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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors A through B

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

a'Beckett, Arthur. THE MEMBER FOR WROTTENBOROUGH, Passages from his Life in Parliament. Ln: Sampson Low, 1892. Includes a satiric episode about an imaginary voyage to a woman-ruled island.

a'Beckett, Gilbert Albert & Mark Lemon. PETER WILKINS: The Loadstone Rock & the Flying Indians. Ln: National Acting Dramatic Office, 1846, 21p. Play based on an anonymously published lost race novel by Robert Paltock.

Abbott, Angus E. THE GODS GIVE MY DONKEY WINGS Ln: Methuen, 1895; Chicago: Stone & Kimball, 1895. Utopian satire; race of unknown language & origins in unspecific mountain region.

Adams, Jack [pseud of Alcanoan O. Grigsby & Mary P. Lowe]. NEQUA; or, The Problem of the Ages. Topeka, KS: Equity, 1900. Hollow Earth.

Adeler, Max [pseud of Charles Heber Clark]. THE FORTUNATE ISLAND & Other Stories. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1882; NY: Dillingham, 1882. Title story regards advanced race discovered in the North Atlantic.

Adolph, Anna. ARQTIQ, A Study of the Marvels at the North Pole. Hanford, CA: private issue, 1899. 80p. Arctic race in cavern.

Aikin, Charles. FORTY YEARS WITH THE DAMNED; or, Life Inside the Earth. Chicago: Regan Printing House, 1895. Blacks in old Virginia escape slavery through a cavern that leads to an underground society of all races including extraterrestrial.

Aimard, Gustave. THE INDIAN SCOUT, A Story of the Aztec City. Ln: Ward & Lock, 1861.

Aimard, Gustave. LAST OF THE INCAS, A Romance of the Pampas. Ln: Ward &Lock;, 1862. Also as THE LAST OF THE AUCAS. NY: Munro, 1891 wraps. The last Inca becomes leader of Indian rebels.

Allain, Marcel. LES VAINQUEURS DE LA MORT. Paris: S.F.E.P.I, n.d. [1942?] wraps. Novelette of a boy & girl who find an underground prehistoric tribe.

Allen, Grant. THE GREAT TABOO. NY: Burt, 1890. Marginal; strange island culture in the South Seas.

Allen, Grant. THE WHITE MAN'S FOOT. Ln: Hatchards, 1888. Hawaii.

Allen, Roger MacBride. 1988. ORPHAN OF CREATION. NY: Baen Books, 1988. Survival of australopithecines.

Allen, Willis Boyd. THE LION CITY OF AFRICA: A Story of Adventure. Boston: Lothrop, 1890; Ln: Partridge, 1892. A superior novel about the discovery of abandoned city of a lost race, but the race itself does not appear in the story.

Allyn, Henry. THE WORSHIPPING TRIBE. Los Angeles: Midland [1940].

Altsheler, Joseph. THE LOST HUNTERS: A Story of Wild Man & Great Beasts. NY: Appleton, 1918. North America; hidden valley of Oglala Sioux plus other unknown tribes.

Ames, Joseph Bushnell. THE BLADED BARRIER. NY: Century [1929]. Lost city in Baja region founded by ancient Chinese who intermarried with Aztecs. Excellent.

Ames, Joseph Bushnell. THE EMERALD BUDDHA. Boston: Small Maynard, 1921. India.

Amos, Alan. PRAY FOR A MIRACLE. NY: Duell Sloan & Pearce, 1941. Mayan city in China.

Anderson, Andrew A, & Alfred H. Wall. A ROMANCE OF N'SHABE: Being a Record of Startling Adventures in South Central Africa Ln: Chapman & Hall, 1891. Descendants of the Queen of Sheba in hidden walled city in the Kalahari, closely imitative of Haggard, & not bad.

Anderson, Mary. A SON OF NOAH.Ý Ln: Digby, Long, 1893. Ante-deluvian setting; marginally lost race because of sequences about the son of Noah finding an advanced race who worship a pterodactyl.

Anderson, Olaf W. TREASURE VAULT OF ATLANTIS, Giving an account of a very remarkable discovery of an ancient temple of wealth. Minneapolis: Midland, 1925, wraps; NY: Arno, 1978. Relics of Atlantis in South America, including Atlanteans in suspended animation.

Anonymous authors arranged alphabetically by book title

Anonymous [attributed to Simon Berington]. THE ADVENTURES OF SIGNOR GAUDENTIO DI LUCCA, Giving an Account of an Unknown Country in the Deserts of Africa. Ln: Pridden, 1737. Also as THE MEMOIRS OF SIGR. GAUDENTIO DI LUCA. Ln: Printed for T. Cooper, 1737; Dublin: George Faulkner, 1738; Ln: Innys Manby & Cox, 1748. Purporting to be from the Italian, often reprinted in the 18th Century. Ancient Egyptian survival in the Sahara.

Anonymous [by M. Louise Moore & M. Beauchamp]. AL-MODAD; or, Life Scenes Beyond the Polar Circumflex. Shell Bank, Louisiana: M. L. Moore & M. Beauchamp, 1892; wraps. South America.

Anonymous. THE BOOK OF ALGOONAH, Being a Concise Account of hte History of the Early People of the Contient of America, Known as Mound Builders. St. Louis: Little & Becker, 1884. Though set in ancient times this nevertheless qualifies as Lost Race insofar as the Mound People are presumed to be Assyrians.

Anonymous ["By the Author of "The Sinking Island"]. THE CABIN-BOY OF THE "POLLY-ANN", A Tale of Startling Adventures on Land & Sea, in Search of The Gardens of Paradise. Ln: Aldine [c.1900], No. 3 in The Aldine O'er Land and Sea Library. Pictorial wrappers.

Anonymous [by John Kirkby]. THE CAPACITY & EXTENT OF THE HUMAN UNDERSTANDING, Exemplified in the Extraordinary Case of Automathes, a Young Nobleman who was Accidentally left in his Infancy, upon a desolate island, & continued Nineteen Years in that solitary State, separate from all Human Society.. Ln: Manby & Shute, 1745. White christian utopian society found in Pacific.

Anonymous. THE CITY OF RUM & Other Sketches by Mr Onyx, edited by a friend. Ln: Longmans Green 1872, 95p. Essays except for the lead utopian satire about a lost race's city lacking old people & good drainage.

Anonymous [by Robert Ellis Dudgeon]. COLYMBIA. Ln: Trubner, 1873. Pacific utopia of aquatic people.

Anonymous [by "F. Z. E."]. A DAUGHTER OF INDRA. San Francisco: Essene Publishing, 1925. Hollow Earth advanced civilization under Central Asia. The tale makes specific allusions to Haggard & Lord Lytton.

Anonymous DON BAZAR'S MILLIONS, A Story of Adventures Among the Aztecs. Ln: T Harrison Roberts, [c.1915]. Pictorial wrappers.

Anonymous. ETYMONIA. Ln: Tinsley, 1875. Libertine utopian lost race in North Sea influenced by Thomas More.

