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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors K through M

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Kaner, Hyman. APE-MAN'S OFFERING. Llandudno, Wales: Kaner, 1945. Missing link's survival.

Keller, David H. THE LAST MAGICIAN, Nine Stories from Weird Tales. New Orleans, 1978, wraps. "The Goddess of Zion" tells of a Viking race found in Zion National Forest a couple hundred years ago.

Kelley, Thomas P. I FOUND CLEOPATRA. Toronto: Export Publishing, 1946, wraps. Africa.

Kelley, Thomas P. TAPESTRY TRIANGLE. Manchester: Associated Weekly Newspapers Book Division for Pembertons, 1946. Immortal detective Wu tracks down a secret society of Amazons.

Kelly, James Paul. PRINCE IZON, A Romance of the Grand Canyon. Chicago: McClurg, 1910. Aztec high civilization hidden in the Grand Canyon which, at the time this novel was written, was the only unmapped region of the United States.

Kelly, Robert. A TRANSPARENT TREE: Fictions. NY: McPherson, 1985. "Cities" is a modernist lost race story.

Kelsey, Franklyn. THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN. Ln: Harrap, 1939. Incas in the Matto Grosso. Kelsey's lost race tales were based on his radio plays.

Kelsey, Franklyn. THE ISLAND IN THE MIST. Ln: Harrap, 1937. Caucasoid survivors of Mu on island in the southern Indian Ocean near Antarctica.

Kelsey, Franklyn. THE PROWLERS OF THE DEEP. Ln: Harrap, 1942. Fantastic voyage, discovery of feline-humanoid race.

Kennicott, Ada M. UNDER RED PILLARS. NY: Abbey Press, 1902. Fantasy shorts, including a hollow earth novelette.

Kenyon, Charles R. THE ARGONAUTS OF THE AMAZON. Ln: Chambers, 1901. Hidden city of Incas.

Kenyon, Charles R. A POLAR EDEN: or, The Goal of the "Dauntless." Ln: Partridge, 1898. Very marginal; inhabitable region of the North Pole but uninhabited.

Ker, David. LOST AMONG WHITE AFRICANS, A Boy's Adventure on the Upper Congo. Ln: Cassell, 1886. Also issued as THE LOST RACE & THE UNKNOWN RIVER (1888) & as OUT WITH STANLEY, Or, Adventure in the Great Dark Land (-?-).

Ker, David. THE LOST CITY; or, The Boy Explorers in Central Asia. NY: Harper, 1884. Marginal; dead city of ancient Greek origin. Significant in predating Haggard.

Kerr, Artemus P. THE LOST TRIBES & THE LAND OF NOD, An Original Natural Gas Story. Indianapolis: Indiana Newspaper Union, 1897, 73p. Descendants of Israel's Lost Tribes on Pacific island.

Kerr, Phillip. ESAU. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1996; NY: Holt, 1997. Yeti tribe in Himalayas is the missing link.

King, Godfre Ray. UNVEILED MYSTERIES. Chicago: St Germain, 1939. Marginal; lost race's buried cities of the Amazon.

King, John [pseud of Ernest L. McKeag, q.v.] SHUNA, WHITE QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE. Stoke-on-Trent: Harborough, 1950 wraps. Incas.

King, John [pseud of Ernest L. McKeag]. SHUNA & THE LOST TRIBE. Stoke-on-Trent: Harborough, 1951 wraps. Sequel to Shuna, White Queen of the Jungle. Incas, pygmies, & amazons. Begins as standard lost race until some ways into the tale the Inca city hidden in Matto Grosso is snatched into space by a passing planetoid.

Kingsland, William. A CHILD'S STORY OF ATLANTIS. Ln: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1908. Not a juvenile. A tale of Atlantean superscience which assumes Atlantis survived its cataclysm & thrives on the bottom of the sea.

Kinross, Albert. THE FEARSOME ISLAND. NY: Duffield, 1906. Minor lost race elements.

Kline, Otis Adelbert. CALL OF THE SAVAGE. NY: Clode, 1937. Feral boy & underground Atlantean survival.

