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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors C through F

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Caird, Janet. THE LOCH. Ln: Bles, 1968. Cavern race of ancient Britons beneath Scottish lochs.

Calderon, George. DWALA, A Romance. Ln: Smith Elder, 1904. Missing link from Borneo becomes prime minister of England.

Cameron, Ian [pseud of Donald Gordon Payne]. THE LOST ONES. Ln: Hutchinson, 1961. Also published as THE ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD. NY: William Morrow, 1968. Arctic warm zone with Viking culture.

Cameron, Verney Lovett. THE QUEEN'S LAND; or, Ard al Malakat. Ln: Swan Sonnenschein, 1886. Race descended from the Queen of Sheba, found by African explorer. The author was himself an explorer & friend of Sir Richard Burton. Rare.

Campanella, Tommaso. LA CITTA DEL SOLE; Dialogo Poetico: The City of the Sun; A Poetical Dialogue. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1981. This is the first full translation from the 1623 Italian, earlier translations being abridged. Castaways find Indic island culture perhaps near Ceylon; utopian.

Campbell, Hazel. THE SERVANTS OF THE GODDESS. Ln: Long, 1928. Isolated Himallayan state of Bisanta, plus physically powerful aboriginal subhumans. This author also wrote a Mundy-esque mystic novel set in India, The Secret Brotherhood (Ln: Long, 1929) of some related interest.

Canavarro, Marie de S. THE AZTEC CHIEF. Boston: Christopher, 1931. Atlantean.

Capon, Paul. THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Bobbs-Merrill, 1959. Subterranean advanced race under England & France.

Canter, Mark. EMBER FROM THE SUN. NY: Delacorte, 1996. The last band of golden-skinned Neanderthals in the Pacific Northwest.

Cardinal, Jane [pseud of Ethel Williamson]. THE LIVING IDOL: A Romantic Melodrama. Ln: Paul [1933].

Cardinal, Jane. THE TAMING OF THE DESPOT. Ln: Stanley Paul, 1934. A sequel to The Living Idol. Asia.

Carew, Henry. THE VAMPIRES OF THE ANDES. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1923; Ln: Jarrolds, 1925; NY: Arno, 1978. Super-science, utopian; subterranean Incas associated with Atlantis; also, big bloodsucking birds.

Carey, M.V. THE MYSTERY OF THE WANDERING CAVE MAN: "The Three Investigators" #34. NY: Random House, 1982 wraps. Juvenile mystery with cave man.

Carnson, Maxwell. MONKEYS OF HAI TU. Ln: Hutchinson [1927]. Lost race in China & army of ape-people.

Carter, Bruce. THE PERILOUS DESCENT: Into a Strange Lost World. Ln: Bodley Head, 1952; Hamilton, 1964. Hollow earth.

Carter, Chickering [written by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey]. THE INDEX OF SEVEN STARS; or, Nick carter Finds the Hidden City. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #529, February 16, 1907; pictorial wraps. And it's sequel: AN AMAZONIAN QUEEN; or, Nick Carter Becomes a Gladiator. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #530, February 23, 1907; pictorial wraps. Andes, sequel to The Index of Seven Stars. Two-part tale set in the Andes, about a a race of mixed old Norse & Indian descent.

Carter, Chickering [written by Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey]. FACING AN UNSEEN TERROR; or, Nick Carter's Day of Blunders. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #533, March 16, 1907; pictorial wraps. IDAYAH, THE WOMAN OF MYSTERY; or, Nick Carter's Fourfold Problem. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #534, March 23, 1907; pictorial wraps. THE MAKING OF A KING; or, Nick Carter Faces His Greatest Mystery. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #535, March 30, 1907; pictorial wraps. Third in series; Nepal. THE EMPIRE OF THE GODDESS; or, Nick Carter's Wonderful Adventure. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #536, April 6, 1907; pictorial wraps. ZANABAYAH, THE TERRIBLE; or, Nick Carter's Struggle with the Vitic King. NY: Nick Carter Weekly #537, April 13, 197; pictorial wraps. THE SEVEN-HEADED MONSTER; or, Nick Carter's Midnight Caller.NY: Nick Carter Weekly #538, April 20, 1907; pictorial wraps. This six-chapbook series, adding up to a short novel, is about an ash-blond race that lives in a Sacred Valley of Nepal.