Anonymous [by Charles Francois Triphaigne de la Roche]. GIPHANTA; or, A View of what has passed, what is now passing, &, during the present century, what will pass in the world. Ln: Horsefield, 1760 & 1761 double-decker; Dublin: Faulkner & Potts, 1761 double-decker. Imaginary voyage. Civilization of elementals in Africa; or sailor gets a guided tour of their utopia.

Anonymous [by Cecil H. Bullivant]. THE GOLD OF TREASURE ISLAND. Ln: Aldine, No. 79 of The Boys' Own Library, 1913, pictorial wraps. Also appeared condensed as SPANISH GOLD as by Maurice Everard. Ln: George Newnes, Adventure Library no.74, n.d. [1920s], pictorial wraps. Caribbean & Sargasso Sea.

Anonymous. JACK & JOE; or, The Troublesome Twins. Ln: Hogarth House [c1900]; pictorial wraps. Jungle adventure with a lost-race episode.

Anonymous. THE LAND OF THE MAMMOTH: A Boy's Adventure Three Hundred Years Ago. Ln: Religious Tract Society, n.d. [c1875]. Marginal. During a 16th century voyage a valley of extinct mammal bones is found, along with a primitive people called the "Samoiedes" who I suppose could be regarded as an Eskimo people rather than lost race.

Anonymous. THE LAST INCA; or, The Story of Tupac Amaru. Ln: Tinsley, 1873 triple-decker. Mostly an historical novel set in the time of the Spanish war against the Incas, but the last chapter speculates about how Peru would have been had the Inca retained their land & high culture. Mighty rare.

Anonymous [Beatrice May Butt, as "by The author of Miss Molly"]. THE LAWS OF LEFLO. Ln: John Ouseley, 1911. Africa; utopian.

Anonymous. THE LIFE & ADVENTURES OF PETER WILKINS. Ln: Printed for J. Robinson &c;, 1751. Author named on reprints; see under Robert Paltock.

Anonymous. THE LIFE & ADVENTURES OF HENRY LANSON. Ln: S. Fisher & T. Hurst, 1801, 42p chapbook. Marginal; castaway discovers in the West Indian the ruins of an ancient temple with idol intact, but the natives don't seem to be of the race that built it. Impossibly rare.

Anonymous. THE LIFE & SUPRISING ADVENTURES OF CRUSOE RICHARD DAVIS. Ln: Noble & Noble, 1756, two volumes. Reprinted as The Voyages & Discoveries of Crusoe Richard Davis. Ln: Fisher & Hurst, 1801, 72p chapbook. Close imitation of Robert Paltock's Peter Wilkins. Hero finds a floating island & a feathered race.

Anonymous. THE LIFE OF THE CELEBRATED NAVIGATOR LA PEROUSE; & Surprising Adventures in his Voyage to the South Seas. Edinburgh: Oliver, 1807, 35p chapbook. An allegedly true biography of a real-life navigator, but including a three-page account of a utopian island civilisation called Asperia.

Anonymous [by Alfred Sears]. THE LOST INCA; The Discovery in the Vale of teh Anti-Mayu. NY: Cassell, 1888; wraps. Incas thriving in the Andes. Rare.

Anonymous. THE LOST VIKINGS, A Long Yarn of the Arctic Regions. Ln: Aldine [1928] pictorial wraps; No. 18 in The Aldine Adventure Library. Old Norse culture in Arctic volcanic crater.

Anonymous [by Elton R. Smilie]. THE MANATITLANS, or, A Record of Recent Scientific Explorations in the Andean La Plata, S. A. Cambridge, Mass: Riverside Press, 1877

Anonymous [by Eliza Haywood]. MEMOIRS OF A CERTAIN ISLAND ADJACENT TO THE KINGDOM OF UTOPIA: Written by a Celebrated Author of that Country. Ln: Printed & Sold by the Booksellers of London & Westminster, 1725; volume II 1726. Imaginary voyage to idyllic country.

Anonymous. OO-A-DEEN. Australia: 'Corio Chronicle' & 'Western Districts Advertiser', 1847. Young man finds then loses a Utopia in central Australia.

Anonymous. THE PRISONER OF THE PIGMIES! A Thrilling Long Complete Yarn of Adventure in Africa! Ln: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend Library, New Series No. 114, [1927].

Anonymous [by Ellis James Davis]. PYRNA: A Commune; or, Under the Ice. Ln: Bickers, 1875. Under Swiss glacier.

Anonymous [by David Patterson Hatch] EL RESHID, A Novel. Los Angeles: B.R. Baumgardt, 1899. Marginal. North African-originating ancient occult society.

Anonymous. THE SECRET OF THE LAMAS: A Tale of Thibet. Ln: Cassell, 1889. Not precisely lost race but close in its similarities to later stories of Shangri-la. Pilgrims & adepts from all over Asia formed a hidden, idealistic city that has become dystopian.

Anonymous [by the Author of "Pioneers in Peru" "Hunters of the Mountains"]. THE SECRET KINGDOM, A Tale of Marvellous Adventures in Strange Lands. Ln: Aldine, (1915). Pictorial wrappers; No. 9 in the Briton's Own Library. Aldine boys' adventures are invariably rare.

Anonymous. LES SONGES DU CHEVALIER DE LA MARMOTTE. n.p.: Au Palais de Morphee, 1745. Ape-people.

Anonymous [by Philip Norton] SUB SOLE; or, Under the Sun Missionary Adventures in the Great Sahara. Ln: James Nisbet, 1889.

Anonymous [by Joseph Shield Nicholson]. THOTH, A Romance. Ln: Blackwood, 1888. Set in ancient times, but regarding a hidden race of scientifically advanced, culturally stunted physical giants.

Anonymous [by Joseph Shield Nicholson] as "by the Author of Thoth". TOXAR, A Romance. Ln: Longmans, Green, 1890. As in Thoth the setting is the ancient Greek world, but regarding a remnant of a far more ancient race with supernatural abilities & a third-eye organ in their foreheads.

Anonymous. TOLD IN THE VERANDAH: Passages in the Life of Colonel Bowlong, Set Down by hsi Adjutant. Chicago: McClurg, 1895. Short stories mostly set in India but the longest being an African lost race.

Anonymous [by John Thornton]. A VOYAGE TO IMMANUEL'S ISLAND IN THE SHIP HOPEWELL with an account of many remarkable deliverances from danger; a description of the countries visited, their laws, manners & Celestial Country. Ln: Nisbet, 1826. Imaginary voyage meeting several races.

Anonymous. A VOYAGE TO THE WORLD IN THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH, Giving an Account of the Manners, Customs, Laws, Government & Religion of the Inhabitants, their Persons & Habits Described, with several other particulars: In which is introduced the History of an Inhabitant of the Air, written by Himself, with some account of the polanetary worlds. Ln: Crowder & Woodgate, 1755; Ln: Fisher & Hurst, 1802, 42p chapbook. World floating in center of Hollow Earth reached through crater of Vesuvius.

Anonymous [by John WIlliam Cunningham]. A WORLD WITHOUT SOULS. Ln: Printed for J. Hatchard, 1805. Imaginary voyage to city of O inhabited by a soulless race; allegorical.

Appleton, Victor [by Howard Garis]. TOM SWIFT & HIS BIG TUNNEL; or, The Hidden City of the Andes. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1916. Lost Race is discovered during construction of a railroad tunnel through the Andes.