Kline, Otis Adelbert. TAM, SON OF THE TIGER. NY: Avalon, 1962; first published in Weird Tales in 1931. Lost land in Southeast Asia.

Knight, A. Lee. THE RAJAH OF MONKEY ISLAND. Ln: Ward Lock [1906?]. Marginal; castaway becomes king on an island of apes.

Knowles, W. P. JIM McWHIRTER. Ln: Daniel, 1933. Marginal; catastrophic event causes the Lemurian continent to rise.

Koester, Frank. UNDER THE DESERT STARS. NY: Washington square Publishing, 1923. Race of sub-men.

Kuiegge, Baron [Adolf Franze Frifedrich Ludwig von Knigge]. THE GERMAN GIL BLAS; or, The Adventures of Peter Claus. Ln: C. & G. Kearsley, 1793, triple-decker. Includes an episode with sailor carried to a warm pocket near the South Pole where there is an idyllic society.

Kuttner, Henry. VALLEY OF THE FLAME. NY: Ace, 1964. Amazon jungle.

Laing, Alexander. DR SCARLETT: A Narrative of His Mysterious Behavior in the East. NY: Farrar & Rinehart, 1936. One episode regards the discovery of a headless tribe.

Lamb, Harold. A GARDEN TO THE EASTWARD. NY: Doubleday, 1947. Arabic race in extinct volcano.

Lamb, Harold. THE HOUSE OF THE FALCON. NY: Appleton, 1921. Afghanistan; ancient sun-worshippers in Forbidden City of Sayaks.

Lamb, Harold. MARCHING SANDS. NY: Appleton, 1920. Crusader culture surviving in Mongolia.

Lambourne, John. THE KINGDOM THAT WAS. Ln: John Murray, 1931. Central Africa.

Lampen, Charles Dudly. BARCALI, THE MUTINEER: A Tale of the Great Pacific Ln: Everett, 1900. Roman descendants.

Lampen, Charles Dudly. MIRANGO, THE MAN-EATER: A Tale of Central Africa. Ln: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge [1899]. Ancient Egyptian survival.

Lampen, Charles Dudly. O'CALLAGHAN THE SLAVE TRADER. Ln: Digby Long, 1901. Unknown city of Zan in West Africa.

Lampen, Charles Dudly. THE QUEEN OF THE EXTINCT VOLCANO, A Story of Adventure. Ln: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge; NY: Macmillan [1898]. Not fully lost race but with Haggardesdque motifs; daughter of slain French explorer rules island of Cannibals.

Lampen, Charles Dudly. THE STRANDING OF THE WHITE ROSE, A Story of Adventure. Ln: Sheldon, n.d. [1910s?]. Relics only; cavern treasure & evidence of previous civilization in Australian outback.

Landor, Robert Eyres. THE FOUNTAIN OF ARETHUSA. Ln: Longman Brown Green & Longmans, 1848 double-decker. Hollow Earth reached by underground river below Derbyshire; ancient Greek & Roman; didactic.

Lane, Jeremy. THE LEFT HAND OF GOD. NY: Washburn, 1929. Marginal; unknown city in Gobi desert.

Lane, Jeremy. YELLOW MEN SLEEP. NY: Century, 1919. An ancient civilization lingers in the Gobi desert, originating in an era when the region was lush & green. One of the better tales for the genre.

Lane, Mary E. Bradley. MIZORA, A Prophesy. NY: Dillingham, 1890 wraps; Boston: Gregg Press, 1975 first hardcover. Originally serialized in the Cincinnati Commercial (1880-81). A super-race exclusively of women in the hollow earth. The Gregg Press edition adds an introduction by Kristine Anderson & Professor Fulwer R. Blurth.

Lang, Andrew. IN THE WRONG PARADISE & Other Stories. Ln: Kegan Paul, Trench &c; 1886. "The End of Phaeacia" features a lost race on a Pacific island. The collection was given a dedication to Haggard. See also the miscellaneous entries under Haggard for two Lang parodies.