Carter, Lin. JOURNEY TO THE UNDERGROUND WORLD, The Adventures of Eric Carstairs in Zanthodon. NY: DAW, 1979; wraps. First in a Hollow Earth series closely resembling Burroughs' Pellucidar, where there persist Neanderthals, Cro-Magnons, Minoans, a lost Pirate culture, &c.; Entrance to the underworld realm is in the Sahara.

Carter, Lin. ZANTHODON: Further Adventures in the Underground World. NY: DAW, 1980; wraps.

Carter, Lin. HUROK OF THE STONE: Eric Carstairs Adventure. NY: DAW, 1981, wraps.

Carter, Lin. DARYA OF THE BRONZE AGE. Daw, 1981. Zanthodon Hollow earth series. Zanthodon Hollow Earth series.

Carter, Lin. ERIC OF ZANTHODON. NY: DAW, 1982, wraps.

Carter, Nick. FIGHTING AGAINST MILLIONS; or, The Detective in the Jewel Caves of Kurm. NY: Street & Smith, 1893. Wraps?

Carter, Nicholas. FIGHTING AGAINST MILLIONS. NY: Street & Smith, 1893?, wraps. Ancient Arabic people in deep caverns.

Case, Tom. COOK. Privately issued: Reading, UK, 1981 A backpacker discovers a hominid race in a flowered valley. Missing Link.

Casey, Patrick & Terance. THE STRANGE STORY OF WILLIAM HYDE. NY: Hearst, 1916. First published in Adventure Magazine. Descendants of the Khans in Borneo in city carved from an ancient white meteor; supernaturalism. One of the most imaginative, well done books of its kind.

Casserly, Gordon. THE SANDS OF DEATH. Ln: John Long, 1928. Africa. Very rare.

Cassius, Minor. THE FINDING OF MERCIA. Ln: Kegan Paul Tench, 1909.

Castletown, Lord. A BUNDLE OF LIES. Ln: Drane's Ltd, 1925. Short stories, including "Atlantis" about the last Atlantean colony deep in the Sahara.

Challis, George [pseud of Frederick Faust, i.e, "Max Brand"]. THE SMOKING LAND. Capra Press, 1980.

Chamberlain, H. R. 6000 TONS OF GOLD. Meadville: Flood & Vincent, 1894. Financial disaster novel with South American lost race element.

Chambers, Julius. "IN SARGASSO": Missing, A Romance. NY: Transatlantic Publishing, 1896. Race descended from marooned Spanish sailors snared in the Sargasso Sea. Dystopian.

Chambers, Robert W[illiam]. POLICE!!! NY: Appleton, 1915. "The Third Eye" about a three-eyed aquatic race in conflict with the Seminoles. "The Immortal" is about a race of beautiful cavewomen in a hidden area of Florida.

Champagne, Maurice. LA CITE DES PREMIERS HOMMES (The City of the First Men). Originally serialized in L'Adventure Number 53-63 (Paris: Tallandier, 1929); & then in Voyages Lointains Third Series #50, 1940; then revised in paperbacks (Marcinelle: Dupuis, 1949; Paris: Tallandier, Univers-Aventures, 1950). Prehistoric survivals.

Champsaur, Felicien. OUHA, roi des Singes. Paris: Fasquelle, 1923, Ape man.

Chaney, J[ames] M. POLIOPOLIS & POLIOLAND, A Trip to the North Pole. Kansas City, MO: J. M. Chaney, Jr., 1900. Incas.

Chaney, Lenore. "White Man's Madness" in Weird Tales January 1925. Incas.

Channing, Mark. KING COBRA. Ln: Hutchinson, 1933, issued in book form shortly after it was serialized in the Dailey Mail. Descendants of Prestor John in underground stronghold of Tibet/Afghanistan. First book about series character Colin Gray.

Channing, Mark. NINE LIVES. Phila: Lippincott, 1937. Marginal; Central Asia (Himilaya) featuring series character Colin Gray (4th in series).

Channing, Mark. THE POISONED MOUNTAIN. Phila: Lippincott, 1935. Marginal lost race ingredients including ape-man. Third in the Colin Gray occult detective series.

