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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors R through S

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Radford, Guy. THE ANDES TRAIL. Ln: Pocket, n.d. [about 1942] pictorial wraps. Inca.

Rafcam, N. THE TROGLODYTES. Ln: Stockwell, 1961. Arctic.

Raife, Raymond. THE QUEST OF THE ARCTIC POPPY: A Tale of the Great Ice-Wastes of the Far North. Ln: Boys Own Paper Office [1910?]. Missing link & mammoths.

Raife, Raymond. THE SHEIK'S WHITE SLAVE. Ln: Sampson Low, 1900. Lost city with ghostly inhabitants in Arabian desert.

Rain, Mary Summer. THE SEVENTH MESA. Virginia: Hampton Roads, 1994. Underground pyramid in New Mexico retains the attractive power of its ancient enlightened creators.

Ramsden, Lewis. THE TEMPLE OF FIRE. Ln: Collins, 1905. Remnant of Ancient Persian civilization survives on an Island off the coast of Brazil.

Ramsey, Milton W[orth]. SIX THOUSAND YEARS HENCE. Minneapolis: Private issue, 1891. A complex science fiction novel extending into the distant future, but one element includes a hidden, unchanging country of Antarctica.

Ransome, Charles. THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN; or, The Last of the Incas. Ln: Newnes, No. 5 in Newnes' "Adventure" Library [c1914] pictorial wraps.

Rathborne, St. George [Henry]. A BAR SINISTER, A Tale of Love & Adventure. NY: Hobart, 1897. Marginal; lost temple with vast Incan treasures found in the Peruvian Andes.

Rathborne, St. George [Henry]. A GODDESS OF AFRICA: A Story of the Golden Fleece. NY: Hobart [1897]; NY: Street & Smith, 1899. Quest for the Missing Link in Africa, owes much to Haggard & Verne.

Rathborne, St. George [writing as Harry St. George]. PHIL & HIS TORPEDO BOAT; or, A Terrible Cruise Under the Ocean. NY: Nugget Library #22, January 23, 1890; pictorial wraps. Arctic; hollow earth; dwarfish race.

Raymond, James F. THE LOST COLONY. Phila: Peterson, 1891. Pacific island.

Raymond, P. T. [house name, author unknown]. BLOWN TO THE ARCTIC; or, The Boy Who Bought the Balloon. Serialized in Happy Days October 7 thru 28, 1905. Barbaric Arctic people.

Raymond, P. T. [house name, by Cornelius Shea, q.v.]. THE ENCHANTED EMERALD; or, The Mysteries of an Unknown Land. Serialized in Happy Days February 1 thru 22, 1902. Congo.

Read, Herbert. THE GREEN CHILD: A Romance. Ln: Heinemann [1935]. Hollow earth; a deeply mystical, appealing, subliminally homosexual tale of Oliver & the green boy, with underground world.

Reader, Emily E. PRIESTESS & QUEEN, A Tale of the White Race of Mexico: Being the Adventures of Ignigene & her Twenty-six Fair Maidens. Ln: Longmans, 1899; NY: Longmans Green, 1899 illustrated. Marginal; a prehistoric novel about the mythic white race. Rare.

Reed, P(eter) Fishe. BEYOND THE SNOW: Being a History of Trim's Adventures in Nordlichtschein. Chicago: Lakeside, 1873. Strange race of spindly giants at the North Pole.

Reeth, Allan. LEGIONS OF THE DAWN: A Novel. Ln: T. Fisher Unwin, 1908. Society of amazons in Africa.

Reeve, Arthur B. GOLD OF THE GODS. NY: Harper, 1915. Marginal; Aztec curse awakened by archeologists.

Reeve, J. K. THE THREE RICHARD WHALENS: A Tale of Adventure. NY: -?-, 1897. Marginal; lost princess of a remote idyllic land.

Regnus, C. [pseud of Charles Sanger]. THE LAND OF NISON. Ln: Daniel, 1906. Hollow earth.

Reid, C. Lestock. SONS OF SOLOMON. Ln: Philip Allan, 1931; Ln: C & J. Temple, 1947. Hidden city of Balkis in Africa, inhabited by descendants of ancient Abyssianians who are hereditary heirs to the Lost Tribes of Israel. LI>Reid, C. Lestock. THE TRAIL OF THE PHARAOH'S TREASURE. Ln: Philip Allan, 1935. Slight lost race content.

Rennie, J. Alan. THE FOOTSTOOL OF THE MOON. Ln: Hurst & Blackett, [1938]. Plateau in Abyssinia where there is a degenerated ape-like race living amidst the ruins of their formerly glorious civilization. Also a dinosaur.

Rhoades, Walter. THE HIDDEN CITY, A Story of Central America. Ln: Partridge [1920s?].

Rhodes, H. Henry. WHERE MEN HAVE WALKED: A Story of the Lucayos. Boston: Clarke, 1909. Underground city older than myth.

Rhodes, W(illiam) H. CAXTON'S BOOK: A Collection of Essays, Poems, Tales & Sketches by the Late W. H. Rhodes. San Francisco: Bancroft, 1876; Westport, Connecticut: Hyperion, 1974. Includes Caribbean lost race story "The Aztec Princess."

Rhoscomyl, Owen. THE SCOUT'S STORY. Boston: Estes, 1908. Giant aborigines dwelling in Patagonian caverns. A rarity by an excellent author better known for his Welsh pirate swashbucklers.

Rice, H. EVE & THE EVANGELIST: A Romance of A.D. 2108. Boston: Roxburgh, 1908. Utopian tale including information about the future discovery of Atlantis.

Richards, Harvey D. SORAK & THE SULTAN'S ANKUS. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1934. Young Tarzan-type meets cro-magnons in Malay.

