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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors T through Z

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Taine, John [pseud of Eric Temple Bell]. THE GOLD TOOTH. NY: Dutton, 1927. Unknown white race intermixed with Asian found in remote area of Korea.

Taine, John. THE GREATEST ADVENTURE. NY: Dutton, 1929. Super-ancient technology; hollow earth under Antarctica; prehistoric survival.

Taine, John. THE PURPLE SAPPHIRE. NY: Dutton, 1924. Decaying civilization discovered in Tibet.

Taine, John. THE TIME STREAM, THE GREAT ADVENTURE, THE PURPLE SAPPHIRE: Three Novels. NY: Dover, 1964. Omnibus includes two lost race novels.

Tall, Stephen. THE PEOPLE BEYOND THE WALL. NY: Daw, 1980. Wraps.

Tannen, Mary. HUNTLEY NUTLEY & THE MISSING LINK. NY: Knopf, 1983. Illustrated by Rob Sauber.

Tarantino, Quentin, & Robert Kurtzman. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. NY: Miramax Books, 1996 wraps. Marginal. Screenplay for a Tex-Mex vampire film. In the end, it turns out the vampire club is the peak of a buried Mayan pyramid, implying they're Mayans I guess.

Tarnacre, Robert [pseud of Robert Cartmell]. BEYOND THE SWAMPS. Ln: John Lane, 1929. Unchanged Roman city discovered in Africa. Rare.

Taylor, Edward C. TED STRONG IN COLORADO. NY: Street & Smith, n.d. Lost city in North America.

Taylor, Isaac. THE TEMPLE OF MELEKARTHA. Ln: Holdsworth & Ball, 1881. Marginal. A fantasy romance set in the ancient Middle East, including a visit to an isolated university-city built from the ruins of the vanished first human race.

Taylor, William Alexander. INTERMERE. Columbus, Ohio: Century, 1901/2. Atlantis survives as the unknown small idealized continent of Intermere, found in hollow earth under the Pacific side of the Antarctic.

Thatcher, Arthur. "The Last of the Maya" in Weird Tales June & July 1929. Yucatan. Plus hybrid of human with gorilla-like ape.

Thatcher, Arthur. "The Valley of Teeheemen" in Weird Tales December 1924 & January 1925; & it's sequel "The Last of the Teeheemen" in Weird Tales March & April, 1925. Prehistoric survival, & a barbaric olive-skinned race.

Thomas, Eugene E. BROTHERHOOD OF MOUNT SHASTA. DeVorss, 1946; Health Research, 1974. Lemurians underneath Mount Shasta.

Thompson, Ames [pseud of Josephine Chase]. THE ADVENTURE BOYS & THE RIVER OF EMERALDS. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1927. This novel is also included in the Adventure Boys omnibus STRANGE ADVENTURE STORIES FOR BOYS. NY: Cupples & Leon, 1935. Peruvian hidden canyon, lost cavern treasure, fanged dwarf villain worshipped as the Shadow God by Inca Indians.

Thompson, Edward H. THE CHILDREN OF THE CAVE. NY: Tudor, 1929.

Thomson, Christine C. THE INCREDIBLE ISLAND. Ln: George Bles, 1924. Remote Grecian isle.

Thomson, K(enneth) Graham. PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH POLE. Ln: Lutterworth, 1941. Primitive race.

Thorpe, Fred [pseud of Albert Stearns]. THE BOY IN BLACK; or, Strange Adventures in the Land of Mystery. NY: Brave & Bold #233, June 8, 1907; pictorial wraps. Serialized in Golden Hours October 6 thru December 8, 1894. Hidden city inside mountain; advanced race.

Thorpe, Fred. THROUGH THE EARTH; or, Jack Nelson's Invention. NY: Street & Smith, -?-. Serialized in Golden Hours June 5 thru August 7, 1897, as IN THE WORLD BELOW; or, Three Boys in the Center of the Earth. Blue-skinned race in hollow earth, reached by earth-boring car.