Channing, Mark. WHITE PYTHON: Adventure & Mystery in Tibet. Phila: Lippincott, 1933; Ln: Hutchinson, 1933. Sightless troglodytes ruled by cruel goddess who is psychically connected to a huge python. Second in the Colin Gray series.

Chaplin, William N. THE PAGAN CITY. Ln: Long, 1938. Roman survival in city beneath the Sahara.

Chappell, George S. DR. TRAPROCK'S MEMORY BOOK; or, Aged in the Wood. NY: Putnam, 1931. Fourth of four goofy travel books with fake societies. This one has bearded amazons.

Charles, Edward Earle. THE WONDERS OF MOUSELAND. NY: Abbey, 1901. Satirical treatment -- advanced race of mice on Pacific isle; not a juvenile.

Charles, Neil. THE LAND OF ESA. Ln: Curtis, 1952. Esa is probably an Atlantean survival.

Cheney, Will. A VOYAGE TO TROLLAND. -?-: Cheney, 1933, 36p pictorial wraps limited to 150 copies. Imitative of 18th century imaginary voyage tales, discovery of the island of the trolls.

Chester, George Randolph. THE JINGO. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill [1912]. Ancient Greek survival; satiric.

Chester, William L. HAWK OF THE WILDERNESS. NY: Harper, 1936. Native American survival in Northern Asia (remote Siberia).

Chester, William L. KIOGA OF THE WILDERNESS. Mercer Island, Washington: Starmont, 1990. Native American survival in Northern Asia.

Chetwode, R. D. THE MARBLE CITY, Being the Strange Adventures of Three Boys. Ln: Sampson Low, 1895. Aussy lads abandoned on an Oceanic island by a mutinous crew encounter the decayed remnant of a high Aryan/Lemurian civilization.

Childs, Edward Earle. WONDERS OF MOUSELAND. NY: Abbey, 1901. Discovery of South Pacific island with an advanced civilization of mice. Not a kid's book.

Chilton, H(enry) Herman. THE LOST CHILDREN. Ln: Hutchinson, 1931. Inside mountain is a utopian civilization descended of the children taken by the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Chipman, De Witt C. BEYOND THE VERGE: Home of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Boston: James H. Earle, 1896. Hollow Earth.

Chipman, W. P. & C. P. AN AERIAL RUNAWAY. Boston: Lothrop, 1901. Lost civilization of Atalca found on the Roraima Plateau by balloonists. Rare.

Christie, Robert. INHERIT THE KNIGHT. NY: Farrar Straus, 1949. Andes.

Churchwood, James. COSMIC FORCES OF MU. NY: Ives Washburn, 1934. Colonel Churchwood's "nonfiction" volumes reconstructing Lemuria constitute such a wild exercise in imaginary world-building (despite that Churchwood seems to have believed it) that these books must be regarded as impressive works of fiction.

Churchwood, James. THE LOST CONTINENT OF MU. NY: Ives Washburn, 1946.

Churchwood, James. THE SACRED SYMBOLS OF MU. NY: Ives Washburn, 1933.

Clark, Alfred. THE FINDING OF LOT'S WIFE. NY: Stokes, 1896; Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1896. A hidden middle eastern people dating from biblical times lingering in a mountain region near the Dead Sea deep in a salt mine. Excellent.

Clark, Alfred. IN A STATE OF NATURE. Ln: Sampson Low, 1899. Arctic survival of degenerated Elizabethans.

Clarke, Covington [pseud of Clark Venable]. MYSTERY FLIGHT OF Q2. Chicago: Reilley & Lee, 1932. Incas.

Clarke, Mary Crowder. KIT BAM'S ADVENTURES; or, The Yarns of an Old Mariner. Ln: Grant & Griffits, 1849. Imaginary voyage linked fairy tales including an episode about the discovery of an underground city. Cruikshank illustrations have driven the price up.

Clarke, Percy. THE VALLEY COUNCIL; or, Leaves from the Journal of Thomas Bateman of Canbelago Station, N.S.W. Ln: Sampson Low, 1891; Ln: Faudel Phillips, n.d. [1898?]. Reprint drops subtitle. Advanced race in Australian outback.

Cleugh, J. PALE GUESTS. Ln: -?-, 1935. Discovery of unknown colony.