Richards, R. P. J. THE BLONDE GODDESS. Ln: Ken-Pax, 1948. Tibet. First part is a tale of Shangri-la; second half is time-travel to the distant future.

Richardson, Benjamin Ward. THE SON OF A STAR, A Romance of the Second Century. NY: Longmans Green, 1888. Voyagers leaving Roman Britain find unknown lands including their discovery of a scientifically advanced nation of Juverna, reached via wooden submarine.

Richardson, E. NEUTOPIA. Ln: Simpkin Marshall, 1925. Africa. Discovery of a advanced utopian race based on socialist & eugenic principles & practicing eugenics.

Richardson, Frank. THE SECRET KINGDOM. Ln: Duckworth, 1905. Satiric, & having Holmes & Watson in two chapters.

Richmond, Mary [Kathleen Lindsay]. THE VALLEY OF DOOM. Ln: Wright & Brown, 1946. Andes.

Rickett, J. Compton. THE QUICKENING OF CALIBAN; A Modern Story of Evolution. Ln: Cassell, 1893. Missing link found in Africa.

Ricketts, Alexander. "The Great White Serpent of the Malori" in The Black Cat December 1922. Africa.

Ritt, William, & Clarence Gray. BRICK BRADFORD IN THE CITY BENEATH THE SEA. Akron, Ohio: Saalfield [1934?].

Roberts, Alaric J. NEW TRADE WINDS FOR THE SEVEN SEAS. Santa Barbara: Rowny, 1942. Atlanteans & Lemurians in hollow earth under the Pacific.

Roberts, Lionel. BADGER BOOKS SF #52. Ln: Spencer, 1961; wraps. Atlanteans have long survived on the bottom of the ocean under a shield.

Roberts, Morley. THE ADVENTURE OF THE BROAD ARROW. Ln: Hutchinson, 1897. Australia; two prospectors stumble upon a primitive white tribe descended from criminals. This tribe claimed to have exterminated a more ancient lost race of subterranean, miniature people.

Roberts, Murray (Graydon). THE SECRET KINGDOM, Amazonia Threatens the World. Ln: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend Library, New Series No. 485 [1935] pictorial wraps. Advanced race in Amazon jungle.

Lost Races encountered by Doc Savage

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Alan Hathway].THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND. NY: Bantam, 1968 wraps. Also in the omnibus The Green Eagle [and] The Devil's Playground. NY: Bantam, 1983. Originally in Doc Savage January 1941. Survival of Ojibwa Indian culture nastily portrayed.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by William G. Bogart & Lester Dent].DOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS #6. NY: Bantam, 1988. Four novellas, including The Magic Forest Originally in Doc Savage April 1942. Hidden race in Alaska.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. DOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS #7. NY: Bantam, 1988. Four novellas including The Men Vanished originally in the pulp magazine Doc Savage December 1940. Empire hidden in the Amazon jungle.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. DOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS #8. NY: Bantam, 1988. Four novellas including Weird Valley originally in Doc Savage September 1944. Hidden valley in Mexico with secret of eternal youth.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. DOC SAVAGE OMNIBUS #13. NY: Bantam, 1990 wraps. Five novellas including The Green Master originally in Doc Savage Winter 1949, featuring an enslaved blonde race in the Andes.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Ryerson Johnson & Lester Dent]. FANTASTIC ISLAND. NY: Bantam, 1966 wraps; originally in Doc Savage Magazine December 1935. Empire in hollow earth unde island; also prehistoric survivals.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Will Murray & Lester Dent]. THE FORGOTTEN REALM. NY: Bantam, 1993 wraps; not previously published. Ancient Roman survival.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE GOBLINS [and] THE SECRET OF THE SU. NY: Bantam, 1985 wraps. The second novella, originally in Doc Savage November 1943, features jungle warriors descended from Atlantis.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Harold A. Davis & Lester Dent]. THE GOLDEN PERIL. NY: Bantam, 1970 wraps; originally in Doc Savage December 1937. Hidden "Valley of Vanished Men" of classical Mayans.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Ryerson Johnson & Lester Dent]. LAND OF ALWAYS NIGHT. NY: Bantam, 1966 wraps. Originally in Doc Savage Magazine March 1935. Doc finds an underground civilization in the hollow earth in the Arctic.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE LOST OASIS. NY: Bantam, 1965 wraps; originally in Doc Savage Magazine September 1933. A hidden diamond mine in a lost world of the Sahara with carniverous plants, vampires, & an enslaved population in need of Doc's help.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE MAN OF BRONZE. NY: Street & Smith, 1933; NY: Bantam, 1964 wraps. Initially in Doc Savage Magazine #1 March 1933, as by Kenneth Roberts. Doc Savage visits a hidden Mayan city stronghold in the inaugural story of the whole long-lived series.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE MENTAL WIZARD. NY: Bantam, 1970 wraps; originally in Doc Savage Magazine March 1937. Hidden country of amazons ruled by a super-enchantress.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. METEOR MENACE. NY: Bantam, 1964 wraps; originally in Doc Savage Magazine March 1934. Marginal; Doc finds a secret temple in Tibet & hints of its association with Mayans & Incas.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE PHANTOM CITY. NY: Bantam, 1966 wraps; originally in Doc Savage Magazine December 1933. Underworld city below Arabia accessible via subterranean river, inhabited by a deadly prehistoric race.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. QUEST OF QUI. NY: Bantam, 1966 wraps; Racine, WI: Golden Press, 1975. Originally in Doc Savage Magazine July 1935. Vikings in the far north.

Robeson, Kenneth [written by Lester Dent]. THE THOUSAND HEADED MAN. NY: Bantam, 1964 wraps. Originally in Doc Savage Magazine July 1934. Doc visits an unknown city hidden in a Southeast Asian jungle. Very likely the best of this long-running series.

