Romance of Political Adventure" in Punch March 31. 1888.

[Haggard] Anonymous. "An Interview with She" in St. James's Gazette February 16, 1887. Parody.

[Haggard] Anonymous. "She-That-Ought-Not-To-Be-Played" in Punch September 22, 1888. Parody.

[Haggard] Black, James. "She" a short story in London's Pictures & the Picturegoer Magazine new series number 117, 13 May 1916. Based on a silent film version of She that was directed by Will Barker & starred Alice Delysia.

[Haggard] "Daniel" [author unknown, ascribed to publisher James Burns]. MR. RIDER'S SHE, The Interpretation. Ln: Burns, 1889, 76p wraps. Associational. A little-known 40,000 word study of the character of She, brought to collectors' attention by George Locke.

[Haggard] DeMorgan, John [published anonymously]. BESS: A Companion to Jess." NY: Munro, 1887. A parody of Haggard, involving a matriarchal African tribe.

[Haggard] DeMorgan, John [published anonymously]. HE, A Companion to She. NY: Munro, 1887. Not a parody but a serious lost race novel about Aztec-Phoenicians of Easter Island.

[Haggard] DeMorgan, John. "IT"; A Wild, Weird History of Marvelous, Phantasmagorical Adventures in Search of He, She, & Jess, & Leading to the Finding of "It." A Haggard Conclusion. NY: Munro, 1887. Goat-people.

[Haggard] DeMorgan, John [as By the Author of He, It, Pa, Ma, etc.}. KING SOLOMON'S TREASURES. NY: Munro, 1887. Troglodytes plus human-like sacred apes; prehistoric survival. Pastiche of Haggard.

[Haggard] Forrest, G. F. "The Deathless Queen: She-Who-Must-Be-Decayed" in MISFITS, A Book of Parodies. Oxford: Frank Harvey, 1905. Reprinted in AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MURKINESS edited by George Locke. Ln: Ferret Fantasy, 1973.

[Haggard] Lang, Andrew. OLD FRIENDS: Essays in Epistolary Parody. Ln: Longmans Green, 1890. One of the parodies is a letter written by Allan Quatermain to Sir Henry Curtis.

[Haggard] Lang, Andrew, & W. H. Pollock [as by anonymous]. HE. Ln: Longmans Green, 1887 wraps. The true first was limited to 25 copies; reprints were also paperbound. Parody of She set in London.

[Haggard] Marshall, Sidney J. THE KING OF KOR; or, She's Promise Kept: A continuation of the Great Story of "She" of H. Rider Haggard. Washington, D.C.: S. J. Marshall, 1903.

[Haggard] Ragged, Hyder [pseud of Sir Henry Chartres Biron]. KING SOLOMON'S WIVES; or, The Phantom of the Mines. Ln: Vizetelly, 1887, wraps. Parody.

[Haggard] Sims, George R. "The Lost Author" a parody of Haggard in TINKLETOP'S CRIME. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1891. Originally in Hood's Comic Annual Christmas 1888.

[Haggard] Tremayne, Peter. THE VENGEANCE OF SHE. Ln: Sphere, 1978 wraps.

[Haggard] Weird, Walker [anonymous]. "Adam Slaughterman by Walker Weird, author of Hee-Hee & Solomon's Ewers" in Punch August 27, 1887. Parody.

[Haggard] Weird, Walker [anonymous]. "A Haggard Annual, specially written by Walker Weird, author of Hee-Hee & Solomon's Ewers" in Punch December 5, 1888. Parody.

[Haggard] Williams, J. X. HER. San Diego: Corinth, 1967, wraps. Erotic lost race parody of She.

Hahn, Charles K. THE WRECK OF THE SOUTH POLE; or, The Great Dissembler, & Other Strange Tales NY: Street & Smith, 1899. Title novella about advanced Antarctic telepathic race; other tales are fantastic as well.

Hainsselin, Montague T. THE ISLE OF MAIDS. Ln: John Lane, 1908. All-female society preserving the culture of ancient Greece.

Hale, Edward Everett. HIS LEVEL BEST & Other Stories. Boston: Osgood, 1873. "The Queen of California" is about an amazon lost race, founded on a fragment of the Spanish language epic of Amadis the Gaul.

Hale, Edward Everett. SYBARIS & Other Homes. Boston: Fields Osgood, 1869. The title story regards an advanced city populated by descendants of the ancient Greeks.

Hales, A. G. THE GLORIOUS TREK. Ln: John Long, 1927.

Haley, Harry F. IMMORTAL ATHALIA. Phila: Dorrance [1922]. Incas & immortality. One of the better & rarer lost race novels.

Halford, John. HIDDEN SARIA. Ln: John Heritage, 1934. Alexandrian Greeks in Central Asia (North India) ruled by an Ayesha-like queen. Rare.

Hall, G. Stanley. RECREATIONS OF A PSYCHOLOGIST. NY: Appleton, 1920. Marginal. Site of Atlantis found in the 21st Century; their amazing history is unfolded by psychological means.

Hall, Owen [pseud of James Davis]. "EUREKA." Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1899. Alexandrian Greek survival in Australian outback. One of the finer books of its kind, unfortunately very rare.

Hamilton, Edmond. THE MONSTERS OF JUNTOHEIM. Ln: Pembert, 1950; wraps. Same as A YANK IN VALHALLA. NY: Ace Double, 1973. Originally serialized in Startling Stories. Viking culture in the Arctic.

Hamilton, Edmond. THE TIGER GIRL. Ln: Utopian Publications, 1945. Weird novel with a scientifically advanced hidden city of Khmur; races of rat-people & wolf-people; & bound with E. Hoffman Price's "Apprentice Magician."