Appleton, Victor [by Howard Garis]. TOM SWIFT & HIS ELECTRIC RIFLE; or, Daring Adventures in Elephant Land. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1912. Red pygmies.

Appleton, Victor [by Howard Garis]. TOM SWIFT IN CAPTIVITY; or, A Daring Escape by Airship. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1912. Patagonian lost race of ten-foot giants capture Tom's expedition.

Appleton, Victor [by Howard Garis]. TOM SWIFT IN THE CITY OF GOLD; or, Marvelous Adventures Underground. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1912. Underground city of golden idols in Mexico.

Appleton, Victor [by Howard Garis]. TOM SWIFT IN THE LAND OF WONDERS; or, The Search for the Idol of Gold. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1917. Mayans, underground city.

Appleton II, Victor [by J.D. Lawrence]. TOM SWIFT & HIS ULTRASONIC CYCLOPLANE. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1957.

Appleton II, Victor [J.D. Lawrence]. TOM SWIFT & HIS SUBOCEAN GEOTRON. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1965.

Armour, John F. EDENINDIA: A Tale of Adventure. NY: Dillingham [1905]. Arctic kingdom descended from 17th Century English explorers; utopian.

Aronin, Ben. THE LOST TRIBE: Being the Strange Adventures of Raphael Drale in Search of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Chicago: Simons Press, 1934. Polar.

Ashley-Brown, W. ZAUDI (Princess of Abyssinia). Ln: Hutchinson, 1936. Zaudi, a descendant of Solomon & Sheba, tells of her adventures among a lost people of Arabia.

Ashton, Marvin [pseud]. PEOPLE OF ASA. Ln: Curtis Warren, 1953. Pictorial wraps.

Aston, Benjamin Gwilliam. THE EYE OF THE GOD. Ln: Blackie, 1927. Subterranean survival of ancient Egyptian culture.

Atholl, Justin. LAND OF HIDDEN DEATH. Ln: Everybody's Books, 1941, pictorial wraps. Incas.

Atkins, Rev. E. C. [pseud]. "My Bride from Another World: A Weird Romance Recounting Many Strange Adventures in an Unknown World" in Physical Culture June 1904. Hollow Earth.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fenton Ash]. BY AIRSHIP TO OPHIR. Ln: Shaw [1911]. African city inhabited by a Jewish/Arabic race.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fenton Ash]. THE BLACK OPAL: A Romance of Thrilling Adventure. Ln: Shaw, 1914. Medieval kingdom in Sargasso Sea.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Frank Aubrey]. THE DEVIL TREE OF EL DORADO: A Novel. Ln: Hutchinson, 1896; NY: New Amsterdam [1897]. Loosely a sequel to A Queen of Atlantis. Mythical El Dorado found on crest of Roraima, populated by non-Indian race. Excellent & very weird, with creepy illustrations.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fenton Ash]. THE GOLDEN ALLIGATOR. In the London periodical The Union Jack Library new series, no 60, December 3, 1904. The land El Dorado & lost city of Manoa discovered in the Roraima region.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fenton Ash]. IN POLAR SEAS. Serialized in the London periodical The Nelson Lee Library numbers 19 thru 37, 1915-1916. Viking survival in the Arctic.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Frank Aubrey]. KING OF THE DEAD: A Weird Romance. Ln: Macqueen, 1903. Hidden British Guiana culture whose beautiful queen raises an army of the dead with a plan to conquer the outside world. One of the famous extreme rarities.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Frank Aubrey]. A QUEEN OF ATLANTIS: A Romance of the Caribbean Sea. Ln: Hutchinson, 1898; Phila: Lippincott, 1900; NY: Arno, 1978. Castaways discover remnant of Atlantis in the Sargasso Sea. One of the classics of the genre.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fenton Ash]. THE RADIUM SEEKERS; or, The Wonderful Black Nugget. Ln: Pitman, 1905. Ape-like subhumans in British Guiana & advanced kingdoms in the interior of Brazil. A terribly rare book.

Atkins, Frank [published as "by the Author of The Radium Seekers", i.e., Fenton Ash]. THE SUNKEN ISLAND; or, The Pirates of Atlantis. In the London periodical The Union Jack Library new series, no 3, May 7, 1904. Antlanteans plus a primitive web-footed people in the Sargasso Sea.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Frank Aubrey]. STRANGE STORIES OF THE HOSPITAOLS. Ln: C. Arthur Pearson, 1898. Short fantasies, the final tale, "The Gold Idol," having a marginally lost race theme. All his books are rare & this one about the rarest.

Atkins, Frank [writing as Fred Ashley]. THE TEMPLE OF FIRE; or, The Mysterious Island: A Romance of the Southern Seas. Ln: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, 1905. Pacific Island discovery of a webfooted race, plus a culturally advanced people resembling Greeks, & prehistoric survivals. Rare.

Austin, Mary. OUTLAND. NY: Boni & Liveright, 1919. This was co-written with George Sterling & the first edition appears under their joint pseud "Gordon Stairs" Ln: Murray, 1910. Aztecs in North American wilderness.

Austin, Howard [house name, author unknown]. AMONG THE FIRE WORSHIPPERS; or, Two New York Boys in Mexico. NY: Pluck & Luck #236, December 10, 1902; pictorial wraps. Serialized in The Boys of New York October 25 thru December 27, 1880. Aztecs dwelling in cavern under Mexican desert.

Bacon, Sir Francis. THE NEW ATLANTIS. 1672. Utopian philosophy; hidden island kingdom advanced in sciences. For a sequel, see the author Viscount Samuel.

Badger, Joseph E., Jr. THE LOST CITY. Boston: Dana, Estes, 1898. Aztecs survive on Olympic Penninsula, found by airship.

Bailey, Thomas [pseud of Edward Bellamy Partridge]. LONG NIGHT. Ln: Godwin [1935].

Baker, Emerson. WHEN FORTUNE DARES. NY: Street & Smith, Adventure Library #176 (about 1925, but copyright 1913); wraps. Tribe of Olmecs in Central America.

Baker, Nina Brown. INCA GOLD. Boston: Wilde, 1938; Chicago: Wilcox & Follett, 1945.

Balch, Frank. A SUBMARINE TOUR. NY: Broadway, 1905. Submarine finds subocean cavern & Aztecs off the coast of Peru.

Balch, William. A PECULIAR PEOPLE; or, Reality in Romance. Chicago: Henry A. Sumner, 1881; 1882 revised 2nd edition. Utopian race near Mt. Lebanon, of biblical origin.

Balfour, Andrew. THE GOLDEN KINGDOM, Being an Account of the Quest for the Sameä Boston: Page, 1903; Ln: Hutchinson, 1903. Marginally lost race; unknown country discovered in 18th Century Africa.

Ballantyne, R. M. THE GIANT OF THE NORTH. Ln: Nelson, 1882. Arctic.

Bannet, Ivor. THE AMAZONS. Ln: Golden Cockerel, 1948. Set in the ancient world contemporary to Greek high culture, a society of Amazons in Southeast Asia are an Atlantean exiles who decide to try to find their way back to Atlantis.