Robinson, Phil, E. Kay, & H. Perry. TALES BY THREE BROTHERS. Ln: Isbister, 1902. Includes Phil Robinson's "The Hunting of the Sobo" about an ape-man.

Rockwood, Roy [by Howard Garis]. FIVE THOUSAND MILES UNDERGROUND; or, The Mystery of the Center of the Earth. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1908. Hollow earth giants; lost race's temple of treasure.

Rockwood, Roy [by John Duffield]. BOMBA THE JUNGLE BOY IN THE ABANDONED CITY; or, A Treasure Ten Thousand Years Old. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1927. Bomba battles a giant serpent-army in ruins of a lost race's city.

Rodney, George B. BEYOND THE RANGE. NY: Clode, 1934; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1934. Wild West yarn, prehistoric survival, & discovery of Toltecs in a lush valley.

Rodney, George B. EDGE OF THE WORLD. NY: Duffield & Green, 1931. Very marginal. The apostle Paul & some Romans visit Mayan civilization.

Roger, Noelle (pseud of Helene Pittard). HE WHO SEES. Ln: Harrap, 1935. A hidden sect (rather than unknown race) teaches extrasensory powers in Tibet; aspects of Shangri-la give it a marginally lost race sensibility.

Rollins, James. SUBTERRANEAN. NY: Harpe, 1999 trade wraps. Two miles beneath Antarctica.

Rolt-Wheeler, Francis. THE AZTEC-HUNTERS. Boston: Lothrop Lee, 1918.

Rose, F[rederick] Horace. BRIDE OF THE KALAHARI. Ln: Duckworth, 1944. Lost oasis. Rare.

Rosewater, Frank. '96, A Romance of Utopia: Presenting a Solution to the Labor Problem, A New God, & A New Religion. Omaha, Nebraska: Utopia Co., 1894. Utopian lost race but it's all a dream. The author also self-published a pseudonymous prehistoric Atlantean novel: Doomed: A Startling Message to the People of Our Day as by Marian & Franklin Mayoe (NY: Rosewater, 1920).

Rosny, J.-H. [the Elder]. NYMPHEE. Paris: S.F.I.L., 1909. Prehistoric survival.

Rosny, J.-H. [the Elder]. L'ETONNANT VOYAGE DE HARETON IRONCASTLE. Paris: J. Ferenczi, 1919. Prehistoric survivals.

Rosny, J.-H. [the Elder]. LE TRESOR DANS LA NEIGE (The Treasure in the Snow). Paris: Flammarion & Nilsson, n.d. (1922?) Novelette of prehistoric survivals?

Rosny, J.-H. [the Elder]. LE TRESOR DANS LA BROUSSE. Paris: Tallandier. 1931.

[Rosney, J. H.] Farmer, Philip Jose. IRONCASTLE. NY: DAW, 1976. Based on a classic work by French science fiction author J. H. Rosny. Lost world found in darkest Africa.

Ross, C. ZULEKA. Boston: Lamson Wolffe, 1897. Last of her race in North Africa.

Rousseau [Emanuel], Victor. THE EYE OF BALAMOK. Serialized in All Story Weekly January 17 thru 31, 1920; reprinted in Fantastic Novels May 1949. Australia, Hollow Earth.

Rousselet, L. THE SERPENT-CHARMER. Ln: Samson Low, 1890. Lost city in upper India.

Rowe, John G. THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN IDOL. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1928. Tropical island subterranean temple.

Rowe, John G. THE LOST CITY OF MANOA; or, The Sacred Talisman. Ln: Modern Pub., 1930. Discovery of El Dorado, a city hidden in the Andes.

Royal, Matthew J. THE ISLE OF VIRGINS: A Romance. Buffalo, NY: Wenbourne-Sumner, 1899. Pacific shipwrecked mariners stuck on matriarchal island descended from Hellenic Greeks.

Roys, Willis E. THE FLAME ETERNAL & The Maharaja's Son. NY: Osberg, 1929. Two novellas, the first about a matriarchal kingdom found in the interior of Brazil.

Russell, Bertram. THE BAT-MEN OF THORIUM. Serialized in Weird Tales May thru July 1928. Subocean cavern & superior winged humans.

Rutley, C. Bernard. THE CAVE OF WINDS. Ln/Glasgow: Blackie, 1947; Ln: Warne, 1947. Baal-worshipping Phoenician survival in Antarctica.

Rutley, C. Bernard. THE COUNTRY OF GOLD. Ln/Glasgow: Blackie, 1947. Manoa & Amazon women.

Rutley, C. Bernard. THE QUEEN OF LOST CITY. Ln/Glasgow: Blackie, 1948

Rutley, C. Bernard. THE KHAN'S CARPET. Ln/Glasgow: Blackie, 1948? Arabic.

Rutter, Owen. THE MONSTER OF MU. Ln: Benn (No. 22 in Benn's New Ninepenny Novels) 1932; Ln: James, 1945. Pacific survival of Mu.

Ryark, Felix. A STRANGE LAND. Ln: Hutchinson, 1908. Cambodia. Cross-dimensional advanced race discovered by passing through cliff wall.

Sabin, Edwin L. THE CITY OF THE SUN. Phila: Jacobs, 1924. Aztecs in Northern Mexico.

Salgari, Emilio. LE CAVERNE DEI DIAMANTI. Genoa: Donath, 1899. A retelling and re-casting of Haggard's King Solomon's Mines. In Italian.

Salmonson, Jessica Amanda. "A Child of Earth & Hell" in Melissa Ann Singer & John Silbersack, eds, THE BERKLEY SHOWCASE V (Berkley, 1982) & in A SILVER THREAD OF MADNESS (NY: Ace Books, 1989). Hollow Earth's race of sorcerers from lost Mu leave a changeling on the surface world to seek his heritage.