Thorpe, Fred. THE MYSTIC ISLE; or, In Peril of His Life. NY: Brave & Bold #328, April 3, 1909; pictorial wraps. Serialized in Golden Hours December 6, 1890 thru February 7, 1891. South Seas island.

Thorpe, Fred. THE SILENT CITY, or, Strange Adventures in an Unknown City. NY: Street & Smith [1907]. Serialized in Golden Hours July 9 thru September 20, 1892. Arctic race.

Thorpe, Fred . WALT, THE WONDER WORKER. NY: Street & Smith, n.d. Subterranean lost race.

Threlfall, T. R. THE GREAT MAGICIAN. Ln: Ward Lock, 1901. Fire-worshipping troglodytes in North Africa.

Tierney, RIchard. HOUSE OF THE TOAD. Minneapolis: Fedogan & Bremer, 1993. Lovecraftian tale of archaeologists, treasure, & evil cults in a lost city in Mexico.

Timins, Douglas. A DOUBLE QUEST. Ln: Methuen, 1930. Crime novel set in London, but involving artifacts obtained from an unknown race in Africa.

Timins, Douglas. THE EXTRA PASSANGER. Ln: Hutchinson, 1928. Advanced city of Karah found in the Andes.

Timms, Edward Vivian. CITIES UNDER THE SEA. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1948. Two races of Atlanteans on islands of another sea beneath the Sargasso Sea.

Timms, Edward Vivian. THE VALLEY OF ADVENTURE, A Story for Boys. Sydney: Cornstalk, 1926. Australia.

Tincker, Mary Agnes. SAN SALVADOR. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1901. Utopian lost race in mountainous region of Europe.

Tiphaigne de la Roche, Charles Francois. GIPHANTIA; or, A View of what has Passed, What is Now Passing, &, during the Present Century, that Will Pass in the World. Ln: Horsefield, 1761, double-decker. From the French. Pre-Adamic world discovered; philosophical.

Todd, Ruthven. THE LOST TRAVELLER. Ln: Grey Walls Press, 1944. Dystopian city.

Tompkins, Walter A. OZAR THE AZTEC. Ln: Gramol [1935]; pictorial wraps. Aztec city survives in volcanic crater in Central America.

Tooker, Richard. INLAND DEEP. Phila: Penn, 1936. Prehistoric lost world found in hollow earth under Colorado, including amphibious hominids.

Tower, Washington L. INTERIOR WORLD, A Romance Illustrating a New Hypothesis of Terrestrial Organization &c.; Oakland, OR: Milton H. Tower, 1885. Marginal; imaginary voyage into lush land of the hollow earth but no races encountered. A long afterword is a treatise on gravitation.

Townsend, Eric. THE LAIR OF THE BIRD-MEN. Ln: Harrap, 1938. Small fur-covered people in the Andes ride giant condors.

Trevor, Michael.. INCA CITY. Ln: Temple, 1947.

Trotet de Bargis, Rene. LA MISSION DES QUATRE SAVANTS. Paris: Ferenczi, 1925. Novelette of prehistoric survival.

Tulip, J. THE MOON GODDESS. Ln: Halle, n.d. [1945?], 64p, wraps. A rare instance of a lost race novel written primarily for girls. South Pacific. Bound with a non-fantasy by E. Moss.

Turner, Edgar, & Reginald Hodder. THE ARMADA GOLD. Ln: Richards, 1908. South Seas island.

Turner, W. J. THE DUCHESS OF POPOCATAPETL. Ln: Dent, 1939. Highly advanced race descended from the Greeks discovered in mountainous region of Persia.

Underwood, Francis H. CLOUD PICTURES. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1872. Fantasy tales including "Topankalon" with a prehistoric race.

Urquhart, Maurice. THE ISLAND OF SOULS: Being a Sensational Fairy Tale. Ln: Mills & Boon, 1910. Plus vampirism.