Barjavel, Rene. THE ICE PEOPLE. NY: Morrow, 1970. Originally in French as La Nuit Des Temps (Paris, 1968). A French expedition finds the remains of a 900,000-year-old civilization under the polar ice cap & awakens a woman named Elea.

Barker, Arthur W. THE LIGHT FROM SEALONIA. Boston: Four Seas, 1927. Arctic civilizations, one good (Sealonia populated by religioius green-eyed blotchy people), one bad (Nodonia populated by dark & lovely alcoholic hedonists). Rare.

Barnard-James, J. THE CITY OF SHADOWS & Other Stories. Ln: Digby Long, 1902. Marginal; in the title story, English explorers find abandoned city in darkest Paraguay.

Baron, Walter. DEVIL-BROTHER. Ln: Hurst & Blacket, 1935.

Barr, Robert. "The Fear of It" in The Idler May 1893. Atlantic Ocean.

Barratt, Frances Layland. THE QUEEN & THE MAGICIANS & Other Stories. Ln: Simpkin Marshall Hamilton Kent & Co., 1900. Six fairy tlaes for children, the title story is set in Atlantis, & the related tale, "The Princess Vita," is of real lost race interest: mer-people are Atlanteans who took on increasingly aquatic habits over a long period of time finally rebuilding their city in the sea.

Barre, Daniel. THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF, A Powerful Long Romance. Ln: Bradbury, Agnew, Whitefriars [c1880]; Ln: Amalgamated Press, No. 3 in Horner's 3d. Library [c1915]. Lost city of African Moon-worshippers. Sequel to The King's Messenger.

Barre, Daniel. THE KING'S MESSENGER. Ln: Amalgamated Press, 1915, pictorial wraps. African hidden city accessible through six-mile tunnel. Prequel to The Great White Chief.

Barrett, Frank. THE ADMIRABLE LADY BIDDY FANE. NY: Cassell, 1891. Period pirate romance including a race of called the Ingas in Brazillian caves.

Barron, Edward [pseud of David Potter. THE LOST GODDESS. Philadephia: Lippincott, 1913. Marginal; South America; Mayan princess; a hoax.

Barry, Richard Hayes. FRUIT OF THE DESERT. NY: Doubleday Page, 1920. Color frontis. Wild West tale of discovery of Aztec city. A good tale.

Bartlett, Frederick O. THE WEB OF THE GOLDEN SPIDER. Boston: Small Maynard, 1909. Quest for treasurehouse of the Incas in Peru; marginal.

Barton, Oliver. THE CITY OF DEATH, A Story of Mexico. Ln: Eyre & SPotiswoode, 1936. Aztec city. Illustrations.

Barzevi-Keller, A. H. MIGRANTS OF THE STARS, Being an Account of the Discovery of the Marvelous Land of Niames, & the Secret of its Inhabitants. NY: Classic Press, 1931.

Battersby, Captain T. Preston. ELF ISLAND. Ln: Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, 1885. Fairy tale for kiddies, including a visit to Atlantean ruins.

Baxter, Sylvester. THE CRUISE OF THE LAND YACHT. Boston: Little Brown, 1892. Aztecs; Mexico.

Beach, Charles. PITZMAROON: or, The Magic Hammer. Springfield, Massachusettes: Whitney & Adams, 1874. Indian prince discovers a city of Amazons.

Beadle, Charles. "The City of Baal" in Adventure Mid-January, 1921. Phoenician survival in East Africa.

Beale, Charles Willing. THE SECRET OF THE EARTH. NY: Neely, 1899. Advanced race of the Hollow Earth; Antarctica. Classic of the type.

Bechdolt, Jack. THE LOST VIKINGS. NY: Cosmopolitan, 1931. Arctic Viking race & supernaturalism.

Beck, Christopher [pseud of Thomas Charles Bridges].ÝÝTHE PEOPLE OF THE CHASM.Ý Ln: Pearson, 1924. Hidden valley at the bottom of a huge chasm in the Antarctic populated by a white pre-glacial race who are under attack from a more primitive race of "Ape-folk."

Beddoes, Willoughby. A GODDESS FROM THE SEA. Ln: Drane [1903]. Rare book about discovery of the last of the Khans near the Gobi Desert.

Bedford-Jones, H. THE TEMPLE OF THE TEN. Rhode Island: Grant, 1973. Asiatic. See also Hawkwood, Allan.

Belisle, D. W. THE AMERICAN FAMILY ROBINSON; or, The Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West. Phila: Coates [copyright 1854]. Marginal. Relics of a super-race found in American west.

Bell, George W. MR. OSEBA'S LAST DISCOVERY. Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Times, 1904. Hollow Earth under South Pole; utopian race.

Bell, William Dixon. THE LOST AVIATORS, A Story of Adventure. Boston: Four Seas, 1924. Mayans. Rare.

Bell, William Dixon. THE SECRET OF TIBET. Chicago: Goldsmith, 1938. Marginal.

Bellamy, Edward. BLINDMAN'S WORLD & Other Stories. Houghton Mifflin/Riverside Press, 1898. "To Whom This May Come" features an oceanic Lost Race.

Belot, Adolphe. A PARISIAN SULTANA. Ln: Remington, 1879 triple-decker. Victorian lady explorer discovers of nation of Amazons in Africa. The US edition is a little unclear; the three UK volumes seem to have been reissued as two separate books. The first includes the Amazons episode: The Black Venus: A Tale of the Dark Continent. Phila: Peterson, 1877; Chicago: Colonial Publications, 1890s wraps; NY: Allison, 1893. The second volume is A Thirst for the Unknown. Phila: Peterson, 1877. Possibly some reprints of The Black Venus include the complete story?

Bennet, Robert Ames. THYRA, A Romance of the Polar Pit. NY: Holt, 1901; NY: Arno, 1978. Hollow Earth; prehistoric survival; Vikings & Neanderthals. A classic of the genre with terrific illustrations.

Bennet, Robert Ames. THE BOWL OF BAAL. West Kingston, RI: Grant, 1975; originally serialized in All Around Magazine 1916-17, adding an introduction by lost race specialist Stuart Teitler. Prehistoric survival: cave people & dinosaurs deep in Arabia.

Bennett, Alfred Gordon. FOREST OF FEAR. NY: Macaulay, 1924. Marginal. South Seas adventure with slight supernaturalism & an island people.

Bennett, Alfred Gordon. WHOM THE GODS DESTROY. Ln: Pharos, 1946; wraps. Discovery of a Shangri-la of beautiful women.

Benoit, Pierre. ATLANTIDA. NY: Duffield, 1920. A different translation appeared in England as QUEEN OF ATLANTIS. Ln: Hutchinson, 1920. Originally published in French as L'ATLANTIDE. Paris: Albin Michel, 1920. Atlanteans underneath the Sahara. Their queen keeps her succession of husbands as mummies, very similar to H. Rider Haggard's The Yellow God (1909) which Benoit doubtless had read. Film versions exist.

Berington, Simon. THE MEMOIRS OF SIGN. GAUDENTIO DI LUCCA, Taken from His Confession & Examination before the Fathers of the Inquisition at Bologna in Italy, Making a Discovery of an Unknown Land in the midst of the Vast Deserts of Africa [etc]. Ln: Cooper, 1737; Ln: T. Priden, 1776; Ln: Robinson, 1788.