Salmonson, Jessica Amanda. "The Fabulous Sea Below" in JOHN COLLIER & FREDRIC BROWN WENT QUARRELING THROUGH MY HEAD (Buffalo, NY: W. Paul Ganley, Publisher, 1989) & in THE MYSTERIOUS DOOM & Other Ghostly Tales of the Pacific Northwest (Seattle: Sasquatch Press, October, 1992). Hollow Earth liliputian race & troglodyte race.

Samuel, Viscount. AN UNKNOWN LAND. Ln: Allen & Unwin, 1942. Super-scientific Atlantean survival in the South Pacific, the same society known to Sir Francis Bacon, q.v.

Samuels, Philip [writing as "Samuels-Bacon"]. BENSALEM & NEW JERUSALEM. Boston: privately printed, 1936. Utopian civilizations in the Pacific.

"Sapper" [pseud of Herman C. McNeile]. THE ISLAND OF TERROR. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, Toronto: Musson, 1931. Prehistoric survivals including ape-men.

Saunders, W. J. KALOMERA, The Story of a Remarkable Community. Ln: Elliot Stock, 1911. Utopian civilization in remote mountain region.

Savage, Juanita. THE CITY OF DESIRE. Ln: Bles, 1926; NY: Dial, 1930; NY: Burt, 1930. Sadomasochistic delights of Mayan culture surviving in Mexico.

Savage, Timothy. THE AMAZONIAN REPUBLIC, Recently Discovered in the Interior of Peru. NY: Colman, 1842. Classical Amazons in the interior of Peru.

Saville, Frank. BEYOND THE GREAT SOUTH WALL, A Secret of the Antarctic. Ln: Sampson Low, 1899; NY: New Amsterdam, 1901; NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1902; NY: Arno, 1978. Conquered Maya went to Antarctica with treasure & settled in a warmed country but died out; their acheological remains are found. Also, Tyrannosaurus. Excellent.

Sawyer, Walter L. AN OUTLAND JOURNEY. Boston: Copeland & Day, 1896. Discovery of a miniature race.

Sayler, H. L. THE AIRSHIP BOYS; or, The Quest of the Aztec Treasure. Chicago: Reilly & Brittons, 1909.

Sayler, H. L. THE AIRSHIP BOYS ADRIFT; or, Saved by Aeoroplane. Chicago: Reilly & Britton, 1909. Previously unknown pyramid builders in Central America.

Schuette, H. George. ATHONIA; or, The Original Four Hundred. Manitowoc, WI: Lakeside, 1901. Classical Greeks in unknown region of the New World,.

Scoggins, C[harles] E. THE HOUSE OF DARKNESS. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1930. Subterranean Mayan Atlanteans in Central America; first of a trilogy.

Scoggins, C. E. THE HOUSE OF DAWN. NY: Appleton-Century, 1935. Mayans-Atlantean survivors. Second of trilogy.

Scoggins, C. E. LOST ROAD. NY: Doubleday, 1941. Atlantean survival in Matto Grosso, a plateau in South America. Third of the trilogy.

Scoggins, C. E. WHITE FOX. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1928. Marginal; last living Aztec prince involved in making a movie.

Scott, G[eorge] Firth. THE LAST LEMURIAN: A Westralian Romance Ln: John Bowden, 1898. An earlier shorter version was published as "Tor Ymmothe, Queen of Lemuria" in the special Christmas number of The Golden Penny December 1896. Lemurians surviving in outback of Western Australia, & all sorts of ridiculously colorful fantasy elements, including vampirism, hollow earth.

Scott, J. M. THE SILVER LAND. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1937. Polar. Prehistoric survivals.

Scott, John Reed. THE DUKE OF OBLIVION. Phila: Lippincott, 1914. Eighteenth century English survival amidst remains of Mayan buildings beneath a Carribean island near Jamaica hidden in fogbank.

Scrymsour, Ella M. THE PERFECT WORLD, A Romance of Strange People & Strange Places. NY: Stokes; Ln: Nash [1922]. The first of the two tales is hollow earth. Underground purple-skinned race of one-horned people are descended of the Korahites swallowed by the earth for rebelling against Moses.

Seaborn, Captain Adam [pseud possibly of John Cleves Symmes]. SYMZONIA, A Voyage of Discovery. NY: Seymour, 1820; -?-, Scholars Facsimile, 1967; NY: Arno, 1975. Superior race in Hollow Earth. The author's identity is unknown but some scholars believe he was the originator of the Symmes Hole theory himself.

Seeley, Charles Sumner [pseud of John W. Munday]. THE LOST CANYON OF THE TOLTECS, An Account of Strange Adventures in Central America. Chicago: McClurg, 1893. Panama. One of the better books of the genre.

"A Self Made Man" [author unknown]. IN THE LAND OF GOLD; or, The Young Castaways of the Mystic Isle. NY: Fame & Fortune #171, -?-, 1908; reprinted in #1096, October 1, 1926; pictorial wraps. Pre-Columbian civilization in Gulf of Mexico.

"A Self Made Man" [author unknown]. LOST IN THE ANDES; or, The Treasure of the Buried City. NY: Fame & Fortune #56, -?-, 1906; reprinted in #980, July 11, 1924; pictorial wraps. Incas in Bolivia.

Seriman, Zaccaria (1708-1784). VIAGGI DI ENRICO WANTON ALLE TERRE INCOGNITE AUSTRALI ED AL PAESE DELLE SCIMMIE. Venice: G. Tagier, 1749. 2 vols. Bern, 1764. Ape-people.

Shanks, E. THE DARK GREEN CIRCLE. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1936. Crime & detection with lost race element.