Clifford, F. S. A ROMANCE OF PERFUME LANDS; or, The Search for Captain Jacob Cole... Boston: Privately printed, 1880. Includes a marginal lost race episode.

Clifford, John. ATLANTIS ADVENTURES. Ln: Lutterworth, 1958. Atlantis survives on seabottom.

Clock, Herbert, & Erick Boetzel. THE LIGHT IN THE SKY. NY: Coward-McCann, 1929. Scientifically advanced Aztecs in huge cavern under Mexico extending under the Atlantic. A good tale.

Clover, Samuel T. ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT. Boston: Lothrop, 1903. Cliff Dweller society still active in Arizona.

Clyde, Irene. BEATRICE THE SIXTEENTH. Ln: Bell, 1909. Feminist lost race.

Cobban, James MacLaren. AN AFRICAN TREASURE: A Tale of the Great Sahara. Ln: Long, 1899; NY: New Amsterdam, 1899. Roman city found in Atlas Mountains.

Cobban, James MacLaren. THE TYRANTS OF KOOL-SIM. Ln: Henry, 1896. Dwarf race with magic powers in North Africa, & survival of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

Coblentz, Stanley. HIDDEN WORLD. NY: Avalon, 1957. Two hidden races in North America.

Coblentz, Stanley. THE ISLAND PEOPLE. NY: Belmont, 1971 wraps. Unseen-?- Appropriateness to this checklist not yet ascertained.

Coblentz, Stanley. THE SUNKEN WORLD. Los Angeles: Fantasy Press, 1949 (first book publication of the 1928 pulp novel). Submarine discovers Atlantean domed utopia.

Coblentz, Stanley. WHEN THE BIRDS FLY SOUTH. Mill Valley, CA: Wings Press, 1951. An unknown people in Afghanistan can turn into birds.

Cochran, Molly, & Warren Murphy. WORLD WITHOUT END: A Novel of Atlantis. NY: Tor, 1986. Atlantean & Greek survival in the Bermuda Triangle.

Colbeck, Alfred. WHEN THE EARTH SWUNG OVER: A Strange Story of the Mysterious White People of Napo. Ln: Boys Own Paper [1926]. Atlantean survival in Brazil.

Colburn, Frona Eunice Wait. YERMA THE DORADO, The Story of a Lost Race. San Francisco: Doxey, 1897 limited to 500 copies; NY: Alice Harriman, revised 1913. Marginal; tale of an Atlantean colony that was once located where San Francisco is today.

Cole, Ira A. IBE OF ATLAN. Boulder: Johnson, 1947. Utopian fantasy of Colonial America with forgotten Indian civilizations & prehistoric survivals. I haven't yet found information about The Golden Antelope (Boulder: Johnson, 1949) which may turn out to be a sequel to the Atlan novel. Cole was a friend of H. P. Lovecraft.

Coles, Manning. THE EMPEROR'S BRACELET. Ln: University of London Press, 1947. Survival of ancient Romans.

Collas. Phil. THE INNER DOMAIN. Published in Amazing Stories, October, 1935. A subterranean high civilization beneath the Australian desert.

Collingwood, Harry [pseud of William J. C. Lancaster]. HARRY ESWCOMBE: A Tale of Adventure in Peru. Ln: Blackie, n.d. [about 1910?]. Incas.

Collingwood, Harry [pseud of William J. C. Lancaster]. IN SEARCH OF EL DORADO. Ln: Blackie, n.d. [1910s?] "Lost world" motif of lost race & dinosaurs.

Collingwood, Harry [pseud of William J. C. Lancaster]. GEOFFREY HARRINGTON'S ADVENTURES. Ln: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1907. Two Pacific island lost races warring with one another.

Collingwood, Harry [pseud of William J. C. Lancaster]. THE LOG OF THE "FLYING FISH"; A Story of Aerial & Submarine Peril & Adventure. Ln: Blackie, 1887; NY: Scribners, 1887; NY: Burt, n.d. First of three adventures of the "Flying Fish's" voyages, Jules Vernian adventures. This one includes a Lost Land with prehistoric survivals at the North Pole, though no unknown races.