Bertrew, Berton [house name, written by Francis W. Doughty]. 3000 MILES THROUGH THE CLOUDS; or, Dropped Among an Unknown Race. NY: Puck & Luck #812, December 24, 1913; pictorial wraps. Serialized in The Boys of New York February 13 thru April 2, 1892, as by Gaston Garne. Cave world entered by crater in the Hudson Bay area wherein dwells a technological race.

Beynon (Harris), John. THE SECRET PEOPLE. Ln: Newnes [1935]. Originally serialized in Passing Show Magazine in 1935. Pygmy descendants of ancient Egyptians discovered (in near future) in caverns under the Sahara. The author was better known by his pseudonym John Wyndham.

Biagi, L. D. [possibly the pseudonym of Lotte D. Ambrose]. THE CENTAURIANS, A Novel. NY: Broadway, 1911. Latin-speaking Arctic race north of Greenland.

Bigly, Cantell A [pseud of George Washington Peck]. AURIFODINA, or, Adventures in the Gold Region. NY: Baker & Scribner, 1849. Gold-colored race in the High Sierras.

Binns, Ottwell. DAN-YEO; or, The Island of the Lost. Ln: Ward & Lock, 1929. English castaways' static culture descended from Elizabethan sailors.

Bisbee, Eugene Shade. THE TREASURE OF THE ICE. NY: Neely [1898]. Classical Greeks in volcano-heated tropical oasis of Antarctica. Rare.

Bishop, Michael. ANCIENT OF DAYS. NY: Arbor House, 1985. A Neanderthal with a mystic turn of mind is found in the wilds of Georgia. This novel expands the novella "Her Habiline Husband" nominated for a Nebula in 1983.

Bishop, Zealia Brown. THE CURSE OF YIG. Sauk City: Arkham, 1953. "The Mound" is the story of an advanced underground race in the American Southwest discovered in the time of Coronado. One of Lovecraft's revisions.

Black, James. THE PILGRIM SHIP. NY: Christian Herald, 1911. Religious allegory incorporating visits to imiginary countries.

Blaine, John [written by H. L. Goodwin & Peter Harkins]. THE LOST CITY. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1947.

Blake, Bernard Cecil. AT THE CHANGE OF THE MOON. Ln: Greening, 1902. Chain of eight tales. "Further North than Abruzzi" regards a giant Arctic race.

Blake, Stacey. IN SEARCH OF THE VEILED QUEEN, A Splendid Long Complete Yarn of Adventure in a Strange Land. Ln: Amalgamated/Boy's Friend Library No. 546 [1921]. Pictorial wraps.

Blodgett, Mabel Louise (Fuller). AT THE QUEEN'S MERCY. Boston: Lamson, Wolffe & Co., 1897. Central Africa. Sought by Burroughs fans for what would appear to be the first appearance of "Queen Lah" though the name might be coincidental.

Boland, John. NO REFUGE. Ln: Joseph, 1956. Advanced utopian race in Northern wastes.

Bo'ld, Paul. TEMPLE OF DREAMS. Ln: W. J. Ham-Smith, 1912. Marginal; drug-induced dreams of the Piruas, an advanced pre-Incan society of ancient Peru, orchestrated by the last Pirua.

Bolton, R. H. IN THE HEART OF THE SILENT SEA. Ln: Boy's Own Annual, 1909. Atlanteans in the Sargasso Sea.

Borders, Joe H. THE QUEEN OF APPALACHIA. NY: Abbey Press, 1901. Pioneers escaping Indians took refuge in a large underground cavern, where their colony remained.

Bourne, Arthur M. A MYSTERY OF THE CORDILLERA: A Tale of Adventure in the Andes. Ln: Bellaires, 1895. Discovery of an isolated people descended of 17th Century Welsh & Incas, having psychic powers.

Bouve, Edward T. CENTURIES APART. Boston: Little Brown, 1894. Race of 15th Century Yorkists in Antarctica.

Brad, Quentin. THE FORBIDDEN CITY OF LUXOR. NY: Harper Collins, 1996; wraps. Based on the television cartoon series, "Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures." Central Asia.

Bradshaw, William Richard. THE GODDESS OF ATVATABAR: Being the History of the Discovery of the Interior World & Conquest of Atvatabar. NY: Douthitt, 1892; NY: Arno, 1975. Arctic race; hollow earth. Ambitious & minutely detailed. Introduction by Julian Hawthorne.

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. BY THE WORLD FORGOT. Chicago: McClurg, 1917. European lost colony found in South Seas.

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. THE ISLAND OF THE STAIRS. Chicago: McClurg, 1913. Marginal; castaways discover ruins of a race of Europeans in Oceana. Though no race lives among the ruins, the story is nevertheless of interest as a sort of prequel to Brady's By the World Forgot.

Braine, Robert D. MESSAGES FROM MARS, by Aid of the Telescope Plant. NY: Ogilvie, 1892; Chicago: Donohue, n.d., wraps. A Pacific island lost race is capable of communication with Mars.

Bray, Claude. IVANDA, A Tale of Thibet; or, The Pilgrim's Quest. Ln: Warne, 1894. Multi-race utopian land in Central Asia.

Brebner, Percy James. THE KNIGHTS OF THE SILVER STAR. NY: Fenno, 1907. Survival of medieval knight culture in a lost valley of Turkey. Excellent tale. See also Brebner's pseudonym, Christian Lys.

Breckenridge, Gerald. RADIO BOYS SEEK THE LOST ATLANTIS. NY: Burt, 1923. Atlanteans survive in North Africa; also, a library is discovered that predates Atlantis.

Breckenridge, Gerald. THE RADIO BOYS SEARCH FOR THE INCA'S TREASURE. NY: Burt, 1922.

Brent, Loring. THE BLACK SANDER, An Adventure Story. NY: Chelsea, 1927. Lost city in the South Seas.

Bridges, T(homas) C. THE CITY OF NO ESCAPE. Ln: Newnes, 1925; Ln: Collins, n.d. Boys adventure with giant lizards, robot & lost race.

Bridges, T(homas) C. MARTIN CRUSOE: A Boy's Adventures on Wizard Island. Ln: Harrap, 1920. Viking & Lemurian survival in Sargasso Sea.

Bridges, T(homas) C. MEN OF THE MIST. Ln: Harrap, 1923; Phila: McKay, 1923; Ln: Collins, 1949. Prehistorical survival; Atlantean survival in a presumedly islandless area of the Atlantic; also, viking-like Lemurians on a nearby island.

Bridges, T(homas) C. THE MYSTERY MESSAGE. Ln: Harrap, 1927. Atlantean survival in Brazil. This novel is also included in the three-novel omnibus T. C. BRIDGES ADVENTURE BOOK. Ln: Harrap, 1933.

Brooks, Edwy Searles. 'NEATH AFRICAN SKIES, The Holiday Adventures of the St. Frank's Schoolboys on a Trip Abroad. Ln: Amalgamated, No. 7 in The Monster Library of Complete Stories [1926]. Pictorial wraps.

Brooks, Edwy Searles. THE BATTLE OF THE GIANTS! Told by Nipper of the Remove. Ln: Amalgamated, The Schoolboy's Own Library No. 312 1937. Pictorial wraps. Battle of giants for supremacy over a Lost World in darkest Brazil.