Shaver, Richard S. I REMEMBER LEMURIA [and] THE RETURN OF SATHANAS. Evanston, IL: Venture, 1948. Marginal. Dreadful "Shavery Mystery" novellas of ancient Lemuria reported as fact.

Shaw, William Jenkins. CRESTEN, QUEEN OF THE TOLTUS. NY: Excelsior, 1892. Originally published anonymously as UNDER THE AURORAS, A Marvelous Tale of the Interior World. NY: Excelsior Pub House, 1888. Hollow Earth. Furred people, plus a demonic race. As so often happens in these tales about races which are not "attractive" by white-folks' standards, the author makes the queen of the Lost Race (& her sister) of Nordic descent, lest the hero have no one to sweep off her feet but a monkey-girl or a demon.

Shea, Cornelius. BEYOND THE FROZEN SEAS; or, The Land of the Pigmies. NY: Brave & Bold #67, April 2, 1904; pictorial wraps. Earlier serialized in Golden Hours July 11 thru Sept 12, 1896, as BEYOND THE ICE. Antarctica.

Shea, Cornelius. THE DIAMOND LEGACY; or, The Queen of an Unknown Race. NY: Brave & Bold #14, March 28, 1903. Serialized in Golden Hours June 28 thru August 30, 1890, as AN UNKNOWN RACE; or, The Strange Adventures of Frank Lowe & Same Singleby, Jr. East Africa.

Shea, Cornelius. THE ELECTRIC MAN IN THE ENCHANTED VALLEY; or, The Wonderful Adventures of Two Boy Inventors. NY: Brave & Bold #120, April 8, 1905. Serialized in Golden Hours April 8 thru June 10, 1899. Mexico.

Shea, Cornelius. THE ELECTRIC TRAVELER; or, Underground to the Pole. NY: Brave & Bold #17, April 18, 1903; pictorial wraps. Serialized in Golden Hours October 15 thru December 17, 1892. Arctic.

Shea, Cornelius. A GIRL CRUSOE; or, The Wonders of the Isle of Gnomes. NY: Brave & Bold #38, September 12, 1903. Earlier serialized in Golden Hours March 10 thru May 19, 1900, as THE WRECK OF THE NAMELESS SCHOONER; or, The Crusoe Crew of the 'Spirit Wave.' Subterranean dwarfish race inside Pacific Island.

Shea, Cornelius. IN THE DEPTHS OF THE DARK CONTINENT; or, The Vengeance of Van Vincent. NY: Brave & Bold #109, January 21, 1905. Serialized in Golden Hours May 28 thru July 30, 1892, as VAN VINCENT'S VOW; or, Chased to the Heart of the Dark Continent. Advanced & utopian society descended of Egyptians, plus a primitive dwarf race & white amazons.

Shea, Cornelius. INTO UNKNOWN LANDS; or, The Secret of the Enchanted Diamond. NY: Brave & Bold #51, December 12, 1903. Pictorial wraps. Earlier serialized in Golden Hours March 3 thru May 5, 1894, as THE ENCHANTED DIAMOND; or, From Alaska to Asia on Horseback. Hollow Earth.

Shea, Cornelius. MYSTIC ISLAND; or, The Tale of a Hidden Treasure. NY: Brave & Bold #98, November 5, 1904; pictorial wraps. Earlier serialized in Golden Hours April 30 thru July 2 1898, as THE HIDDEN ISLAND; or, The Wreck of the Schooner Kate. Dwarf race with Ayesha-like queen; hollow earth.

Sheehan, Perley Poore. THE ABYSS OF WONDERS. Reading, Pennsylvania: Polaris, 1953. Last of the Khans in the Gobi desert.

Sheridan, Frank [pseud traditionally ascribed to John de Morgan]. THE BOY BALLOONISTS; or, Among Weird Polar People. NY: Brave & Bold #4, January 17, 1903; pictorial wraps. And serialized in Golden Hours September 5 thru November 7, 1896 as WALTER BLACKSHAW; or, The Strange Adventure of Three Brave Boys. Discovery by balloon journey of subterranean Arctic lost race.

Sherman, Harold M. TAHARA, BOY KING OF THE DESERT. Chicago: Goldsmith, 1933. Volume one of a juvenile series. Blue-eyed stone age race in the Sahara; plus missing link.

Sherman, Harold M. TAHARA IN THE LAND OF YUCATAN. Chicago: Goldsmith, 1933. Mexico. Volume four of juvenile series. The middle titles -- Tahara Among African Tribes (Goldsmith, 1933) & Tahara, Boy Mystic of India (Goldsmith, 1933) -- include no new lost races, but Tahara is accompanied by a missing-link companion, making the rest of the series of related interest.

Shodall, Reuben Sam. ENLIGHTENED ONE BEYOND THE ICEBERGS. NY: Exposition, 1966. Arctic Atlantean survivals.

Shumway, Harry I. THE IMAGINARY VOYAGES OF CAPTAIN PEN. Boston: -?-, 1929. Island cultures visited by Ponce de Leon's crew (who found the Fountain of Youth & became immortally boyish explorers).

Sidney, A. DESTINATION UNKNOWN. Ln: Selwyn & Blount, 1929.

Sieveking, L[ancelot] de Giberne. THE ULTIMATE ISLAND: A Strange Adventure. Ln: Routledge, 1924; NY: International Publ., 1925. Atlanteans on uncharted island in the Atlantic surrounded by whirlpool; technology; utopian.

Silvani, Anita. THE SILVER GAUNTLET. NY: Greaves, 1912. One of the more imaginative Corelliesque occult romances. Mystic brotherhood dating from medieval times; Elder Race claiming descent from very ancient & powerful star people; astral vampires that can materialize as ape-people.