Utley, Steven & Howard Waldrop. BLACK AS THE PIT, FROM POLE TO POLE, a novella in Robert Silverberg's New Dimensions 7 (NY: Harper & Row, 1977); in Garder Dozois' Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year 1977 (NY: Dutton, 1978); Terry Carr's Year's Best Fantasy (NY: Berkley/Putnam, 1978 wraps); & James Turner's Eternal Lovecraft (Urbana, IL: Golden Gryphon, 1998). Lovecraftian & Burroughsian serio-comic lost race adventure of the hollow earth, a brilliant tale.

Vallance, B[enjamin]. "The New Humans" in Pearson's Magazine December 1909. Altered (boneless) Europeans have dwelt for three-hundred years in a hidden valley in Africa. They have morphic capacity to take normal human form but their natural form is rather amoebic.

van der Nalen, Albert. THE GREAT MESSAGE. San Francisco: California Press, 1925. Mayan occult race.

van der Naillen, Albert. IN THE SANCTUARY. NY: FitzGerald, 1895; Doxey, San Francisco, 1896. Marginal; strange occult society in Himalayas.

van der Nalen, Albert. ON THE HEIGHTS OF HIMALAY. NY: Lovell, 1890; NY: American Publishing Corp., 1896 with new preface. Includes Aztec survival in Baja California.

Van Zile, Edward. WITH SWORD & CRUCIFIX. NY: Harper, 1900. Thriving Inca-like city found on the Lower Mississippi by 17th Century explorers.

Velasqez, Pedro. A MEMOIR OF AN EVENTFUL EXPEDITION IN CENTRAL AMERICA; Resulting in the Discovery of the Idolatrous City of Iximaya, in an Unexplored Region, & the Possession of two Remarkable Aztec Children, etc. NY: Bell, 1850; small wraps. Southwest Mexico. The Aztecs are presumedly descended of Assyrians.

Vercors [pseud of Jean Brullers]. YOU SHALL KNOW THEM. Boston: Little Brown, 1952; Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1953. Also issued as BORDERLINE (Ln: Macmillan, 1953; NY: New English Librarary, 1976 wraps) & as THE MURDER OF THE MISSING LINK (NY: Pocket Books, 1958 wraps). Translation of LES ANIMAUX DENATURES (Paris: Albin-Michel, 1952). Discovery of missing link.

Verne, Jules. AN ANTARCTIC MYSTERY. Ln: Sampson Low, 1898; Phila: Lippincott, 1899; Boston: Gregg Press, 1975. Sequel to Poe's The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Antarctic; hollow earth.

Verne, Jules. A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Ln: Griffith & Farran, 1872; NY: Scribners, 1874; NY: Dodd Mead, 1959. Translation of VOYAGE AU CENTRE DE LA TERRE (Paris: Hetzel, 1864). Hollow Earth. Among the many wonders, a race of giants who have domesticated mammoths.

Verne, Jules. TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. Ln: Sampson Low, 1873, & a bazillion other editions. Marginal; at one point Captain Nemo takes his guests to walk, in diving suits, along the streets of Atlantis; but no race survives (except in a couple film versions).

Verne, Jules. THE VILLAGE IN THE TREE TOPS. Westport, CT: Associated Booksellers, 1964. Translation of LE VILLAGE AERIEN. Paris: Hetzel. 1902. Missing link found in Africa.

Verrill, A(lpheus) Hyatt. THE BOY ADVENTURERS IN THE FORBIDDEN LAND. NY: Putnam, 1922.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE BOY ADVENTURERS IN THE LAND OF EL DORADO. NY: Putnam, 1923. Marginal.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE BOY ADVENTURERS IN THE LAND OF THE MONKEY MEN. NY: Putnam, 1923. Giants/missing links in fantastic scarlet forest deep in British Guiana. The others in the Boy Adventure series are very marginal.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE BOY ADVENTURERS IN UNKNOWN LANDS. NY: Putnam, 1924. Marginal.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE BRIDGE OF LIGHT. Reading, Pennsylvania: Fantasy Press, 1959. Mayans reached by mystic transportation across the bridge of light.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE GOLDEN CITY, A Tale of Adventure in Unknown Guiana. NY: Duffield, 1916. Archeological fantasy. Remnant of a vastly ancient lost race whose civilization was destroyed by meteor.