Collingwood, Harry [pseud of William J. C. Lancaster]. THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF ERIC BLACKBURN. Ln: Blackie, n.d. Marginal; war with the apes.

Collins, Erroll. SUBMARINE CITY. Ln: Lutterworth, 1946. Atlantean ruins on seabottom.

Collins, Gilbert. THE STARKENDEN QUEST. Ln: Duckworth, 1925; NY: McBride, 1925. Last of the Khymers in Indochina are mesmerically enslaved by "the undying ones." A good tale.

Collins, Gilbert. THE VALLEY OF EYES UNSEEN. Ln: Duckworth [1923]. Greeks from the time of Alexander the Great still in Tibetan Himalayas have developed into giants with advanced science. Excellent.

Collins, Mabel. MORIAL THE MAHATMA; or, The Black Master of Tibet. NY: Lovell Gestefeld, 1892. Theosophical novel with slight lost race ingredient, precursor to James Hilton's Lost Horizon.

Collins, Mortimer. MIRANDA, A Midsummer Madness. Ln: Henry S. King, 1873 triple-decker. A single chapter regards subterranean Inca survival in the Andes. See also the listings under Jonathan Swift for Collins' Gulliver addition.

Colver, Alice Ross. THE RED-HEADED GODDESS. NY: Dodd Mead, 1929. Lost race in the American West.

Colwall, James. THE COOMSBERROW MYSTERY. Ln: Cassell, 1890. Grotesquely degenerated Romans living in caves.

Comfort, Will Levington. SAMADHI, A Novel. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1927. Indic.

Comyn, Bruce. WICKED THOMASIN CAREY. Ln: Macdonald, 1943. Thomasin finds himself a prisoner in a stronghold of Amazon women in Africa.

Converse, Frank H. VAN; or, In Search of an Unknown Race. NY: US Book Co, 1891; also issued by Street & Smith; & initially serialized in Golden Argosy 1887. Reprinted as IN SEARCH OF AN UNKNOWN RACE. Phila: McKay, n.d. South American pre-Incan race of midgets in the lost city of Itambez.

Converse, Jane. EXPEDITION NURSE. NY: Signet, 1968 wraps. Marginal. "Nurse Novel" with Inca background.

Cook, W[illiam] W[allace]. "The Blue Peter Troglodyte" in Argosy August 1904. Marginal; eight foot tall missing link found in gold mine in a state of suspended animation.

Cook, W[illiam] W[allace]. CASTAWAY AT THE P0LE. NY: Street & Smith, 1927; originally in Argosy March 1904. Arctic races reached by balloon flight. Enslaved Neanderthals revolt against an advanced Nordic race.

Coombes, Francis Lovell. YOUNG CRUSOES OF THE SKY. NY: Century, 1911. Balloonists discover a lost city of cliff-dwellers who possess Aztec treasures.

Cooper, Frank [pseud of William Gilmore Simms]. VASCONSELOS, A Romance of the New World. NY: Redfield, 1853. Set in the time of DeSoto, discovery of fabulous Indian nations; they defy historical possibility, so a marginal Lost Race entry.

Cooper, James Fenimore. THE MONIKINS, A Tale. Phila: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835 double decker as "by the author of 'The Spy'"; Ln: Bentley, 1935 triple-decker; Boston: Dutton, 1865. Advanced monkey race in Antarctica.

Corbett, Julian. KOPHETUA THE THIRTEENTH. Ln: Macmillan, 1889 double-decker. Tangentially lost race: an English knight founded a Christian utopian society in darkest Africa, which flourished until the 18th century.

Corbyn, C. A. B. LA GRAN QUIBERA: A Musical Mystery. Los Angeles?: n.p., 1904. Marginal? Occult novel with some relationship to Aztec cities.

Cornell, Fred C. A RIP VAN WINKLE OF THE KALAHARI & Other Tales of Southwest Africa. An excellent collection of fantasies including the supernatural title story about a man who trapped in a vast pit that hides the existence of Phoenicians ruled by an immortal priestess.

Corbett, Julian. KOPHETUA THE THIRTEENTH. Ln: Macmillan, 1889; double-decker.

Corelli, Marie. THE SECRET POWER, A Romance of the Presence. Ln: Methuen, 1921; NY: Doubleday Page, 1921. Race of superhuman immortals hidden in Egyptian desert.