Simon, Morris. JAGUAR. TSR Hobbies, 1985 wraps. Lost tribe of Indians with ability to turn into jaguars.

"Sinbad" [pseud of Captain Aylward E. Dingle]. THE AGE-OLD KINGDOM. Ln: Hutchinson, 1947. Originally a four-part serial in Argosy All-Story in 1922. Incas in Brazil typically ruled by a white queen.

Sinclair, Kenneth L. LOST CITY OF THE SUN. NY: Funk & Wagnalls, 1955. 1st/VG. Southwestern archeological fantasy verging on Lost Race.

Sinclair, Upton. PRINCE HAGEN: A Phantasy. Boston: Page, 1903. Dystopian allegory with dwarf race in hollow earth.

Smeaton, [William Henry] Oliphant. A MYSTERY OF THE PACIFIC. Ln: Blackie, 1899. Ancient Romans on island of South Pacific, plus Atlantean survival underground.

Smile, R. Elton [pseud of Elton R. Smilie]. INVESTIGATIONS & EXPERIENCES OF M. SHAWTINBACH at Saar Soong, Sumatra. San Francisco: Joseph Winterburn, 1879. Reported as a sequel to The Manatitlans but actually a satire on Darwinism populated with bizarre apes & missing-links.

Smile, R. Elton. THE MANATITLANS; or, A Record of Recent Scientific Explorations in the Andean La Plata, S. A. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Riverside, 1877. Walled Roman city in Columbian Andes, plus Phoenicians elsewhere in the jungle; & strangest of all, a race of ant-sized people who live in harmony with the Romans.

Smith, Rev. Artegall [pseud of Rev Philip Norton]. SUB SOLE; or, Under the Sun Missionary Adventures in the Great Sahara. Ln: James Nisbet, 1889. Lost tribes; underground super-civilization.

Smith, Clark Ashton. OUT OF SPACE & TIME. Sauk City, WI: Arkham House, 1942. Includes "The Uncharted Isle" from Weird Tales November 1930. Lemurian survival beyond Easter Island evidently transdimensional.

Smith, Mrs. J. Gregory [i.e., Ann Eliza Brainerd]. ATLA, A Story of the Lost Island. NY: Harper, 1886; Ln: Ward & Downey, 1886. A history of Atlantis beginning in the distant past & finally in Central America following the once-popular theory that Aztecs were Atlanteans. The author also wrote a novel of the antediluvian world, Seola (Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1878).

Smith, J. Moyr. TALES OF OLD THULE. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1879. Heroic fantasy novelettes set in the imaginary Viking kingdom of Thule. Marginally lost race since the tale "The Sandals of Hermod" regards a Viking journey to Atlantis.

Smith, Roland. SASQUATCH. NY: Hyperion, 1998. Marginal; bigfoot on Mount St. Helens with young protagonist.

Smith, Titus K. ALTRURIA. NY: Altruria Publishing, 1895. Not a lost race novel but a modern utopian commune, mentioned because the commune is named after the lost race nation in two novellas by William Dean Howells, q.v.

Smith, Wilbur. THE SUNBIRD. Ln: Heinemann, 1972; NY: Doubleday, 1973. Marginal, but overtly influenced by Haggard. Archeological fantasy of the discovery of the ruins of an advanced & unknown civilization, a lost Carthaginian colony in Botswana, told in two timelines with parallels between ancient & modern (reincarnated) characters. Well done.

Smyth, Clifford. THE GILDED MAN, A Romance of the Andes. NY: Boni & Liveright, 1918. Chibcha Indians living in caves in Colombian Andes, with "She"-like heroine. Introduction by Richard LeGallienne.

Snaith, J. C. THUS FAR. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1925; NY: Appleton, 1925. Marginal. Mainly a weird detective thriller about a psychotic superman who is the product of a mad scientist's efforts, including glandular fluids obtained from a surviving Missing Link in Africa.

Snell, Edmund. KONTROL. Phila: Lippincott, 1928. Race of superhumans on Pacific island.

Snell, Roy J. FORBIDDEN CARGOES. Chicago: Reilly & Lee, 1927. Mayan remnant & subterranean stronghold.

Snell, Roy J. PANTHER EYE. Chicago: Reilly & Lee, 1921. Marginal; balloon journey north of Mongolia, yellow peril, utopian city.

Snell, Roy J. THE RED LURE. Chicago: Reilly & Lee, 1926. Lost race in Honduras viewed in passing.

Southesk, James Carnegie, Earl of. HERMINIUS, A Romance. Edinburgh: Edmonston & Douglas, 1882. A Roman tale of ancient Britain, but includes a lost race theme when the Romans encounter the Grauni in the hills of Wales. They're a hairy, Neanderthal-like people.

Southesk, James Carnegie, Earl of. S UOMIRA, A Fantasy. Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1899. Race of subterranean ape-goats. Original & entertaining. Despite a statement of limitation to 50 copies the book has appeared on the market often enough that it's a safe assumption the print-run was larger than that, though the book is rare enough even so.

Southon, A. E. THE GOD OF GOLD, A Tale of the West African Coast. Haggardesque tale of a lost city, hidden gold mine, ancient demon god.

Spafford, Basil.Ý THE BOY MESSENGER OF THE SUN. Ln: Pickering & Inglis, 1963. Juvenile. Survival of Royal Incas in hidden valley in the Andes.

Speight, E(rnest) E. THE GALLEON OF TORBAY: A Romance. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1908. Toltecs & sixteenth century English found isolated in Central America. Excellent.

Spotswood, Christopher. VOYAGE OF WILL ROGERS TO THE SOUTH POLE. Launceston, Tasmania: "Examiner" & "Tasmanian" Office, 1888, 44 page wraps. Peaceful Neolitich race surviving in Antarctica. One of the rarest of all lost race books.