Verrill, A. Hyatt. THE INCA'S TREASURE HOUSE. Ln: Harrap, 1936. Inhabited Inca city.

Vetch, Thomas. THE AMBER CITY, Being Some Account of the Adventures of a Steam Crocodile in Central Africa. Ln: Biggs & Dibenham, 1888. Verne-like African adventures including discovery of a race living in a city constructed of amber.

Victor, Mrs. M. V. THE BROWN PRINCESS: A Tale of the Death Canon. NY: Street & Smith, Sea & SHor Series #3, Septermber 1888, decorative wraps. Last member of an Inca-like race discovered in the Rockies; they once ruled all North America.

Vincent, Harl. "The Menace from Below" in Science Wonder Stories, July 1929. Lost world scenaria; hollow earth.

Vincent, Harl. "The Return to Subterranea" in Science Wonder Stories, April 1930. Sequel to "The Menace from Below."

Vincent, Lady Kitty. LOST WORLD. Ln: Jenkins, 1937.

Visiak, Edward Harold. MEDUSA: A Story of Mystery. Ln: Gollancz, 1929. Subhuman sea people, probably Atlantean survivals.

Vivian, E. Charles. CITY OF WONDER. Ln: Hutchinson, 1922; NY: Moffatt Yard, 1923. East Indies island lost race, survivors of sunken Lemuria & Atlantis. There are also elemental beings that figure in Vivian's novel Nightmare Farm published as by Jack Mann, q.v.

Vivian, E. Charles. FIELDS OF SLEEP. Ln: Hutchinson, 1923. US title THE VALLEY OF SILENT MEN. Chaldean survival in region of Malaysia.

Vivian, E. Charles. A KING THERE WAS. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1926. Survival of a Pre-Columbian Americans possibly related to Atlantis.

Vivian, E. Charles. THE LADY OF THE TERRACES. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1925. Ecuadorian Andes.

Vivian, E. Charles. PEOPLE OF THE DARKNESS. Ln: Hutchinson, 1924. Sequel to Fields of Sleep introducing a subterranean nocturnal race, small-eyed & with serpentine fingers, descended from Atlantean mining slaves.

Vivian, E. Charles. WOMAN DOMINANT. Ln: Ward & Lock, 1930. Southeast Asian matriarchal race makes use of zombyism.

Vizetelly, Henry, & David Bougue. VIER MONATE UNTER DEN GOLDFINDERN IN OBERCALIFORNIEN. Hamburg, Germany: Berendsohm, 1849. Imaginary voyages in the manner of Swift.

Volk, Gordon. THE ISLE OF MEN. Ln: Skeffington, 1932. South Pacific.

Voss-Bark, C. THE SEALED ENTRANCE. Ln: Chapman Hall, 1947. Centuries-old hidden community in secret mountain valley of Albania.

Wait, Frona E. YERMAH THE DORADO. San Francisco: Doxey, 1897. Marginal. Atlantean colony once inhabited the area that is now San Francisco.

Waldo, Cedric Dane. THE BAN OF THE GUBBE. Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1896. A single member of a webfooted race that once lived off the coast of Norway seeks his ancestry & finds other members of his race off the coast of Scotland. Rare.

Walker, Rowland. BY AIRSHIP TO THE TROPICS. Ln: Ward Lock, 1923. Hidden city of "Nophar" (obviously same as Burroughs' Ophir) is an Atlantean survival in Africa.

Walkey, S. IN QUEST OF A KINGDOM. Ln: Cassell, 1914. Medieval kingdom found unchanged in South Africa.

Walkey, S. IN QUEST OF SHEBA'S TREASURE: A Perilous Adventure by Land & Sea. Ln: Warne, 1897. North Africa.

Wall, Frank [pseud of Harold De Polo]. THE LOST EMPIRE. Serialized in The Thrill Book July 15 thru August 1, 1919. Survival of 17th Century English culture as snared in the Saragasso Sea.

