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Sandokan: Solima's Classic Mini Series

Kabir Bedi: Sandokan Defined (Trailer)

Just as Sean Connery is considered to be the quintessential James Bond, so Kabir Bedi is considered to be the ultimate Sandokan. When the 1976 RAI miniseries Sandokan debuted, Kabir became an overnight sensation. He became so popular that at airports throughout Europe, women would bare their thighs for his autograph. He starred in three sequels Sandokan to the Rescue (1977) The Return of Sandokan (1996) and The Son of Sandokan (1998). He also played Emilio di Roccanera in Il Corsaro Nero (1976) and Kammumuri in the 1991 miniseries I misteri della jungla nera.

The Black Corsair

Kabir Bedi plays a brooding Italian nobleman (in Italian)

With Sandokan wildly popular in Italy and Europe, Solima reunited his stars in yet another adaptation of a Salgari classic. Kabir Bedi and Carole André played opposite each other once again as the Black Corsair and Honorata.