Cornell, Frederick C. A RIP VAN WINKLE OF THE KALAHKARI. Capetown: Maskew; Ln: Unwin, 1915.

Cossins, George. ISBAN-ISRAEL. Ln: Gay & Bird, 1896. Africa; descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes.

Cowan, Frank. REVI-LONA: A Romance of Love in a Marvellous Land. Greensburg, Pennsylvania: author's edition, 1879; Greenburgh: Tribune, 1890; NY: Arno, 1976. A man castaway at the South Pole discovers an all-female society; prehistoric survival & advanced science. One of the best parodies of the lost race motif.

Cowper, Richard. THE WEB OF THE MAGI & Other Stories.Ln: Gollancz, 1980. Title story has a lost race in Asia Minor.

Cox, Erle Stanley. OUT OF THE SILENCE. Melbourne: Robertson & Mullens, 1926; NY: Henkle, 1928. Marginal; advanced Atlantean maiden found in suspended animation in Australia.

Craddock, Charles [pseud of Mary Murfree]. IN THE STRANGER PEOPLE'S COUNTRY. NY: Harpers, 1891. Marginal; investigation of prehistoric little people who once lived in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Craig, Alexander. IONIA, Land of Wise Men & Fair Women. Chicago: E. A. Weeks, 1898. Hidden valley of the Himalayas descended from Greek mercenaries from the time of Alexander the Great.

Craigie, David [pseud of Dorothy M. Craigie]. DARK ATLANTIS. Ln: Heinemann, 1951. Hardhat divers & bathysphere voyage finds survivals of Atlantis; Hollow Earth; & also a race of Creature from the Black Lagoon-like deep sea people.

Craine, E[dith] J[anice]. FLYING IN AMY-RAN FASTNESS. Akron: Saalfield, 1930. Archeological fantasy of the Andes, bordering on Lost Race.

Crawford, Isabell C. THE TAPESTRY OF TIME. Boston: Christopher, 1927. Marginal. Mostly set in ancient Atlantis at the time of the destruction, but falls into lost race survival toward the end with the assumption that Atlantean culture survives among aboriginal Peruvians.

Crawford, M. R. AZTIRC. Phila: Dorrance, 1945.

Craven, Sara. TEMPLE OF THE MOON. Toronto: Harlequin, 1977 wraps. Marginal; love-romance with Maya background.

Crawley, Rayburn. CHATTERING GODS. NY: Harpers, 1931. Marginal; remains of a lost race, plus a gorilla-man. Sequel to his earlier African adventure tale The Valley of Creeping Men (NY: Harper, 1930) having less fantasy content.

Creswick, Paul A. THE TURNING WHEEL. Ln: Heath Cranton, 1928. A haunted Atlantis rises from sea during world catastrophe.

Crofton, F. Blake. HAIRBREADTH ESCAPES OF MAJOR MENDAX. Phila: Hubbard, 1889; NY?: Edgewood, n.d. [1890?]. Marginal; in the manner of Jules Verne. Hollow Earth entered by balloon.

Cromie. Robert. EL DORADO. Ln: Ward Lock, 1904. Marginal since the discovered city is not inhabited.

Cromie, Robert. FROM THE CLIFFS OF CROAGHAUN. Akron/NY/Chicago: Saalfield, 1904. Ancient city in interior of Brazil.

Cronin, Bernard. THE TREASURE OF THE TROPICS. Ln: Ward Lock, 1928. Egyptian survival underneath Australia.

Cross, Gillian. BORN OF THE SUN. NY: Holiday House, 1984. Marginal. Young Paula & her father seek a lost Incan city in the Andes.

Cross, Thompson. THE ISLE OF FORGOTTEN PEOPLE. Ln: Cassell, 1925. Asiatic race dwelling inside volcano.

Crownishield, Mrs S. LATITUDE 19 DEGREES, A Romance of the West Indies. NY: Appleton, 1898. Marginal; involves a mixed race of unknown origin in 1820 Haiti.

Cruls, Gastao. THE MYSTERIOUS AMAZONIA, A Brazilian Novel. Rio de Janeiro: Livraria-Editoria Zelio Valverde, 1944 wraps. Tribe of Amazon women, plus descendants of Incas.