Hamilton, M. Lynn. THE HIDDEN KINGDOM. Melbourne, Australia: N. Wintworth-Evans, 1932. Promising title but not quite lost race. Undersea utopia in Northwest Australia, but not of ancient origin.

Hammond, Kay. THE DARK CITY. Ln: Gerald G. Swan, 1945, 48p pictorial wraps. City of classical Egyptians found in South America. Bound with a mystery story by Trevor Dudley-Smith.

Hampton, Lou. GHOSTS OF MY STUDY A Book of Short Stories. NY: Authors & Publishers Corp, 1927. Includes lost race tale "The Hidden Continent" in Arctic region.

Hancock, A(nson) U. COITLAN: A Tale of the Inca World. Chicago: Donohue & Henneberry, 1893.

Hannay, James. KING DOBBS: Sketches in Ultra-Marine. Ln: Darling, 1849. Discovery of island nation of Serravalle whose inhabitants are telepaths.

Hanson, Rita Mohler. A DESERT ROAD TO SHANI LUN, A Romance of Mongolia. Portland, OR: Binfords & Mort, 1939. Imaginary country; imitative of Talbot Mundy.

Harben, Will(iam) N(athaniel) THE LAND OF THE CHANGING SUN. NY: Merriam, 1894; Boston: Gregg Press, 1975. Technologically advanced Arctic lost race; hollow earth.

Hardingham, Edward. HUGH LEVENTHORPE. Ln: Simpkin Marshall, 1906. Mayas.

Hardwick, Michael. THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING. NY: Bantam Books, 1975 wraps. Movie tie-in with little connection to Kipling's original short story. A man pretending to be descended of Alexander the Great attempts to take over an ancient, hidden city, it's treasures, & its people, who were the first Masons.

Hardy, Philip. THE BURIED COUNTRY. Ln: Gerald G. Swan, 1945 pictorial wraps. Hollow Earth society reachable via matter transmitter.

Harney, Gilbert Lane. PHILOLAND. NY: F. Tennyson Neely, 1900. Advanced utopian lost race discovered by balloonest descending underground.

Harper, Theodore Acland, & Winifred Harper. FORGOTTEN GODS. NY: Doubleday Doran, 1929. Mayan high civilization survives in the Yucatan. Well researched classic of lost race literature.

Harris, Frank. PANTOPIA. NY: Panurge, 1930. Utopian race on Atlantic island, probably descended from shipwrecked Spaniards. Published posthumously in an edition of 1,250 numbered.

Harrison, T. Milner. MODERN ARMS & A FEUDAL THRONE, The Romantic Story of an Unexplored Sea. NY: Fenno, 1904. Hollow Earth; Elizabethan Englishmen & Spaniards still at war in South Pacific underneath Samoa.

Hartman, Emerson. THE GIANT OF THE SIERRAS. Boston: Chapman & Grimes, 1945. "Lost world" motif of prehistoric men & beasts hidden in the mountains of California.

Hartmann, Franz. ADVENTURES AMONG THE ROSICRUCIANS, by a student of Occultism. Ln: Theosophical Publishing Co [1900?]; California: Health Research, 1963. Marginal; the religious order has a hidden Alpine city.

Hartmann, Franz. AMONG THE GNOMES: An Occult Tale of Adventure in the Untersberg. Ln: Unwin, 1895; Boston: Occult Publishing, 1896; Health Research, n.d. Traditional fairy creatures in hollow earth beneath Central Europe.

Hartmann, Franz. THE TALKING IMAGE OF URUR. NY: Lovell [1890]; NY: National Book Co., 1890. Mysterious brotherhood hidden in mountains of Libya.

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Howard, Robert E. TRAILS IN DARKNESS. NY: Baen Books 1996. Includes the lost race tale "Valley of the Lost" which was first published posthumously in The Magazine of Horror Summer 1966 as "Valley of the Lost" & in Startling Mystery Stories Spring 1967 as "The Secret of Lost Valley."

Howard, Robert E. RED SHADOWS. West Kingston, RI: Donald M. Grant, 1968. Title story (Weird Tales August 1928 ) is about Solomon Kane's first meeting with an Atlantean immortal named N'Longa. N'Longa appears again in "Hills of the Dead" (Weird Tales August 1930 ), along with a hidden city of vampires in darkest Africa. "Wings in the Night" (Weird Tales July 1932) features a race of bat-people. In "The Moon of Skulls" (serialized in Weird Tales June-July 1930), Solomon Kane finds an ancient Atlantean city in Africa. In the fragment "Hawk of Basti," Kane encounters a lost race of ancient Egyptians; a version completed by Ramsey Campbell was published in paperback in Solomon Kane (NY: Bantam, 1979).

Howard, Robert E. SKULL-FACE & Others. Sauk City, WI: Arkham, 1946. Marginal; in the title novella (originally a three part serial in Weird Tales October/November/December 1929) the villain is an Atlantean adept whose mummy comes to life in the modern era. Also, vampiric race in Africa in "Hills of the Dead" which is also the title story of Bantam paperback.

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Hyne, C(harles) J. Cutcliffe. THE REVERAND CAPTAIN KETTLE. Ln: Hutchinson, 1925. Giants on an Arctic island.

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Johnstone, D(avid) Lawson. THE WHITE PRINCESS OF THE HIDDEN CITY, Being the Record of Leslie Rutherford's Strange Adventures in Central America. Ln: Chambers, 1898; Phila: Lippincott, 1898. The scarcest of Johnstone's three lost race novels. This one regards a stronghold of classical Incas ruled by a white queen of European ancestry.

Jones, C. P., & A. L. Sykes. QUICK, MY RIFLE! NY: privately printed, 1907. Marginal; strange goddess sect in Tibet has connections through reincarnation with Kubla Khan. Reminiscent of Talbot Mundy.

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