Lang, Andrew. PRINCE RICARDO OF PANTOUFLIA. Ln: Arrowsmith, 1893. A medieval prince's adventures include the discovery of an ancient Minoan city. Prince Ricardo was the son of the titular hero of an earlier science fiction fairy novel by Lang, Prince Prigio (Arrowsmith, 1889). The same royal fantasy features in the Tales of a Fairy Court (Ln: Collins, 1906).

Langley, Kenlis. THE MOUNTAIN OF MYSTERY, A Tale of the Arabian Desert. Ln: Nelson, 1929. Assyrians on North African plateau.

Lanigan, Catherine. THE LEGEND MAKER. NY: Mira, 1999 wraps. Romance novel with reincarnation & Indiana Jones motifs tossed in, including El Dorado & Atlantis in the Amazon jungle. Lanigan's best known book was the basis for the films Romancing the Stone & The Jewell of the Nile.

Lath, J. A. THE LOST CITY OF THE AZTECS; or, The Mystery of the Hidden Crater. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1934. Inside volcano in Arizona.

Laurie, Andre [pseud of Paschal Grousset]. THE CRYSTAL CITY UNDER THE SEA. Ln: Low [1896]. Also with title abbreviated to THE CRYSTAL CITY. Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1896. Atlantean survival in bubble-city on seabottom.

Laurie, Andre [pseud of Paschal Grousset]. THE SECRET OF THE MAGIAN; or, The Mystery of Ecbatana. Ln: Sampson Low, 1890. Last survivors are encountered from an ancient scientifically advanced race in Persia.

Law, Frederick H. THE HEARD OF SINDHRA, A Novel. NY: F. T. Neely, 1898. Marginal; an unknown city of North India but the inhabitants seem merely East Indians rather than a lost race.

Lawton, Captain Wilbur. THE BOY AVIATORS IN NICARAGUA; or, Leagued with Insurgents. NY: Hurst, 1910. Hidden valley with Toltec treasure.

Leahy, John Martin. DRACONDA. Serialized in Weird Tales November 1923 thru the triple-issue May/June/July 1924. Homage to H. Rider Haggard narrated by Rider Farnerman following the lost race themes in a slipshod manner but set (unnecessarily) on Venus, so only marginal.

Leahy, John Martin. DROME. Los Angeles: Fantasy Publ, 1952; serialized in Weird Tales January thru May 1927. Hollow earth under Mt Rainier. A related work referred to in this book is Leahy's Zandara to be issued by the same publisher in 1952 but never appeared.

Leahy, John Martin. THE LIVING DEATH. Serialized in Science & Invention October 1924 thru June 1925. Antarctica; hollow earth.

Leath, Robert Neal. THE OBSIDIAN APE. Fantasy House, 1973; wraps.

Le Breton, Thomas. THE SUBMARINE PRIVATEER, A Tale of the Great Boer War, & THE LAND OF MYSTERY, A Story of Indian Marvels. Ln: Harkaway [1900], pictorial wraps. Two tales, the first about an advanced submarine; the second about a race of miniature people in Asia.

Lee, Thomas. FALSIVIR'S TRAVELS: The Remarkable Adventures of John Falsiver, Seaman, etc. Ln: Published for the Proprietor, 1886. Arctic, Hollow Earth, reached by balloon. Two races, thirty-foot giants, & normal-sized piebalds who shrink away to nothing as they age. Swiftian.

Lees, Robert James. THE CAR OF PHOEBUS. Ln: John Long, 1903.

Leonard, Phyllis. PREY OF THE EAGLE. NY: David McKay, 1974. Gothic romance with some Aztec background.

L'epy, Heliogenes de. A VOYAGE INTO TARTARY, Containing a curious description of that country, with part of Greece & Turky [sic], The Manner, Opinions & Religion of the Inhabitants Therein; with some other Incidents. Ln: Hodgkins, Taylor, 1689. Advanced race somewhere in Samarkand of Greek descent who fled the conquests of Alexander the Great; utopian.