[Wallace, Edgear & Merian C. Cooper] Delos W. Lovelace: KING KONG. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1932. Conceived by Wallace & Cooper, written by Lovelace, illustrated with stills from the film. Kong is worshipped by an island race of ancient origins that was previously an advanced society.

Wallis, George C. BEYOND THE HILLS OF MIST. Ln: James Henderson, No. 271 in The Nugget Library, 1913; pictorial wraps. Reprinted from Lot-O'-Fun Magazine. Tibet.

Wallis, George C. THE CALL OF PETER GASKEL. Ln: World's Work, 1948. Inca.

Wallis, George C. [writing as John Stanton]. "The City at the South Pole" in The Union Jack first series no 490, September 12, 1903. Novelette.

Wallis, George C. THE LAST KING OF ATLANTIS. Serialized in 18 installment sin the London magazine Short Stories October 3, 1896, to January 30, 1897. Marginal; a submarine (in the "future" or 1963) finds a chronicle of ancient Atlantis up to its destruction. Published three years before Hyne's similarly structured The Lost Continent which would be serialized in the same publishers Pearson's Magazine. George Locke speculates the popularity of this serial induced C. Arthur Pearson to commission a finer version for the firm's lead magazine. Wallis followed up this serial novel with a short tale of ancient Atlantis, "The Vow of King Vendis," in Short Stories April 17, 1897. He had earlier written the novelette "The White Queen of Atlantis" for Pearson's Weekly Extra Christmas Number, 1896.

Walliss, H. Allan. THE JUNGLE GODDESS. Ln: Film Story Publishing, 1923, pictorial wraps. Based on a silent film serial. Marginal; a priest-dominated tribe has a White Goddess & a string-manipulated "living" idol.

Walsh, M. C. THE GOLDEN IDOL, A Tale of Adventure in Australia & New Zealand. Chicago: Donahue & Henneberry, 1891. Cursed cavern treasure guarded by remnant of a vanished civilization.

Waltermire, Beecher W. THE ADVENTURES OF A SKELETON: A Tale of Natural Gas. NY: Ogilvie, 1890 wraps. Hollow earth races reached through oil-well drilling. Rare.

Wandrei, Howard. "The Monocle" in TIME BARRIER. Minneapolis: Fedogan & Bremer, 1995.

Wandrei, Howard. THE WEB OF EASTER ISLAND. Sauk City: Arkham House, 1965. Marginal; the head-builders of Easter Island are tied to the Lovecraft/Derleth mythos.

Waraburton, Fred. THE CRATER OF GOLD; or, Dick Hope's Find in the Philippines. NY: Wide Awake Weekly #32, November 23, 1906; pictorial wraps. A crater in northern Luzon.

Ward, George Whiteley. DRELMA, A Tale of the Great Sahara. Ln: Greening, 1908. Egyptian city of Isis worshippers hidden in desert.

Warren, Benjamin C. ARSARETH: A Tale of the Luray Caverns. NY: Lovell, 1893. Archeological fantasy with some slight supernaturalism. Discovery of evidence that the Lost Tribes of Israel once dwelt in Virginia caverns.

Warwick, Sidney & Francis. THE SECRET OF LOST RIVER, A Gripping Yarn of a Strange Quest in South America. Ln: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend, New Series No. 200 [1929] pictorial wraps.

Washington, S. H. L. THE TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, A Tale of Adventure. Liverpool: Henry Young, 1924. Egyptian high culture survival; much supernaturalism & fantasy.

Watson, Aaron. FOR LUST OF GOLD, Being a Narrative of the Adventures of Francis Boulmer, Anthony Goddard, & Certain Others, in their Search for the Golden City of Manoa. Ln: Scott, 1892. El Dorado (Manoa) discovered in the early 1600s.

Watson, Frederick. THE GHOST ROCK, The Story of a Search for Vast Fortune in the Heart of Brazil. Ln: Newnes, No. 11 in Newnes' "Adventure" Library, 1915. Hidden city.

Watson, H. B. Marriott. THE BIG FISH. Boston: Little Brown, 1912. Marginal; Inca relics only.