Cullum, Ridgewell. THE HEART OF UNAGA. NY: -?-, 1920. Unknown Native American tribe in far north that hibernates.

Cullum, Ridgwell. THE VAMPIRE OF N'GOBI. Ln: Chapman & Hall [1935]; Phila: Lippincott, 1936. Egyptian survival in darkest Africa, imitative of She & not at all bad.

Cummings, Ray. THE SEA GIRL. Chicago: McClurg, 1930; originally in Argosy 2 March thru 6 April 1929. Two advanced races of the Hollow Earth & the inner world's invasion of the surface, in the near future.

Cussler, Clive. ATLANTIS FOUND. NY: Putnam, 1999.

Cussler, Clive INCA GOLD; Simon & Schuster, NY, 1994. Last Inca king & his treasures.

Cutler, John Henry. TOM STETSON ON THE TRAIL OF THE LOST TRIBE. Racine, WI: Whitman, 1948. Marginal; Africa.

Cutter, R. H. REACHED AT LAST. Ln: Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh, 1886. Norse utopia found in polar region.

d'Agraives, Jean. LE RAYON SWASTIKA. Paris: Fayard, 1929. Novelette about ape-man.

Dail, C[harles] C[urtis]. STONE GIANT: A Story of the Mammoth Cave. NY: Neely, 1898. Archeological fantasy involving the Hollow Earth & Atlantis. Although this is a sequel of sorts to WILLMOTH THE WANDERER; or, The Man from Saturn (Atchison, KS: Haskell, 1890), the earlier novel regards no earthly lost race.

Dake, Charles Romyn. A STRANGE DISCOVERY. NY: H. Ingalls Kimball, 1899. Romans in a volcanically warmed area of Antarctica, featuring Poe's Gordon Pym. Rare.

Dallas, Captain Oswald. THE VALLEY OF MYSTERY. Ln: Nelson, n.d. (1940s?). Ancient Phoenician colony discovered in Rhodesia.

Danesford, Earle [pseud of F. Addington Symonds]. THE LURE OF OPHIR, A Gripping Yarn of Thrills & Adventures in the Rhodesian Hinterland. Ln: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend No. 740 [1924]. Pictorial wraps.

Daniels, Dorothy [pseud of Helen Weston]. THE MAYA TEMPLE. NY: Paperback Library, 1972 wraps. Marginal; romance novel with Maya background.

Darnton, John. NEANDERTHAL: Their Time Has Come. NY: Random House, 1996; Ln: Hutchinson, 1996. Survival in remote mountains of Central Asia (Tajikistan).

D'Argenteuil, Paul. THE TREMBLING BOREALIS. NY: Neely, 1899. Utopianist race of North America. Rare.

Davies, M. Catherine. ADVENTURES WITH THE MERMAIDS. Sydney, Australia: Samuel Wood, 1929. A people who ages anon constructed artificial fishtails for themselves & learned to remain under water for long periods.

Davis, Peter. THE KING OF THE AMAZONS. NY: Macaulay, 1933. Incas in South American jungle.

Dawe, W. Carlton. THE GOLDEN LAKE, or, The Marvellous History of a Journey Through the Great Lone Land of Australia. Ln: Marsden, 1894.

Dawson, Erasmus [pseud of Paul Devon]. THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1891. Medieval Indic kingdom of giants discovered by Victorian explorers in Borneo.

Day, Oscar F. THE DEVIL'S GOLD: The Story of a Forgotten Race. Chicago: Morril, Higgins [1892]. A pre-Incan people surviving in Northeast Oregon. Quite rare.

DeKay, Charles. "Manmat'ha" in Volume X of STORIES BY AMERICAN AUTHORS. NY: Scribners, 1896. Invisible race.

De Las Cuevas, Ramon. "Teoquitla the Golden" in Weird Tales November 1924. Aztecs, Mexico.

Delmont, Joseph. THE DEAD CITY: Being the Adventures of Johnny Kilburn, Animal Trapper. Ln: Hutchinson, 1932. Short stories, including the title novella about a lost race of the Gobi desert.

Deloney, Thomas. THE CORDWAINER'S STORIES. Clarendon Press, -?-.