LeQueux, William. THE EYE OF ISTAR, A Romance of the Land of No Return. NY: Stokes, 1897; Ln: George Bell, 1897; Ln: White, 1899. Africa, Babylonian survival in the lost city of Ea.

LeQueux, William. THE GREAT WHITE QUEEN, A Tale of Treasure & Treason. Ln: George Bell, 1897; Ln: White, 1898; NY: Arno, 1975. Excellent Haggardesque tale of a lost race in Africa.

LeQueux, William. STOLEN SOULS. NY: Stokes, 1895. Crime & fantasy shorts including a lost race tale.

LeQueux, William. THE VEILED MAN. Ln: White, 1899. Linked shorts including "The City of the Seven Shadows" about a lost civilization in the Sahara.

Leroux, Gaston. BALAOO. Ln: Hurst & Blackett, 1913. Marginal. Discovery or creation of the missing link, part baboon, part man. This was first filmed in 1927 as Demon Baboon from which most of the cinematic cliches about woman-kidnapping giant apes descend.

Leroux, Gaston. THE BRIDE OF THE SUN. NY: McBride Nast, 1915; Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1916. Inca survival in Andes.

Lethbridge, Olive. AS A LIONESS THAT SLEEPS. Ln: Mills & Boon, 1931. Africa.

Lewis, De Wit. A TRIP TO THE NORTH POLE & BEYOND TO CIVILIZATION, Edited & Compiled by E. Z. Ernst. Linwood, KS: Industrial Exchange, 1912. Atlantean survival.

Lewis, Henry Harrison. THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY. NY: Street & Smith, n.d. South American

Lewis, Leon [pseud of Julius Warren Lewis]. ANDREE AT THE NORTH POLE. NY: Dillingham, 1899. Survival of an advanced, pre-Indic people called Polarians in Arctic temperate zone; prehistoric survivals. Rare.

Lewisohn, Ludwig. THE CAVE OF THE GLITTERING LAMPS. Serialized in All-Story October thru December 1910. Zoroastrian culture in the hills of Iran.

Linden, Annie. GOLD, A Dutch-Indian Story for English People. Chicago: Laird & Lee, 1912. Magic, occultism, vampiric monkey, & an unknown Indo-Chinese race called the Moa who were old when Egypt was young.

Linderlof, J[ulius] O[tto] [Swenson]. A TRIP TO THE NORTH POLE; or, The Discovery of the Ten Tribes as Found in the Arctic Ocean. Salt Lake City, Utah: Tribune Printing, 1903.

Linton, Dr. C(harles) E(llsworth). THE EARTHMOTOR & Other Stories. Salem, OR: Press of Statesman Publ., 1921 [copyright 1915]. Title novella regards an earth-boring engine with which a hollow earth race is discovered. A second tale regards a polar lost race.

Lisle, Holly. BONES OF THE PAST. NY: Baen, 1993 wraps. Jungle adventure of the discovery of a living, lost city of the First Folk.

Liston, Edward. THE BOWL OF NIGHT. NY: Coward-McCann, 1948; Ln: Jarrolds, 1950. Mayan high culture not only survives but has advanced scientifically separated from the outer world.

Lloyd, John Uri. ETIDORPHA; or, The End of the Earth. The Strange History of a Mysterious Being & the Account of a Remarkable Journey. Cincinnati: Lloyd, 1896 limited to 1,299 copies. Cincinatti: Clarke, with added material, 1896; NY: Dodd Mead, revised & enlarged 1901; NY: Sun, 1976. Occult hollow earth. There are numerous editions with different selections of the fabulous illustrations; I'm not certain which if any edition includes every single illustration ever used, though I believe the 1901 is most complete for texts.

Lockhart-Ross, H. S. HAMPTURA, A Tale of an Unknown Land. Ln: Digby Long, 1892. White-haired swarthy utopian race in the Pacific, at war with another unknown race. Rare.

Lockwood, Ingersoll. BARON TRUMP'S MARVELLOUS UNDERGROUND JOURNEY. Boston: Lee & Shephard, 1893. Trump & his bulldog have Munchausenesque adventures in the hollow earth meeting many strange races.