Wattley, Urides. BEYOND THE HILL. San Francisco: Wattley & Son, 1951. Race of "Manhat-Taners" beneath Point Richmond.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell]. THE CURSE OF THE LION. Ln: United Press, 1923. Fantasy shorts, including a lost race tale, "The Ape People."

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell]. GOLD & GLORY. Ln: Shaw, 1932.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] THE IVORY TALISMAN. Ln: Warne, 1930. Lost city in Africa.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] THE LAND OF THE FORGOTTEN WOMEN. Ln: Skeffington, 1950. Discovery of Amazons (Valkyries) of Viking ancestry.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] THE LORD OF THE LEOPARDS. Ln: Hutchinson, 1935. Associational. Africa; feral lad raised by leopards.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] LOST CITY OF LIGHT. Ln: Warne, 1934. Central Asia.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] MUBENDI GIRL. Ln: Hutchinson, 1935. Africa; extinct volcano.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell]. THE ODYSSEY OF HUNSKY ILLIER. Ln: Chapman & Hall, 1934. Linked shorts including tales set in lost kingdoms of the Toltecs & the Egyptians.

Webster, F[rederick] A[annesley] M[itchell] THE TRAIL OF THE SKULL, A Story of African Adventure. Ln: Juvenile Productions, 1937.

Webster, J. Provand. THE ORACLE OF BAAL; A Narrative of Some Curious Events in the Life of Professor Horatio Carmichael, M.A. Ln: Hutchinson; Phila: Lippincott, 1896. Africa; subhuman wolf-people & survival of Carthaginians.

Welcome, S. Byron. FROM EARTH'S CENTER, A Polar Gateway Message. Chicago: Kerr, 1894. Socialist race in the Hollow Earth.

Well, H. G. THE COUNTRY OF THE BLIND & Other Stories. Ln: Nelson, 1911. A blind race discovered in South America.

Well, H. G. MR. BLETTSWORTHY ON RAMPOLE ISLAND. Ln: Benn, 1928. Castaway on remote island with prehistoric sloths & a primitive culture off the coast of Patagonia. Mr. Blettsworthy is upraised Sacred Lunatic by the primitive culture. An allegory rather in the mode of Candide which resolves into an illusion caused by madness & split personality.

Wells, James W. THE VOICE OF URBANO: A Romance of Adventure on the Amazon. Ln: Allen, 1888.

Wentworth, Walter. KIBBOO GANEY; or, The Lost Chief of the Copper Mountain: A Story of Travel & Adventure in the Heart of Africa. Boston: Roberts, 1889. Marginal; adventures among strange African tribes, but the immediate sequel The Drifting Island is more strongly lost race related.

Wentworth, Walter. THE DRIFTING ISLAND, A Sequel to Kibboo Ganey. Boston: Roberts, 1890. Dwarf race.

Wentworth-James, Gertie de S. MR LYNKE. London: C.W. Daniel Co., 1925. Survival of a missing link.

West, Marvin [pseud of John H. Goldfrap]. THE MOTOR RANGER'S CLOUD CRUISER. NY: Hurst, 1912. Lost City on doomed island, but the vanished race makes no appearance.

Westall, William. DON OR DEVIL? Ln: Pearson, 1901. Serialized in Pearson's Short Story Magazine July 21 thru December 1, 1900. Fabled city of Manoa in Columbia.

Westall, William. MR. FORTESCUE: An Andean Romance. NY: Appleton, 1888; NY: Phoenix, 1892. Same as NIGEL FORTESCUE; or, The Hunted Man. Ln: Ward & Downey, 1888. Inca survival in Andes.

Westall, William. PHANTOM CITY, A Volcanic Romance. Ln: Cassell, 1886; NY: Harper, 1886. Mayan survival in Guatamala.

Westall, William. A QUEER RACE: The Story of a Strange People. Ln: Cassell, 1887; Phila: Coates [c1890]; NY: Street & Smith, n.d., wraps. West Indies culture descended from 17th Century English castaways.

