Beyond the Gap Fill

9 Dynamic Activities for Song in the EFL Classroom

Many teachers like to use music and song in the language classroom. Good motivational tools, they are fun, relaxing and provide a class with variety and a break from textbook study. However, when it comes to designing a listening activity for a song teachers tend to rely upon the ‘gap fill’; by far the most frequently employed song-related listening task. This article presents a collection of simple, effective techniques that can be easily applied to a range of songs. All techniques employed incorporate active learning elements such as movement, prediction, student-student interaction and competitive games – providing teachers with a bank of useful and engaging classroom activities. The activities are suitable for learners from young teens to adults, ranging from low intermediate to advanced levels.

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Beyond the Gap Fill - Music and Song Activities for the EFL Classroom

TESOL PowerPoint slides and student worksheets for activities described in Nico Lorenzutti’s Beyond the Gap Fill Music and Song Workshop

Double Gap Fill: Powerpoint slides and worksheets

Material and Activities for Everything at Once ~ Lenka

Download PPT Slides Download Double Gap Fill Activity

Pair Watching: Powerpoint slides and worksheets

Material and Activities for You Belong with Me ~ Taylor Swift

Download PPT Slides Download Listening Grid

Word Swatter: Powerpoint slides and worksheets

Material and Activities for The Lazy Song ~ Bruno Mars, Megan Lee cover

Download PPT Slides Download Cards

Definitions Activity - Template

Download Template

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