Lockwood, Ingersoll. TRAVELS & ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BARON TRUMP & HIS WONDERFUL DOG BULGER. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1890. Trips to imaginary& fantastic nations.

London, Jack. HEARTS OF THREE (from a film scenario by Charles William Goddard). Ln: Mills & Boon, 1918. Also in Four Thrilling Adventure Novels (Ln: Odhams, 1938). Central America, Mayan & degenerated Conquistadore culture. Hastily written to go along with an intended but unproduced film serial.

Long, Jeff(rey B.) THE DESCENT. NY: Random House, 1999; Ln: Gollancz, 1999. A globe-spanning network of caverns inhabited by demonic race older than humanity.

Loundsberry, Ltn Lionel. THE TREASURE OF THE GOLDEN CRATER. NY: Street & Smith, 1902. Degenerated ape-like race in crater in South America.

Lovecraft, H. P. AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS & Other Novels. Sauk City: Arkham, 1964; corrected 1985. First appeared in 1936 in Astounding Stories. A gargantuan lost city in Antarctica appears uninhabited but some ancient weird race probably does linger undetectably.

Lovecraft, H. P. THE OUTSIDER & Others. Sauk City: Arkham, 1939. "The Temple" features Atlantean survival at seabottom.

Lowrie, Ivor Morris. "On the Inside" in Argosy November 1907. Hawaii & interior of volcano.

[Lucas, George] R. L. Stein: INDIANA JONES & THE CULT OF THE MUMMY'S CRYPT. NY: Ballentine, 1994 wraps. From the "Find Your Fate" juvenile series. Marginal; trying to recover stolen mummies Indy encounters survivals of ancient Egyptian high culture in the form of cultists & brain-sucking mummies in underground chambers.

[Lucas, George, creator] Max McCoy: INDIANA JONES & THE DINOSAUR EGGS, Max McCoy. NY: Bantam, 1996 wraps. Dinosaurs & Stone Age people in the Gobi desert.

[Lucas, George] R. L. Stein: INDIANA JONES & THE GIANTS OF THE SILVER TOWER, R. L. Stine. NY: Ballantine, 1994 wraps. Village of giants found in the Himalayas.

[Lucas, George] Max McCoy: INDIANA JONES & THE HOLLOW EARTH. NY: Bantam, 1997 wraps. Lost race & underground city beneath the Arctic.

[Lucas, George] Rob MacGregor: INDIANA JONES & THE INTERIOR WORLD. NY: Bantam, 1992 wraps. Hollow Earth.

[Lucas, George] Rob MacGregor: INDIANA JONES & THE SEVEN VEILS. NY: Bantam, 1991. Lost city of red-headed Celts in Brazil.

[Lucas, George] Les Martin: YOUNG INDIANA JONES & THE SECRET CITY. NY: Random House, 1990 wraps. Turkey.

Ludlow, Phill. THREE MEN & A MAID. Ln: Drane, 1903. Discovery of Manoa, the lost city of gold, in South America.

Lys, Christian [pseud of Percy Brebner]. THE FORTRESS OF YADASARA. Ln: Warne, 1899; issued in the US as KNIGHT OF THE SILVER STAR by Percy Brebner (NY: Fenno, 1907), then reprinted in England with the combined title, KNIGHT OF THE SILVER STAR; or, The Fortress of Yadasara. -?-, as by Percy Brebner, q.v. Survival of medieval culture in the middle east.

Macauley, Rose. ORPHAN ISLAND. NY: Boni & Liveright, 1925. Marginal; society of castaways found seventy years later were on their way to founding a lost race.

MacBride Allen, Roger. ORPHAN OF CREATION. NY: Baen, 1988 wraps. Survival of Australopithecus robustus.

MacCreagh, Gordon. THE INCA'S RANSOM, An Adventure Story. NY: Chelsea House, 19f26. South America.

MacCreagh, Gordon. POISONOUS MIST, An Adventure Story. NY: Chelsea House, 1927. Tribe related to the Incas found in the Amazon jungle.