Brown, Frederic. "Abominable," originally in the men's magazine Dude, March, 1960; included in NIGHTMARES & GEEZENSTACKS (NY: Bantam, 1961, wraps); & in THE BEST OF FREDRIC BROWN (NY: Ballantine, 1977 wraps, & Science Fiction Book Club). Yeti.

Brown, Joseph H. ASTYANAX, An Epic Romance of Llion, Atlantis & Amaraca. NY: Broadway, 1907. Marginal. Sweeping pseudo-history founded in great part on ideas in Donnelly's Atlantis. Rare.

Brown, Ritter. WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE. NY: Desmond FitzGerald, 1912. Mexican adventure tale with the closing chapters about a lost race Indian utopia.

Brown, Vincent. THE BLACK TREASURE. Boston: Little Brown, 1951. Classical Mayans in the Yucatan.

Brown, W. Ashley. ZAUDI (Princess of Abyssinia). Ln: Hutchinson, 1936. See under Ashley-Brown.

Brown, William Perry. RORAIMA: The Secret Kingdom; or, The Great Baruma Mystery. Ln: Henderson, 1904; serialized in the London periodical Nuggests October 10, 1903 thru January 2, 1904. Incas in Venezuela.

Bruce, Muriel. MUKARA: A Novel. NY: Henkle, 1930. Survivors of Mu in mountains of Brazil; & amazons. A serious work.

Brunt, Captain Samuel [pseud]. A VOYAGE TO CACKLOGALLINIA; with a description of the Religion, Policy, Customs & Manners, of that Country. Ln: Watson, 1727; NY: Facsimile Text Society, Columbia University Press, 1940. Unknown island near Jamaica.

Bryan, Jessica. BENEATH A SAPPHIRE SEA. NY: Bantam, 1991 wraps. Aquatic race. Prequel to Dawn on a Jade Sea, these two volumes are fairly rare.

Bryan, Jessica. DAWN ON A JADE SEA. NY: Bantam, 1992 wraps. Sequel to Beneatth a Sapphire Sea. Hidden aquatic race.

Bryant, Marguerite. THE HEIGHTS: A Story of Vision. NY: Duffield, 1924. Occult brotherhood in the Alps, descended of an elder race.

Buchan, John. THE WATCHER BY THE THRESHOLD (Edinburgh/Ln: Blackwood, 1902, 5 stories; expanded 1922, 8 stories). Includes "No-Man's Land," survival of Picts.

Buck, Charles W[illiam]. UNDER THE SUN; or, The Passing of the Incas. Louisville, KY: Sheltman [1902]. Historical novel, so not precisely lost race.

Bull, Albert E. THE MYSTERY OF THE HIDDEN CITY. Ln: Federation Press, 1925. Brazil, highly civilized race predating Aztecs.

Bull, Lois. CAPTIVE GODDESS. NY: Macaulay, 1935. Island off the coast of Somaliland inhabited by Mithra worshippers whose history is older than Egypt.

Bullard, Arthur. VOLCANO. NY: Macmillan, 1930. Marginal; mythical republic of the West Indies.

Bullivant, Cecil H. THE ENCHANTRESS. Ln: Wright & Brown, 1932. Romans descended from a lost legion found in Africa.

Bulwer-Lytton, Edward. THE COMING RACE. Ln: Blackwood, 1871; NY: francis Felt, 1871; Ln: Routledge, 1874. An often reprinted & influential classic hollow earth fantasy with super-race.

Bunce, Oliver Bell. THE STORY OF HAPPINOLANDE & Other Legends. NY: Appleton, 1889, wraps. Title story is an island utopia. "The City Beautiful" is also utopian.

Bunts, F. E. THE SOUL OF HENRY HARRINGTON & Other Stories. Cleveland: Gardner, 1917. Includes a lost race tale.

Burland, Harris. DACOBRA; or, The White Priests of Ahriman. Ln: Everett, 1903. Subterranean temple-community of adepts.

Burland, Harris. THE DISC. Ln: Greening, 1909. Marginal. Mainly a mystery with fantastic element, including discovery of underground remains of a that draw a connection between Druidic & Aztec culture.

Burland, Harris. THE PRINCESS THORA. Boston: Little Brown, 1904. Same as DR. SILEX. Ln: Ward Locke, 1905. Volcanically warmed region of the Arctic wherein 12th Century Norman culture survives & have evolved into giants. Quite good.

Burnard, F. C. SOME OLD FRIENDS. Ln: Bradbury Agnew, 1892. Five humorous novelettes including "Across the Keep-It-Dark Continent" a lost race spoof of Stanley & Haggard.

Lost Races in the Works of Edgar Rice Burroughs

followed by legal & illegal ERB adventures by other authors

who likewise developed the Lost Race themes.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. AT THE EARTH'S CORE. Chicago: McClurg, 1922; Ln: Methuen, 1923; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1923; NY: Canaveral Press, 1962; originally serialized in All Story Weekly April 4 thru 14, 1914. Hollow Earth under the Sahara; prehistoric survivals. First Pellucidar book, featuring tribal people & also the horrible unsleeping reptilian race of Mahars.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. BACK TO THE STONE AGE. Tarzana: Burroughs, 1937; Tarzana: Burroughs & Grosset & Dunlap, 1939; NY: Canaveral, 1963; originally serialized in Argosy January 9 thru February 13, 1937, as Seven Worlds to Conquer. Hollow Earth. Fourth Pellucidar book.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. THE BEASTS OF TARZAN. Chicago: McCurg, 1916; originally serialized in All-Story Cavalier May 16 to June 13, 1914. The Mangani Ape-people figure prominantly on an isolated island.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. THE CAVE GIRL. Chicago: McClurg, 1925; Ln: Methuen, 1927; NY: Canaveral, 1962; made up from two novellas "The Cave Girl" from All-Story July-September, 1913; & "The Cave Man," March 31 thru April 21, 1917. South Seas island, white cave people.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. JUNGLE GIRL. Tarzana: Burroughs [1932]; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1933; originally in Blue Book May thru September 1931 as The Land of Hidden Men. Lost civilization of Khymers in Southeast Asia.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. JUNGLE TALES OF TARZAN. Chicago: McClurg, 1919; Ln: Methuen, 1919; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1922; a chain of short stories originally in Blue Book September 1916 thru August 1917 as The New Stories of Tarzan. Most of the tales involve the ape-people that Tarzan grew up among. They are depicted in these stories as very much a primitive pre-human race called the Mangani, sufficiently close to humanity that "Tarzan's First Love" is not bestial though she is a pretty ape-girl, as continued in "The Battle for Teeka". All members of the ape-bands have individual names & personalities, a vocabulary & a simple religion of Sun & Moon worship, as shown in "The God of Tarzan" & "Tarzan Rescues the Moon".