Springer, Norman. THE DARK RIVER. NY: Jacobsen, 1928; NY: Watt, 1928. Red-haired black race in New Guinea, plus Neanderthals. Excellent.

Stables, Gordon. ANNIE O' THE BANKS O' DEE. Ln: White, 1899. South Seas adventures & the discovery of an unknown tribe ruled by a white queen.

Stables, Gordon. THE CITY AT THE POLE. Ln: Nisbet, 1906. Warm polar oasis supports remnant of Viking culture plus gnome-people & prehistoric survivals. Quite good of kind.

Stables, Gordon. THE CRUISE OF THE SNOW-BIRD: A Story of Arctic Adventure. Ln: Hutchinson, 1882.; NY: International Book Co [1882]. Marginal; Arctic aborigines descended from a former humanity.

Stables, W. Gordon. FROM SLUM TO QUARTER-DECK. Ln: 'The Boy's Own Paper' Office, n.d. [1905?]. Marginal; discovery of a piebald tribe in Africa.

Stanley, George Edward. BUGS FOR BREAKFAST. NY: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1996. Humorous prehistoric survival for kids; illustrated by Sal Murdocca.

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Stead, William Thomas. THE DESPISED SEX: The Letters of Callicrates to Dione, Queen of the Xanthians, concerning England & the English, Anno Domini 1902. Ln: Richards, 1903; first published in 1903 in the Review of Reviews Annual. A member of an amazon-ruled lost race in Central Africa visits the outside world.

Stebbing, W. PROBABLE TALES. Ln: Longmans Green, 1899. Connected satires about visits to imaginary civilizations.

Stephen, A. M. THE GLEAMING ARCHWAY. Ln: Dent, 1929. Lost city in British Columbia.

Stephen, A. M. THE KINGDOM OF THE SUN. Ln: Dent, 1927. Advanced, blonde & light-skinned race discovered in 16th Century British Columbia.

Stephens, Cleo. VALLEY OF YESTERDAY. NY: Avalon, 1963. Romance novel about a woman who stumbles into the valley of a lost Indian tribe.

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Stevens, Francis. SUNFIRE. In Weird Tales July/August-September, 1923. Brazil.

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Stilson, Charles B. MINOS OF SARDANES. NY: Avalon, 1966. Originally serialized in All-Story Weekly August 12 thru August 26, 1916; reprinted in Famous Fantastic Mysteries November 1949. Ancient Greek survival in Antarctica. Sequel to Polaris of the Snows.

Stilson, Charles B. POLARIS & THE IMMORTALS. NY: Avalon, 1968. Originally serialized in All-Story Weekly September 15 thru October 13, 1917; reprinted in Famous Fantastic Mysteries September 1959, both times as POLARIS & THE GODDESS GLORIAN. Second sequel to Polaris of the Snows.

Stoddard, Charles. NORTH OF THE STARS. Ln: Cassell, 1938. Somewhat marginal since the race encountered is "merely" Eskimo, but they dwell in a hidden temperate valley (volcanically warmed) near the North Pole.

Stoddard, Thomas A. THE QUEST. NY: Cochrane, 1909. Colony of Incas mixed with Viking blood found in the Upper Amazon.

Stoddard, William O. THE LOST GOLD OF THE MONTEZUMAS: A Story of the Alamo. Phila: Lippincott, 1925. Bowie, Crockett, & the remnant of Aztecs under Texas.

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Strang, Herbert. SULTAN JIM. Oxford University Press, 1913. 8 color plates by Cyrus Cuneo. Central Africa. Medieval Arabs found in hidden valley in Central Africa.

Stribling, T[homas] S[igismund]. THE WEB OF THE SUN. Novella in Adventure January 30, 1922. Peru.

Strickland, W. W. SACRIFICE; or, The Daughter of the Sun: A Prehistoric Arctic Tragi-Comedy for Stage & Cinematograph. Ln: Aldred, 1920, wraps. Tropical paradise discovered in a region of the North Pole, with two mixed-race peoples: African-Aryan & Malaysian-Mongol, & celebrating Admiral Peary.

Stringer, Arthur. THE WOMAN WHO COULDN'T DIE. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1929. A colony of old Norse reached the Northwest Territory of Canada, from which extinct group a frozen Viking woman is discovered & brought back to life.

Stutfield, Hugh E. M. THE BRETHREN OF MOUNT ATLAS: An African Theosophical Story. Ln: Longmans Green, 1891. Hidden valley with very ancient people who're into occult mysticism.

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Surrey, Lionel. THE SECRET OF THE LOST CITY. Ln: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1939.

Sutherland, James. THE NARRATIVE OF JASPER WEEPLE, Being an Account of His Strange Journey to the Land of Midanglia & of all that happened to him in that country. Ln: Scholartis, 1930; Ln: Partridge, 1930. Motoring about England, Weeple finds a medieval village, the lucky bastard.

Sutton, Paralee S. WHITE CITY: A Novel. Palo Alto: Palopress, 1949. Advanced race in hollow earth under Antarctica.

Sweven, Godfrey [pseud of John Macmillan Brown]. RIALLARO, The Archipelago of Exiles. New Zealand: -?-, 1897; NY: Putnam, 1901; Ln: Oxford, 1931. Advanced utopian race in abyss near Antarctica; this is a prequel to Limanora.

Sweven, Godfrey. LIMANORA, The Island of Progress. NY: Putnam, 1903; Ln: Oxford, 1931. Utopian lost race near Antarctica; sequel to Riallaro.

The Societies discovered by Gulliver according to Jonathan Swift

& those diverse hands desirous of sequels

Swift, Jonathan [first published as by Lemuel Gulliver]. TRAVELS INTO SEVERAL REMOTE NATIONS OF THE WORLD in Four Parts by Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, & then a Captain of Several Ships. Ln: Motte, 1726 double-decker. Wildly influential. Races of imbelic super-scientists, giants, tiny people, & odd peoples.