Westerman, Percy F[rancis]. CAPTURED AT TRIPOLI. Ln: Blackie, n.d. [1920s?]. Medieval English Crusaders linger in a North African stronghold.

Westerman, Percy F[rancis]. THE SECRET OF THE PLATEAU. Ln: Blackie, 1931. Fierce race discovered in Central Africa, descendants of a lost Roman legion.

Western, Ernest [writing as Captain E. M'Bride, the narrator]. NINETY NORTH. Ln: Thomas Burleigh, 1899. Viking survival in Polar region; also, mammoths.

Wetmore, Claude H. SWEEPERS OF THE SEA, The Story of a Strange Navy. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1900. Future Inca empire.

Wheatley, Dennis. THE MAN WHO MISSED THE WAR. Ln: Hutchinson, 1945. Pygmy race in a hidden valley of Antarctica, preyed upon by a nearby community of Atlantean survivors.

Wheatley, Dennis. THEY FOUND ATLANTIS. Ln: Hutchinson; Phila: Lippincott, 1936. Wheatley's best fantasy. Two seabottom lost races in Antarctica, wicked Atlanteans & dominated pygmies. Quite good.

Wheatley, Dennis. UNCHARTED SEAS. Ln: Hutchinson, 1950. Shipwrecked among an unknown people in the South Atlantic.

Wheatley, Dennis. WORLDS FAR FROM HERE. -?-, 1945. Omnibus.

Wherry, Edith. JADE MOUNTAIN. Ln: Hutchinson, 1926. Fabulous relic of a lost race in Asia, but only one member of that race still living.

Whitehead, Henry S[t. Clair]. WEST INDIA LIGHTS. Sauk City: Arkham, 1946. "The Great Circle" has Mayan survival.

Whitehead, Henry S[t. Clair]. "The People of Pan" in Weird Tales March 1929. Caribbean survival of ancient Greeks.

Whitley, Reid. MASTER OF DWARF ISLAND. Ln: Boy's Friend Library #222, 1933. Wraps. Discovery of Lilliputian race.

Whitlock, Francis. "Hearts & Diamonds" in Popular Magazine July-August 1908. Aztecs in the Yucatan.

Whitmarsh, H. Phelps. THE GOLDEN TALISMAN. Boston: W. A. Wilde, 1899. Plateau in Central Asia.

Whittaker, Frederick. THE GRIZZLY-HUNTERS; or, The Navahoe Captives: A Tale of the Lost City of the Sierras. NY: Beadle's Dime Novels #228, 1871. Aztecs in New Mexico. Also, elephant-sized grizzlies.

Whittaker, Frederick. THE LOST CAPTAIN; or, Skipper Jabez Coffin's Cruise to the Open Polar Sea. NY: Brave & Bold #165, February 17, 1906; pictorial wraps. Serialized in Saturday Journal January 10 thru March 6, 1880. Viking survival in a temperate zone of the Arctic Circle.

Whyte, Melton. THE SECRET OF THE SINKING MOUINTAIN. Takes up the full issue (13 of 16 pages) of the London boy's periodical The Halfpenny Marvel for March 3, 1896.

Widnall, Samuel Page. A MYSTERY OF SIXTY CENTURIES: A Modern St George & the Dragon. Grantchester, Cambridge: privately issued, 1889. Missing link (& pterodactyls) found by explorers in Africa.

Wilkins, Vaughan. CITY OF FROZEN FIRE. NY: Macmillan, 1950; Ln: Cape, 1950. 12th Century Welsh colony discovered in South America in the 19th Century.

Willard, T[heodore] A[rthur]. THE WIZARD OF ZACNA, A Lost City of the Mayas. Boston: Stratford, 1929; Cleveland: Evangelical Press [1930]; Cleveland: Burrows, 1930; Los Angeles: Murray & Gee, 1935. Hidden valley.

Willard, T[heodore] A[rthur]. BRIDGE OF THE RAIN GODS: Princess of Chicen-itza, The Secret City of the Mayas. Cleveland: Burrows, 1930.