Del Rey, Lester. ATTACK FROM ATLANTIS. Phila: Winston, 1953. Icthyosaur-riding water-breathing Atlanteans discovered by exploration via atomic submarine.

DeMille, James. A STRANGE MANUSCRIPT FOUND IN A COPPER CYLINDER. NY: Harper, 1888; Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1888. 1st was anonymous. Somewhat a continuation of Poe's Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.

DeMorgan, John. IN UNKNOWN WORLDS; or, The Search for the Missing Link. NY: Street & Smith, 1906; NY: Brave & Bold #303, -?-; & initially serialized in Golden Hours March 28 thru May 30, 1896. Search & discovery of Missing Link, people with tails.

DeMorgan, John. LOST IN THE ICE, Where the Adventure Leads. NY: Street & Smith, 1914, wraps; 1926, wraps in the Street & Smith Round the World Library; previously serialized in Golden Hours January 4 thru March 8, 1890, as THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF TWO NEW YORK BOYS IN THE REALM OF THE POLAR WORLD. Ancient Nordic race found on upper coast of Greenland.

DeMorgan, John. UNDER THE WORLD. NY: Street & Smith, 1906; previously serialized in Golden Hours July 7 thru September 8, 1894 as INTO THE MAELSTROM. Hollow Earth.

DeMorgan, John. See under "Haggard, H. Rider" for de Morgan's parodies thereof.

Dennett, William Harrison. THE FLYING BOYS; or, Three Thousand Miles on Whings. Serialized in Golden Hours April 18 thru June 20, 1891. Subterranean city in the American Southwest.

De Pereyra, Diomedes. THE LAND OF THE GOLDEN SCARABS. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1928; Chicago: White House [1928]. Classical Incas in Brazil.

Derkum, Adam C. EQUADERIA and UNDERGROUND. Boston: Christopher, 1958. First story is utopian lost race.

Desart, Earl of [i.e., William Ulick O'Connor Cuffe]. THE RAID OF THE "DETRIMENTAL." Ln: Pearson, 1897. Southern ocean island race.

D'Esme, Jean [pseud of Vicomte Jean D'Esmenard]. THE RED GODS, A Romance. NY: Dutton [1924]. From the French [Les Dieux Rogues, 1923]. Survival of the far-past prehistoric people (Cro-Magnon) of Gondwanaland deep in Indo-China.

De Valda. THE TREASURE OF ATIL. Ln: Warne, 1934. Mexico. Another novel by this author is tangentially related: Children of the Sun (Ln: Barker, 1933) regards time travel to ancient Mexica via "Mu waves."

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Farley, Ralph Milne [pseud of Roger Sherman Hoar]. THE RADIO GUN RUNNERS, serialized in Argosy February 22 thru March 29, 1930. This & it's sequel The Radio Flyers regard prehistoric survivals & Vikings in Hollow Earth entered at Arctic. There are two other Radio Flyers adventures but only the center pair are lost race related.

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Fennes, Fisher THE FLYING RAFT IN THE LAND OF IZMA. Serialized in twenty installments in a London women's magazine, Winter's Magazine January 21 thru June 3, 1893. The last five installments constitute a second book The Further Adventures of the Flying Raft. Telepathic polar race reached by flying vehicle.

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Finlay, Roger T. TREASURES OF THE ISLANDS. New York Book Company, 1915; reissued by Donahue. Only this episode of the eight-volume "Wonder Island" series, about castaway boys, definitively identifies the Wonder Islands as a remnant of Atlantis, making the primitive islanders Atlantean survivors. The others in the series are more marginal: The Castaways (1914); Exploring the Islands (1914); The Mystery of the Caverns (1914); The Tribesmen (914); The Capture & Persuit (1914); The Conquest of the Savages (1914); Adventures on Strange Islands (1915).

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Fletcher, Lawrence. ZERO THE SLAVER: A Romance of Equatorial Africa. Ln: Cassell, 1892. Sequel to Into the Unknown.

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Forbes, George. ADVENTURES IN SOUTHER SEAS, A tale of the sixteenth century. Ln: John F.Shaw [1928]. Fantasy voyages through Australasia include discovery of a medieval Hindu culture with a white queen & rediscovery of Marco Polo's male & female islands (they possess occult powers).

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