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The Lost Race Checklist

Authors N through Q

copyright © 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Nathan, Robert. THE MALLOT DIARIES. NY: Knopf, 1965. Neanderthals in Arizona.

Nelson, Arthur A. WINGS OF DANGER, A Novel. NY: McBride, 1915; serialized in Adventure January thru April, 1915, as THE ADVENTURERS. Viking culture lingers in East Africa. Excellent.

Newton, [Wilfrid] Douglas. I, SAVARAN! Ln: Cassell, 1937. Fourteen linked shorts including "The Great Quest" featuring a lost race of Quaker derivation. Africa.

Newton, [Wilfrid] Douglas. SAVARAN & THE GREAT SAND. Ln: Cassell, 1939. Lost race of Amazons in the Sahara, complete with monster & an Ayesha-type queen. Excellent & amusing.

Newton, [Wilfrid] Douglas. "Sunken Cities" in Munsey's Magazine November 1923. Pre-Indic race on an Oceanic island.

Newton, [Wilfrid] Douglas. "The People of Darkness" in Charles L. Birkin's anonymously edited anthology QUAKES (Ln: Philip Allan, 1933) features a deadly supercivilization of bat-people released from caverns under Australia.

Nichol, C. A. Scrmsour. THE MYSTERY OF THE NORTH POLE. Ln: Francis Griffiths, 1908. Isrealites.

Nichols, Joel Martin, Jr. "The City of Glass" in Weird Tales March 1927. Remnant of Atlantis in North Africa.

Nichols, Joel Martin, Jr. "The Lure of Atlantis" in Weird Tales April 1925. Remnant of Atlantis protected by sentient seaweed of the Sargasso Sea.

Nisbet, Hume. THE EMPIRE BUILDERS: A Romance of Adventure & War in South Africa. Ln: White, 1900; Ln: George Bell, 1900. Discovery of tribe of amazon women in South America. Rare.

Nisbet, Hume. THE GREAT SECRET, A Tale of To-morrow. Ln: White, 1895. Hesperides.

Nisbet, Hume. THE JOLLY ROGER. Ln: Digby Long, 1893. Seventeenth Century pirate adventure, featuring a pirate city on a hidden island reached by means of a supernatural wind.

Nisbet, Hume.VALDMER THE VIKING, A Romance of the Eleventh Century by Sea & Land. Ln: Hutchinson [1893]. Heroic fantasy; lost race with advanced technology discovered by Viking hero journeying beyond the Pole.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] ACROSS THE DESERT OF FIRE. NY: Frank Reade Library #174, December 10, 1897; pictorial wraps. Andes.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] ACROSS THE FROZEN SEA; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Electric Snow Cutter. NY: Frank Reade Library June 22, 1894; pictorial wraps. Arctic survival of old Norse culture.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] AROUND THE WORLD UNDER WATER; or, The Wonderful Cruise of a Submarine Boat. NY: Frank Reade Library #40, June 24, 1893; pictorial wraps. Atlantean ruins on seabottom, but no survival.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE CLOUD CITY; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Most Wonderful Discovery. NY: Frank Reade Library #164, July 23, 1897; pictorial wraps. Warlike giants in the Andes.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FOR SIX WEEKS BURIED IN A DEEP SEA CAVE. NY: Frank Reade Library #115, -?-. Atlantis