Williams, Geoffrey. THE MAGICIANS OF CHARNO. Ln: Murray, 1913. Marginal; sorcerous African tribe.

Williams, Islwyn. DANGEROUS WATERS. Ln: Gryphon, 1952. A race discovered in an air bubble under the sea.

Williams, Miles Sheldon. THE POWER OF ULA. Ln: Ward Lock, 1906. Atlantean-Inca amazons deep in Brazilian Andes. Rare.

Williams, Robert Moore. JONGOR OF THE LOST LAND. NY: Popular, 1970, wraps. Originally in Fantastic Adventures, Oct 1940.

Williams, Robert Moore. THE RETURN OF JONGOR. NY: Popular, 1970, wraps. Originally in Fantastic Adventures, April 1944.

Williams, Robert Moore. JONGOR FIGHTS BACK. NY: Popular, 1970, wraps, originally in n Fantastic Adventures Dec 1951.

Williams, Thad W. IN QUEST OF LIFE. Neely, 1898. Plus vampirism.

Williamson, Jack. DRAGON'S ISLAND. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1951. Marginal; a perverse advanced race lives integrated among us.

Williamson, Jack. GOLDEN BLOOD. NY: Lancer, 1964 wraps; Edgewater, MD: Tamerlane, 1978 first hardcover. Novella originally serialized in Weird Takes April thru September, 1933. Arabia.

Williamson, Jack. THE GREEN GIRL. NY: Avon, 1950 wraps. Serialized in Amazing in 1930. Hollow earth.

Wilson, Colin. THE MIND PARASITES. Sauk City, WI: Arkham, 1967. Huge city under Turkey.

Wilson, Daniel. BOY HARRY & PRINCESS SESTOS MERRH. Ln: Stockwell, 1927. City of classical Egyptians hidden in the Sahara.

Wilson, William Huntington. RAFNALAND, The Strange Story of John Heath Howard. NY: Harper, 1900. Viking survival in the Arctic, reached by balloon.

Wilson, Captain Thomas H. [pseud]. LOST AT THE NORTH POLE; or The Kingdom of Ice. NY: Pluck & Luck #63, August 16, 1899, pictorial wraps; earlier serialized in The Boys of New York May 26 thru August 11, 1888. Arctic giants.

Winch, Edgar. THE MOUNTAIN OF GOLD. Ln: Hurst & Blackett, 1928. This book has been mistakenly attributed to Marjorie Bowen though she had nothing to do with it.

Winslow, Belle Hagen. THE WHITE DAWN. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1920. Viking discovery of one of the Lost Tribes of Israel dwelling in a cavern.

Winthrop, Park. THE LAND OF THE CENTRAL SUN. Serialized in Argosy July 1902 thru January 1903. Hollow Earth entered from Antarctica, exited in the Andes, two races encountered.

Wood, Mrs. J. [pseud] PANTALETTA, A Romance of Sheheland. NY: American News Co., 1882. Antifeminist Hollow Earth.

Wood, S. Andrew. WINGED HEELS. Ln: Jenkins, 1927. Aztecs in Central America.

Woodley, Richard. THE MAN FROM ATLANTIS. NY: Dell, 1977; wraps. Novelization of the first made-for-TV movie about a gilled Atlantean who washes ashore near death.

Woodley, Richard. DEATH SCOUTS. NY: Dell, 1977; wraps. Novelization of the second made-for-tv movie about an Atlantean secret agent for the US Navy.

Woodley, Richard. KILLER SPOORS. NY: Dell, 1977; wraps. Novelization of the third made-for-tv movie about an Atlanteans adventures in our world of land-people.

Woodley, Richard. THE DISAPEARANCES. NY: Dell, 1977; wraps. Fourth in the Man from Atlantis series of novelizations.

Worth, Nigel [pseud of Noel Wright]. ARMS OF PHAEDRA: A Tale of Wonder & Adventure. Ln: Mills & Boon, 1924. Survival of Minoan high culture hidden in modern Crete. Rare.

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