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Lost Worlds Australia: The Ultimate Anthology


"Soon the ancient mystery of Africa will have vanished,” H. Rider Haggard lamented, asking “[where will] the romance writers of future generations find a safe and secret place, unknown to the pestilent accuracy of the geographer, in which to lay their plots?” The answer at least in the short term was Australia." —Russell Blackford, Van Ikin, Sean McMullen, Strange Constellations: A History of Australian Science Fiction.

This Early Australian Science Fiction anthology is a collection of 16 tales considered to be among the most influential Australian works in the lost world genre. They are the works most referred to by researchers when they discuss Australian colonial science fiction. Some have been made available for Kindle for the very first time and are exclusive to ROH Press.

Oo-a-deen, or, The Mysteries of the Interior Unveiled, Anonymous, 1847 (First Kindle Edition)
The Lost Explorer by James Francis Hogan, 1890 (First Kindle Edition)
The Golden Lake by W Carlton Dawe, 1891 (First Kindle Edition)
The Fallen Race by Austyn Granville,1892 (First Kindle Edition)
A Haunt of the Jinkarras by Ernest Favenc, 1894 (First Kindle Edition)
The Secret of the Australian Desert by Ernest Favenc, 1896 (First Kindle Edition)
Marooned on Australia by Ernest Favenc, 1896 (First Kindle Edition)
An Australian Bush Track by John David Hennessey, 1896
The Adventure of the Broad Arrow by Morley Roberts, 1897 (First Kindle Edition)
The Last Lemurian by George Firth Scott, 1898
Eureka by Owen Hall, 1899 (First Kindle Edition)
Fugitive Anne by Rosa Campbell Praed, 1902
The Lost Explorers by Alexander MacDonald, 1906
The Silver Queen by William Sylvester Walker, 1908 (First Kindle Edition)
Out of the Silence by Erle Stanley Cox, 1919
(The original edition, not the text available freely online)
Koi: or The Thing Without Any Bones, William Sylvester Walker, 1924 (First Kindle Edition)

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Out of the Silence: "For anyone who wants to read an early sci-fi classic that isn't bent on killing you with detail, this is an excellent novel." ~ John Conrad, Goodreads.com

The Last Lemurian: "A fun read for those who enjoy the older lost race kinds of stories." ~Charles, Goodreads.com

Fugitive Anne: "A "lost race" adventure novel in the tradition of H. Rider Haggard, Rosa Praed's Fugitive Anne (1902) also confronts important issues of the day, including colonialism and the difficulties faced by women trapped in bad marriages."

Eureka: "One of the finer books of its kind, unfortunately very rare." ~ Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Lost Race Checklist

Marooned on Australia: "Mr. Favenc is very well equipped to write a stirring tale of this country, and in his new book Marooned on Australia he has produced a romance in which he so cleverly used the legends of the past, the varying natural characteristics, clash of races, and daring adventure that it ought to be enjoyed by a wide circle of readers." ~ The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Dec, 1896

"With the publication of Oo-a-deen or, the Mysteries of the Interior Unveiled in 1847, an unknown author not only pioneered the lost civilization motif in Australian science fiction, but also gave Australian readers their first taste of a utopia in the moral tradition of Sir Thomas Moore." ~ Van Ikin, Australian Science Fiction, 1982

Koi; or, The Thing Without Any Bones: "Heady stuff: a spectacularly over-the-top fantasy." ~James Doig, Woormwoodiana (A blog devoted to fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature)

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Lost Worlds Australia: The Ultimate Anthology
Imprint Masterworks of Adventure
Published March 10, 2019
ISBN 9781987886573
Length 4326 pages
Lost Worlds: The Ultimate Anthology
Lost Worlds Australia: 16 Classic Tales
Atlantis & Lemuria
The Early Works of Science Fiction