MacDonald, Alexander. THE LOST EXPLORERS: A Story of the Trackless Desert. Ln: Blackie, 1907. Australian outback.

MacDonald, Alexander. THROUGH THE HEART OF TIBET. Boston: Caldwell, n.d. Marginal; a journey into exotic Forbidden Llasa, with yellow peril elements.

MacDonald, Robert M. THE MOON GOD'S TREASURE, A Tale of the Tropical Pacific. Ln: Unwin, 1905. Ruins, treasures, & degraded descendants of a once-mighty race.

MacDonald, Robert M. THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF: A Tale of Adventure in Unknown New Guinea. A white man living with an unknown, enlightened tribe.

MacDonald, Robert M. THE RIVAL TREASURE HUNTERS. Ln: Blackie & Son, 1910. Incas.

MacDougall, Walter H[ugh]. THE HIDDEN CITY. NY: Cassell, 1891. Atlanteans Aztecs in unexplored region of Colorado. Rare.

MacDonald, William Colt. RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING SKULL. NY: Burt, 1934; NY: Avon, 1934 wraps; NY: Triangle, 1934. A wild-west story plus Aztecs & a hidden temple.

MacGill, Patrick. SID PUDDIEFOOT. Ln: Jenkins, 1926. Isolated colony in Africa of Irish who fled British persecution in 1785.

MacGrady, Thomas. BEYOND THE BLACK OCEAN. Chicago: Kerr, 1901. North Atlantic survival of the Lost Tribes of Israel (via European Jewry however) who intermarried with lost Irish sailors of the Napoleonic era.

Machen, Arthur. "The Shining Pyramid" in the collection THE SHINING PYRAMID. Chicago: Covici-McGee, 1923, 875 copy limited edition; & in a smaller collection with the same title (Ln: Secker, 1924; NY: Knopf, 1924). The story first appeared in an 1895 magazine. Frequently anthologized weird tale which reveals fairies to be pre-Celtic Turanian troglodytes.

MacKenzie, W. A. THE BLACK BUTTERFLY. Ln: Ward Lock, 1907. Weird detective tale with sundry strange elements including an ancient kingdom.

Mackie, J. A BUSH MYSTERY; or, The Lost Explorer. Ln: Nisbet, 1912. Marginal; Australia; a scientist establishes a utopian community in the outback, from a superior type of aborigine.

MacIsaac, Fred. THE LAST ATLANTIDE. Serialized in Popular Magazine December 17, 1927 thru January 21, 1928. Reprise of Hyne's The Lost Continent. Relics of Atlantis found in the Yucatan, including a chronicle of its entire history.

MacIsaac, Fred. MAN OF GOLD. Serialized in Argosy July 26 thru August 30, 1930. Colubian Andes; PreColumbian white race.

MacVicar, Angus. SPACE AGENT & THE ANCIENT PERIL. Ln: Burke, 1964. In the future a remnant of an ancient race of Tiahuanaco, related to Atlantis, is found in the Andes.

Maddux, Rachel. THE GREEN KINGDOM. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1957. Associational for Lost World motif, but no human inhabitants; a land distinct for flora & fauna is discovered in the Rockies.

Madreyhijo, L. THE LOST QUIPUS: A History. Ln: Eden, 1891. Incan city in the Andes. Rare.

Magire, Don. THE AMERICAN ADVENTURER. NY: Trow's Printing, 1879. Chain of "traveler’s tales" second of which regards an uncharted island populated by long-lived humans & another race which has three eyes, four ears & other unusual physical traits.

Magnus, Leonard A. A JAPANESE UTOPIA. Ln: Routledge, 1905. Japanese explorer discovers a lost race in far north of Japan.

Mallock, William Hurrel. THE NEW PAUL AND VIRGINIA: or, Positivism on an Island. NY: Scribner, Welford & Armstrong, 1878. Missing Link parody.

Manley, R. M. THE QUEEN OF ECUADOR: A Novel. NY: Hagemann, 1894, wraps. Inca remnant.