[Swift] Anonymous. LETTERS FROM LAPUTA TO A YOUNG POLITICIAN. Port Louis, Mauritius: n.p., 1895, wraps. Marginal indeed; though framed as one of Lemuel Gulliver's letters about a newly discovered island, it's really a political tract addressed to more or less addressed to Sir Hubert E. H. Jerningham, governor of Mauritius & its dependencies, & "Laputa" is a thinly disguised Mauritius. Extremely rare.

[Swift] Brough, William. GULLIVERS TRAVELS; or, Harlequin Billy Taylor & the Good Spirit of Energy. Manchester: Prince's Theater, 1867, 36p wraps. Pantomime play in verse, with scenes of Lilliput & Brobdingnag.

[Swift] Burnet, W. Hodgson. GULLIBLE'S TRAVELS IN LITTLE-BRIT. Ln: Westall, 1920. Satire on a satire. Gullible returns to Britain & discovers he is a giant or they are Lilliputians.

[Swift] Cecil, Algernon. ESSAYS IN IMITATION. Ln: Marray, 1910. Includes an "imitation" of Gulliver's Travels.

[Swift] Collins, Mortimer. SQUIRE SILCHESTER'S WHIM. Ln: Henry S. King, 1873 triple-decker. Chapter 5 in volume 2 is an independent tale, "The Fifth Voyage of Captain Lemuel Gulliver, sometime of Nottinghamshire." It recounts Lemuel's experiences as a castaway on an island of Amazons.

[Swift] Friedlaender, Kurt. VOYAGE TO SPRINGISTAN by Lemuel Gulliver translated back into English by Thomas Braun. Stockholm: Conrad Peregrinus, 1972. First English edition of this satire written during World War II criticizing Nazism.

[Swift] Garrison, Wendell Phillips. THE NEW GULLIVER. Jamaica, NY: Marion Press, 1898. 51p in soft leather, limited to 125 numbered copies. In the 1870s, an American is shipwrecked on the island of the Houyhnhnms.

[Swift] Graham, Elizabeth Susanna, writing as "Lemuel Gulliver, Jr." VOYAGE TO LOCUTA; A fragment: with etchnigs, & notes of illustration dedicated to Theresa Tidy. Ln: Printed for J. Hatchard, 1818. Island race visited by Gulliver's son. Rare.

[Swift] Gulliver, Dean [pseudonym of unknown author]. THE LAND OF UNREASON: A Satire. Ln: SImpkin Marshall, 1905. Associational; describes an extensive absurd civilization on an island called "Land of Unreason" but it's clearly Britain.

[Swift] Hall, Willis. THE RETURN OF THE "ANTELOPE." Ln: Bodley Head, 1985. "Reverse" lost race. Mariners from Lilliput reach England, based on a thirteen-part television mini-series in the UK.

[Swift] Herrman, Louis. IN THE SEALED CAVE, Being A Modern Commentary On A Strange Discovery Made By Captain Lemuel Gulliver In The Year 1721 & Now Published From Manuscript Notes Recently Come To Light: A Scientific Fantasy. Ln: Williams & Norgate [1935]. Gulliver's lost account of a cave dwelling race descended from Neanderthals.

[Swift] Hodgart, Matthew John Caldwell. A NEW VOYAGE TO THE COUNTRY OF THE HOUYHNHNMS: Being the fifth part of the travels into several remote parts of the world by Lemuel Gulliver, first a surgeon & then a captain of several ships, wherein the author returns & finds a new state of liberal horses & revolting Yahoos, from an unpublished manuscript. NY: Putnam, 1969; Ln: Duckworth, 1969. Novelette.

[Swift] Hyslop, Theo B. [anonymously]. LAPUTA REVISITED BY GULLIVER REDIVIVIS IN 1905. Ln: Hirschfield, 1905, wraps. Gulliver as a Rip Van Winkle sleep then discovers the flying island race has considerably degenerated.

[Swift] Karinthy, Frigyes. VOYAGE TO FARFEMIDO & CAPILLARIA. Budapeste: Corevina, 1966; NY: Living Books, 1966. Originally published as two books in Hungary as Utazas Faremidoba (1916) & Capillaria (1922). Gulliver's fifth & sixth voyages. The fifth is not lost race but interstellar, but the sixth is a seabottom race of giant women of the North Atlantic. Very likely the best of all Gulliver sequals.

[Swift] Perce, Elbert. GILLIVER JOI; His Three Voyages; Being an Account of His Marvelous Adventures in Kailoo, Hydrogenia, & Ejario. A descendent of Lemuel Gulliver discovers an additional Atlantic races (plus two interplanetary voyages).

[Swift] Perry, W. Copland. THE REVOLT OF THE HORSES. Ln: Grant Richards, 1898. The race of intelligent horses from the island of Houyhnhnms (previously discovered by Gulliver) battle mankind in the near future. Rare.

[Swift] Wilson, David Alec. MODERN LILLIPUT: A History of the Recent Re-Discovery of the Lilliput Archipelego. Ln: Daniel, 1924. Author-financed.

[Swift] Whitmore, H. [writing as "Lemuel Gulliver, Jr"]: MODERN GULLIVER'S TRAVELS: Being A New Journey to that Celebrated Island. Containing a faithful Account of the Manners, Character, Customs, Religion, Laws, Politics, Revenue, Taxes, Learning, General Progress in Arts and Sciences, Dress, Amusements, and Gallantry of those Famous Little People. From the Year 1702 (when they were first discovered and visited by Captain Lemuel Gulliver, the Father of the Compiler of this Work), to the present era 1796. London: Chapman 1796.

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