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr. & HIS ELECTRIC COACH; or, The Search for the Isle of Diamonds. NY: Frank Reade Library #58-59, October 28/November 4, 1893; pictorial wraps. Serialized in The Boys of New York October 25, 1890 thru March 7, 1891. Descendants of the biblical Og in Mexico.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr. IN THE SEA OF SAND & HIS DISCOVER OF A LOST PEOPLE. NY: Frank Reade Library #49, August 26, 1893; pictorial wraps. And Five Cent Wide Awake Library #1051, May 23, 1891; wraps. Sahara.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr. WITH HIS AIR SHIP IN ASIA; or, A Flight Across the Steppes. NY: Frank Reade Library #56, October 14, 1893; pictorial wraps; and Five Cent Wide Awake Library #1108, February 6, 1892, wraps. Hairy Missing Link in Siberia with their primitive civilization.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr.'s CATAMARAN OF THE AIR; or, Wild & Wonderful Adventures in North Australia. NY: Frank Reade Library #90, September 21, 1894; pictorial wraps. Serialized in The Boys of New York April 15 thru June 17, 1893. Civilized race in outback.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr.'s EXPLORING A SUBMARINE MOUNTAIN. NY: Frank Reade Library #77, -?-. Atlantis.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] FRANK READE, Jr.'s LATEST AIR WONDER THE KITE. NY: Frank Reade Library #43, -?-; pictorial wraps. Andes.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE ISLAND IN THE AIR; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Triop to the Tropics. NY: Frank Reade Library #133, May 15, 1896; pictorial wraps. Giant Incas, lost tribe of Israel, plus preshistoric races in jungles of British Guiana.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] JACK WRIGHT & HIS ELECTRIC AIR SCHOONER; or, The Mystery of the Magic Mine. NY: Pluck & Luck #253, March 13, 1918; pictorial wraps. And The Boy's Star Library #253, April 16, 1892; pictorial wraps. Volcanic crater in Ceylon.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] JACK WRIGHT & HIS MAGNETIC MOTOR; or, The Golden City of the Sieras. NY: Pluck & Luck #214, July 9, 1902; pictorial wraps. And The Boy's Star Library #234, December -?-, 1891. Aztec survival in Mexico.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] LOST IN THE GREAT ATLANTIC VALLEY. NY: Frank Reade Library #84, -?-. Atlantis.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] LATITUDE 90o; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Most Wonderful Mid-Air Flight: A Strange & Thrilling Narrative. NY: Frank Reade Library #125, January 24, 1896; pictorial wraps. Arctic.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE MISSING ISLAND; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Wonderful Trip Under the Deep Sea. NY: Frank Reade Library #93, November 2, 1894; pictorial wraps. Aztec survival in distant archipelago.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE MISSING PLANET; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Quest for a Fallen Star with his New Air-Ship, "The Zenith." NY: Frank Reade Library #149, December 25, 1896; pictorial wraps. Toward end, Frank finds a race of primitive blond giants in Siberia.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE MYSTERIOUS MIRAGE; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Desert Search for a Secret City with his New Overland Chiase. NY: Frank Reade Library #113, August 1895; pictorial wraps. North African desert.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] 7000 MILES UNDERGROUND; or, Frank Reade, Jr., Exploring a Volcano. NY: Frank Reade Library #162, June 25, 1897; pictorial wraps. Albino furry race supposedly Aztec; hollow earth.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE SILENT CITY; or, Frank Reade, Jr.'s Visit to a Stange People with his New Electric Flyer. NY: Frank Reade Library #154, March 5, 1897; pictorial wraps. Pre-Aztec survival ijn the Yucatan.

"Noname" [probably by Luis P. Senarens] THE SILVER SEA; or, Franke Reade, Jr.'s Submarine Cruise in Unknown Waters. NY: Frank Reade Library #178, February 4, 1898. Pictorial wraps. Antarctica.

"Noname" [by Francis W. Doughty]. WHERE?; or, Washed into an Unknown World. NY: Pluck & Luck #182, November 27, 1901; & in The Boys of New York December 14, 1889 thru February 1, 1890, as by Robert Maynard. Pictorial wraps. Antarctica; ugly dwarfish men but regular-seeming women.

"Noname" [by Francis W. Doughty]. WRECKED AT THE POLE; or, Jack Wright's Daring Adventures in the Frozen Sea. Serialized in Happy Days October 3 thru November 21, 1896. Giants in temperate zone of the Arctic; Hollow Earth.

North, Eric. THE ANT MEN. Phila: Winston, 1955. Expedition discovers a lost world in central Australia with an intelligent antlike race.

North, Franklin H. THE AWAKENING OF NOAHVILLE. NY: Dillingham, 1900. Satire. Medieval kingdom in North America.