Mann, Jack [pseud of E. Charles Vivian, q.v.]. COULSON GOES SOUTH. Ln: Wright & Brown, 1933. Arabian tribe of Atlantean descent.

Mann, Jack. HER WAYS ARE DEATH. Ln: Wright & Brown, 1939; NY: Bookfinger, 1981. Marginal; immortal Viking femme fatale plus Atlantean relics, in the Gees occult detective series.

Mann, Jack. MAKER OF SHADOWS. Ln: Wright & Brown, 1938. A Gees occult detective adventure involving malevolent elementals from the lost city of Kir-Asa; while not itself a lost race novel, Kir-Asa is the subject of the fully relevant The City of Wonder published as by E. Charles Vivian, q.v.

Mansford, Charles J. THE GREAT GREEN SERPENT. Ln: Heath Cranton, 1926. An unknown voodoo-practicing race found on in the West Indies.

Mansford, Charles J. SHAFTS FROM AN EASTERN QUIVER. Ln: George Newnes, 1894. India.

Marks, Simon. DOWN AMAZON WAY. Ln: Pocket Editions, n.d. [about 1945] pictorial wraps. Atlantean remnant in South America.

Marks, W(illiam) Dennis. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: A Plea for Individualism. Phila: Patterson & White, 1905. Utopianist Roman survival in the Andes.

Marksman, H. Carson. THE LUST FOR TREASURE. Ln: Allan, 1934. South America.

Markwick, Edward. THE CITY OF GOLD: A Tale of Sport, Travel & Adventure in the Heart of the Dark Continent. Ln: Tower, 1896. A pre-Phoenician scientifically advanced people discovered in Africa. Excellent tale.

Marriott, Crittenden. THE ISLE OF DEAD SHIPS. Phila: Lippincott, 1909. Ships of various ages remain forever trapped in the Sargasso Sea, at the center of which is an elaborate castaway society.

Marriott Watson, H. B. MARAHUNA, A Romance. Ln: Longmans, 1888. Only one member of the lost race (said to be hidden in a heated area of Antarctica) enters the tale. She is the girl Marahuna who has destructive occult powers dangerous to humanity.

Marryat, Captain Frederick. THE PACHA OF MANY TALES. Ln: Saunders & Otley, 1835 triple-decker; Phila: Cary & Hart, 1834; NY: Wallis & Howell, 1836; often reprinted. "Third Voyage of Huckaback" depicts discovery of whale-domesticating lost race on floating pumice island. "Fifth Voyage" shows a lost race of blue-skinned descendants of Vasco da Gama; prolongation of life. "Last Voyage" shows the hollow earth.

Marsh, Jean. THE SECRET OF THE PYGMY HERD. Ln: Burke, 1951. Discovery of an Ancient Egyptian city in a Kenyan swamp.

Marshall, Archibald. UPSIDONIA. Ln: Paul, 1915. Hollow Earth. Satire of a country where moral values are reversed.

Marshall, Edison. DIAN OF THE LOST LAND. NY: Kinsey, 1935; NY: Burt, 1935; Philadelphia/NY: Chilton, 1966. Same as THE LOST LAND. NY: Curtis, 1972 paper. A lost world in Antarctica populated by Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, & other prehistoric survivals.

Marshall, Edison. THE STOLEN GOD. NY: Kinsey, 1936. Southeast Asia; marginal.

Martyn, Wyndham. STONES OF ENCHANTMENT. Ln: Jenkins, n.d. [1950s?]. The only fantasy in the Anthony Trent detective series. Long-lived race found in Central Africa.

Marvel, Andrew [pseud of Howell Davies]. MINIMUM MAN; or, Time to be Gone. Ln: Gollancz, 1938. Race of tiny supermen.

Masterman, Walter S[idney]. THE FLYING BEAST. NY: Dutton, 1932. Subhuman race beneath the Sahara.

Masterman, Walter S[idney]. THE YELLOW MISTLETOE. NY: Dutton, 1930. Lost race & detection; survival of ancient Greek culture in Bulgarian valley.