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. LAND OF TERROR. Tarzana: Burroughs, 1944; NY: Canaveral, 1963. Fifth & rarest Pellucidar book. Hollow Earth.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT. Chicago: McClurg, 1924; Ln: Methuen, 1925; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1925; NY: Canaveral, 1962; NY: Doubleday, 1975. Three novellas originally in Blue Book August, October & December, 1918. A region near Antarctica in the South Pacific where winged humans, subhumans, Neanderthals, & CroMagnons dwell.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. THE MUCKER. Chicago: McClurg, 1921; issued in in England in two parts, The Mucker (Ln: Methuen, 1921) The Man without a Soul (Ln: Methuen, 1922, a confusing retitling of Return of the Mucker); key later editions were NY: Groset & Dunlap, 1922; NY: Canaveral, 1963. Part I serialized in All-Story Cavalier October 24 thru November 14, 1914 as The Mucker; Part II in All-Story June 17 thru July 15, 1916 as Return of the Mucker. Survival of Samurai culture on East Indian island.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. PELLUCIDAR. Chicago: McClurg, 1923; Ln: Methuen, 1924; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1924; NY: Canaveral, 1962. Originally serialized in All-Story Cavalier May 1-29, 1915. Hollow Earth, sequel to At the Earth's Core.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. RETURN OF TARZAN. Chicago: McClurg, 1915; Ln: Cazenove, 1916; NY: Burt, 1916; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1927. Originally serialized in New Story June thru December 1913. First book about Opar, the Atlantean city, & the sun-priestess La closely imitative of Haggard's She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed. Tarzan's own ape-tribe is also revisited.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR. NY: Canaveral Press, 1963. Hollow Earth. Final Pellucidar book made up of four connected novella first published in Amazing Stories:: "The Return to Peollucidar" (February 1942); "Men of the Bronze Age" (March 1942); "Tiger Girl" (April 1942); & "Savage Pellucidar" (November 1963, though written in 1944).

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. THE SON OF TARZAN. Chicago: McClurg, 1917; originally serialized in All-Story Cavalier December 4 through 25, 1915. The Mangani tribe of Man-apes are again involved in the story.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR. NY: Metropolitan, 130; Ln: Methuen, 1930; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1931; NY: Canaveral, 1962. Originally serialized in Blue Book March thru August, 1929. Hollow Earth; second sequel to At the Earth's Core.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE ANT-MEN. Chicago: McClurg, 1924; Ln: Methuen, 1925 abridged; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1925. Originally serialized in Argosy All-Story February 2 thru March 15, 1924. Miniature advanced white race in Africa, plus a primitive matristic/amazonian Missing Link culture.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE CASTAWAYS. NY: Canaveral, 1965. First published as three novellas in The Blue Book Magazine April 1940 thru September 1941. The first of the three tales (which gives the book its title) regards Mayans on a South Pacific Island.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE CITY OF GOLD. Tarzana, CA: Burroughs [1933]; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1934. Originally serialized in Argosy March 12 to April 16, 1932. A tale of two cities, Athne the city of ivory, & Cathne the city of gold, in the lost kingdom of Onthar. The Ayesha-like Queen Nemone falls for Tarzan. The culture has Roman traits. This is somewhat a sequel to Tarzan the Magnificent.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE FORBIDDEN CITY. Tarzana: Burroughs [1938]. Originally serialized in Argosy Weekly March 19 thru April 23, 1938. Tarzan finds the legendary city of Ashair & interfers with this hidden people's loathesome religious rites.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & "THE FOREIGN LEGION." Tarzana: Burroughs, 1947. Marginal for lost race content; mainly an anti-Japanese tale set in Sumatra, but the urangutans who befriend Tarzan are treated as a tribal race much as gorillas had been in earlier African adventures.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE GOLDEN LION. Chicago: McClurg, 1923; Ln: Methuen, 1924; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1924. Originally serialized in Argosy All-Story December 9, 1922 thru January 20, 1923. Opar; Atlantean city ruled by the High Priestess La. Plus a valley of intelligent gorillas with elaborate architecture, these having subjugated a black tribe.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE JEWELS OF OPAR. Chicago: McClurg, 1918; Ln: Methuen, 1918; NY: Burt, 1919; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1927. Originally serialized in All Story November 18 thru Decembe 16, 1916. Atlantean city. In the Opar stories, the Atlanteans have considerably degenerated & the males are more akin to ape-people though the females are babes.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE LEOPARD MEN. Tarzana: Burroughs, 1935; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1937; Tarzana: Burroughs, 1940. Serialized in Blue Book August 1932 thru January 1933. Marginal for lost race content. Tarzan's tribe of anthropomorphized apes. Plus a race of pygmies plus the cultic race of Leopard Men, each with respective temples.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE LION MAN. Tarzana: Burroughs, 1933; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1936. Serialized in Liberty November 1933 to January 1934. A gorilla race has developed a civilization in a secret valley, assisted by "God" an elderly Englishman who has long lived among them.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE LOST EMPIRE. NY: Metropolitan, 1929; Ln: Cassell, 1929; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1931; Tarzana: Burroughs, 1948. Serialized in Blue Book October 1928 thru February 1929. Survival of Roman legionaire culture in Africa.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE MADMAN. Tarzana: Canaveral, 1964. Marginal for lost race: the Great Ape tribes are again anthropomorphised to the status of a kind of pre-human race. There is also discovered a lost civilization of Portuguese Christians called the Alemtejo, still hoping to stay the Mohammedan hordes from their castle city on a barely accessible mesa. It is suggested that the tribal instincts & languageo f the Mangani (Tarzan's Ape-people) were taught them by the Alemtejo.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE. NY: Metropolitan, 1930; Ln: Methuen, 1938; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1932; NY: Canaveral, 1962. Serialized in Blue Book September 1929 thru March 1930. Hollow Earth; third Pellucidar book, well-populated with hidden races.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE. Chicago: McClurg, 1928; Ln: Cassell, 1928; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1929. Serialized in Blue Book December 1927 thru May 1928. Survival of Crusaders culture from time of Richard I in African valley, still at war with a rival lost race of Saracens.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN & THE TARZAN TWINS. Tarzana: Canaveral, 1963. Originally published as two juvenile books The Tarzan Twins (Volland, 1927) & Tarzan & the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion (Whitman, 1936). The second tale the Tarzan Twins encounter priests of the Atlantean city of Opar.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN, LORD OF THE JUNGLE. Chicago: McClurg, 1928; originally serialized in Blue Book December 1927 through May 1928. A crusader society founded by knights who left England during the reign of Richard the Lionheart is discovered in the Valley of the Sepulcher.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN OF THE APES. Chicago: McClurg, 1914; NY: Burt, 1915; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1915; Norwalk, CT: Easton, 1995. Originally in All Story October 1912, the first Tarzan adventure. The meat-eating "gorilla" colony that raises Tarzan are definitely humanoid & not actual gorillas (which do not practice the cannibalism Burroughs assumes of his ape-people). These apes have individual names, language, & a culture, qualifying at least marginally as a primitive hidden race.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN THE INVINCIBLE. Tarzana: Burroughs [1931]; Ln: Bodley Head, 1933; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1933. Serialized in Blue Book October 1930 thru April 1921 as Tarzan, Guard of the Jungle. Opar, the degenerated Atlantean city, is invaded by nasty ol' communists, lordy lordy.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice [completed by Joe Landsdale]. TARZAN: The Lost Adventure. Milwaukee, OR: Dark Horse, 1996. Africa; lost city of Ur. Illustrated format, with sequels (unlisted here).

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN THE MAGNIFICENT. Tarzana: Burroughs [1939]. Two connected novellas, "Tarzan & the Magic Men" first serialized in Argosy September 19 through October 3, 1936, & "Tarzan & the Elephant Men" likewise a three-part serial but in Blue Book November 1937 thru January 1938. Tarzan encounters the City of Ivory & the City of Gold in South America, including amazon warriors. Prequel to Tarzan & the City of Gold.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN THE TERRIBLE. Chicago: McClurg, 1921; Ln: Methuen, 1921; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1923. Seralized in Argosy All-Story February 12 thru March 26, 1921. Tarzan finds the land of Pal-ul-don with prehistoric survival (dinosaurs, sabortooths), including an unknown caucasian people, & a weird humanoid race with prehensile tails, called the pithecanthropi, with several sub-races. There's also the brief appearance of a missing link ape-man.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN THE UNTAMED. Chicago: McClurg, 1920; Ln: Methuen, 1920; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1922. Cobbled from two serials, the first part "The Untamed" from Red Book March thru August 1919; the second half "Tarzan & the Valley of Luna" from All Story March 20 thru April 17, 1920. The second part invluves a barbaric animal-worshipping yellow-skinned lost race of the hidden city of Xuja in Africa.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN TRIUMPHANT. Tarzana: Burroughs [1932]; NY: Grosset & Dunlap [1934]. Serialized in Blue Book October 1931 to March 1932. This time baboons as well as Tarzan's ape-tribe are treated as a pre-humans, besides an Amazon tribe, & the degraded Midianite/Roman people hidden for 2000 years in the Ghenzi Mountains with a seriously corrupted biblical faith.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. TARZAN'S QUEST. Tarzana: Burroughs, 1936; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1938. Serialized in The Blue Book October 1935 thru March 1936. A race of white savages called the Kavuru, with hidden village & temple.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Farmer, Philip Jose: THE DARK HEART OF TIME. NY: Del Rey, 1999. Tarzan in "The City Built by God" discovered in a hidden land.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Farmer, Philip Jose: A FEAST UNKNOWN. NY: Ace, 1969. LORD OF THE TREES. Ace, 1970. THE MAD GOBLIN (Ace, 1970, later retitled KEEPERS OF THE SECRETS). This trilogy partly spoofs & greatly vulgarizes both Doc Savage & Tarzan. Doc Savage & Tarzan are renamed Doc Caliban & Lord Grandrith to avoid copyright encroachment, but still pretty obvious. Included in the trilogy is an intelligent simian race, & also a menacing committee called the Nine who are thousands of years old.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Farmer, Philip Jose: FLIGHT TO OPAR. NY: DAW, 1976 wraps. Associational. Tarzan's lost city of Opar, but millenia ago.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Farmer, Philip Jose: HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR. NY: DAW, 1974 wraps. Associational. Tarzan's lost city of Opar, but 12,000 years ago.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Farmer, Philip Jose: TARZAN ALIVE! NY: Doubleday, 1972. Farmer definitely regards Tarzan's ape-tribe as more humanoid than ape.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Gilmour, William: "Back to the Earth's Core," in Burroughs Bulletin #21, 1989? Pellucidar tale.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Gross, Allan. FAREWELL TO PELLUCIDAR. Author issue, 1991. Pictorial wraps. Unauthorized Pellucidar tale, not officially published but circulated by the author through ERB fandom.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Hierschman, Edward: TARZAN AT MARS' CORE. Annandale, VA: DeLethein Press, 1971 pictorial wraps. Associational. Mixes ERB's three main series, Barsoom, Tarzan & Pelucidar, for a "Hollow Mars" adventure. 2000 copies were printed & many of those were probably (but not necessarily) destroyed in accordance with the Burroughs estate's legal demand.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Holmes, John Eric: MAHARS OF PELLUCIDAR. NY: Ace, 1976 wraps. Authorized. An unpublished sequel, RED AXE OF PELLUCIDAR (1980) has circulated in manuscript through ERB fandom.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Leiber, Fritz : TARZAN & THE VALLEY OF GOLD. NY: Ballantine, 1966 wraps. South America. Movie tie-in.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Nottingham, Steve: TARZAN: PELLUCIDAR ONCE. Author-issued in the 1990s, pictorial wraps, not officially published but circulated in ERB fandom.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Rupert, Conrad H.: "The Vikings in Pellucidar" in Science Fiction Digest November 1932.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Salvadore, R. A.: TARZAN, THE EPIC ADVENTURES. NY: Del Ray, 1996; wraps. Hollow Earth races. Novelization based on the television series, set in Pellucidar.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Stein, Paul : TARZAN & THE AMAZONS. Superscope, 1977. Childrens' book, based on illustrations by Hogarth. There were six books in this series all issued in 1977 in a format similar to Litttle Golden Books.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Stein, Paul: TARZAN & THE CITY OF DIAMONDS. Superscope, 1977. Childrens' book, based on illustrations by Hogarth.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Stein, Paul: TARZAN & THE FIRE GODS. Superscope, 1977. Childrens' book, based on illustrations by Hogarth.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Stein, Paul: TARZAN & THE JEWEL OF KAH. Superscope, 1977. Childrens' book, based on illustrations by Hogarth. The other two books in the series (unseen) might not have Lost Race episodes: TARZAN & THE DESERT RESCUE and TARZAN & THE DAGOMBA TREASURE.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Vinge, Joan: TARZAN, KING OF THE APES. NY: Random House, 1983. Young adult movie tie-in. Ape-people.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Werper, Barton (pseudonym of Peter & Peggy Scott): TARZAN & THE SILVER GLOBE. Derby, CT: Gold Star Books, 1964 wraps. Atlantean city of Opar & its green priesthood is destroyed.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Werper, Barton: TARZAN & THE CAVE CITY. Derby, CT: Gold Star Books, 1964. Tarzan's old ape-tribe, plus two rival lost cities in caverns.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Werper, Barton: TARZAN & THE SNAKE PEOPLE. Derby, CT: Gold Star Books, 1964. Human-headed serpent race, plus the heavily anthropomorphised Great Ape tribe.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Werper, Barton: TARZAN & THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. Derby, CT: Gold Star Books, 1965. A Yeti tribe on Kilamanjaro with an Egyptian queen. Plus Tarzan's anthropomorphised ape-tribe.

[Burroughs, Edgar Rice] Werper, Barton: TARZAN & THE WINGED INVADERS. Derby, CT: Gold Star Books, 1965. Tarzan's ape-tribe takes on mutant vampires from the future. This series was unauthorized & legal suit caused most copies to be destroyed by court order.

Burton, Edmund (Childs) IN QUEST OF THE GOLDEN ORCHID. Worthing: Lloyd Cole, 1943. 80p wraps. Incas.

Butler, Samuel. EREWHON; or, Over the Range. Ln: Truebner, 1872. Hero is led to a secret utopian society by a citizen of that country.

Butler, Samuel. EREWHON REVISITED Twenty Years Later. Ln: Richards, 1901.

Byron, Thomas P. "A Place of Monsters" in All-Story Weekly January 1911. Central America; Aztec.

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