Mastin, John. THE IMMORTAL LIGHT, A Scientific Romance. Ln: Cassell, 1907; Ln: Griffin [1909?]. Scientifically advanced, Latin-speaking race dwelling across a mystic barrier at the South Pole in the Hollow Earth. This novel is also to be had in the omnibus THE STOLEN PLANET/THROUGH THE SUN IN AN AIRSHIP/THE IMMORTAL LIGHT. Ln: Griffin, 1909.

Mather, Anne. LORD OF ZARACUS. Toronto: Harlequin,1972 wraps. Romance novel with archeological ingredient, set in Mexico with the leading lady's father searching for the Lost City of Zapotec.

Matthews, Brander TAKES OF FANTASY & FACT. NY: Harpers, 1896. Marginal; includes a tale of famous imaginary characters & countries.

Matthews, Paul. BEYOND THIS DAY. NY: Vantage, 1956. Inca enclave in Peru are reincarnated Atlanteans.

Matus, Joel. LEROY AND THE CAVEMAN. NY: Atheneum, 1993; Toronto: Maxwell Macmillan, 1923; NY: Maxwell Macmillan International, 1993. Kid lit novel about survival of a Neanderthal.

Maurois, Andre. A VOYAGE TO THE ISLAND OF ARTICOLES, Translated from the French by David Garnett. Ln: Cape, 1928; NY: Appleton, 1929. Satiric/utopian race.

Mayo, William Starbuck. KALOOLAN: Journeyings to the Djebel Kumri: An autobiography of Jonathan Romer. NY: Putnam, 1849; reprinted with a different subtitle, KALOOLAN; or, The Adventures of Jonathan Romer of Nantucket. Ln: Sampson Low, 1873; New York/Ln: Putnam, 1887. Ancient Caucasoid race discovered in central Africa; an important American precursor to Haggard.

McCormick, B. THE GIANT ISLANDERS. NY: Street & Smith, 1901. Wraps?

McDougall, Walter H[ugh]. THE HIDDEN CITY. NY: Cassell, 1891; Street & Smith, n.d, wraps. Atlantean Mayans discovered in hidden valley of the American Southwest (northwestern corner of Colorado).

McElhiney, G. C. INTO THE DAWN. Los Angeles: DeVorss, 1945. Utopian Lemurians on a South Pacific isle discovered by woman pilot.

McFather, Nelle. THE RED JAGUAR. NY: Ace, 1974 wraps. Marginal; Gothic romance including Maya background.

McGrady, Rev. Thomas. BEYOND THE BLACK OCEAN. Chicago: Kerr, 1901; Terre Haute, IN: Standard Publishing Co., 1901. Arctic races. Utopian.

McIver, G. NEUROOMIA, A New Continent. Ln: Swan Sonnenschein, 1894; Melbourne: -?-, 1895 wraps. Utopian race in Antarctica. Rare.

McKeag, Ernest L. THE LOST CITY OF THE SIERRAS. Ln: Aldine, 1927 pictorial wraps. Probably same as THE CITY OF THE SWAMPS, A Tale of Adventure for Boys. Ln: Robert South [1930s?] pictorial wraps. Underground city. See also under Ernest McKeag's pseudonym, John King.

McKesson, Charles L. UNDER PIKE'S PEAK; or Mahalma, Child of the Fire Father. NY: Neely, 1898. Hollow earth. Dwarves with a normal sized sexy queen. Rare.

McLaren, Jack. THE DEVIL OF THE DEPTHS: A Strange Story of the South Seas. Ln: Philip Allan, 1935. Subocean city of Neolithic origins.

McMorrow, Will F. "Madman's Buff" in Argosy September 8, 1928. Short story. Teleportation to Antarctica where a subhuman Lost Race is found, but it turns out to be an insane fraud.

McNeil, Everett. THE LOST NATION. NY: Dutton, 1918. Aztecs, Toltecs, ape-men & subterranean monsters.

McNeil, Everett THE LOST TREASURE CAVE; or, Adventures With the Cowboys of Colorado. NY: Dutton, 1905. Minor. Cowboys & Aztecs.

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