Norton, Roy. THE CAVES OF TREASURE. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1925; first appearance in England's Red Magazine as two novellas, "The Glyphs" (1919) & "The Secret City" (1920). Mayans.

Norton, Roy. THE GLYPHS, in Popular Magazine September 20, 1919, & its sequel, THE SECRET CITY November 7 thru December 7, 1919. Mayan high culture survives in Guatemala.

Norton, Roy. THE TOLL OF THE SEA. Ln: Unwin, 1909; NY: Appleton, 1909. A shorter version of the story was issued as THE LAND OF THE LOST. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1925. Scientifically advanced race of Aryans/Atlanteans, who previously lived hidden beneath the Andes, are revealed after world catastrophe. Quite a good tale.

Norwood, Warren. TRUE JAGUAR. NY: Bantam, 1988 wraps. Maya.

Nowlan, Phil & H. D. Calkins BUCK ROGERS IN THE CITY BELOW THE SEA. Racine, WI: Whitman, 1934; Big Little Book. Future discovery of albino water-breathing Atlanteans

Noyes, Pierrepont B. THE PALLID GIANT. NY: Revell, 1927. Valley found in France with gigantic machinery belonging to a race from the extreme far past. No member of that vanished race is encountered, but their whole history is told via flashback.

Ober, Fred A. JOHN NORTH IN MEXICO: A Story of the Silver City. Boston: Lothrop, 1892. Two connected tales, "The Silver City" & "Cacique John, A Further Account of the Search for the Silver City," about Mayans survival & other nearby races. A third tale "Montezuma's Gold Mines" is archeological fantasy only, without inhabitants. This is the most complete edition. All these stories had earlier publication in an unidentified Sunday school magazine, & the book versions were made up from the plates arranged for the magazines, including even the filler material at chapter ends.

Ober, Fred A. THE SILVER CITY: A Story of Adventure in Mexico. Boston: Lothrop, 1883; 47p. Expanded under the same title, Boston: Lothrop, 1893, 95p. The reissue doubled the length of the earlier edition of The Silver City by inclusion of Cacique John, A Further Account of the Search for the Silver City. The same complete story appeared in 1892 as JOHN NORTH IN MEXICO with the tangentially related Montezuma's Gold Mines that was dropped from the 1893 edition of THE SILVER CITY.

Ober, Fred A. MONTEZUMA'S GOLD MINES. Boston: Lothrop, 1893? First separate publication of one of the two tales in John North in Mexico. Marginal; archeological remains only.

Ober, Fred. UNDER THE CUBAN FLAG; or, The Cacique's Treasure. Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1897. Pre-Conquest Taino Indians discovered in Sargasso Sea.

O'Brien, FitzJames. "The King of Nodland & His Dwarf" first book publication in THE SUPERNATURAL TALES OF FITZ-JAMES O'BRIEN, Volume Two: Dream Stories & Fantasies edited with an introduction by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. NY: Doubleday, 1988. Originally published anonymously in The American Whig Review December 1852.

Obruchev, Vladimir Afanas'evich.. PLUTONIA. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publ, 1957; London: Lawrence & Wishart. 1957. Translation of PLUTONIIA. Moscow: ONTI, 1924. Prehistoric survivals of the hollow earth, including ape-people.

Obruchev, Vladimir Afanas'evich.. SANNIKOV LAND. Moscow: Foreign Languages Publ., 1955 & as SANNIKOV'S LAND (London: Harrap, 1968). Translation of ZEMLIA SANNIKOVA (Moscow: O.N.T.I., 1925). Northern Siberian Arctic "lost world" of Stone Age men, mammoths, & giant bears.

O'Donnell, Elliott. SORCERY CLUB. Ln: Rider, 1912. Atlantean survival & magic.

O'Donnell, Elliott. THE UNKNOWN DEPTHS: A Tale. Ln: Greening, 1905. Undeground city, North African race with occult powers.

O'Grady, Standish. THE CHAIN OF GOLD. Ln: Unwin, 1895. Subterranean druidic community on the west coast of Ireland.

"An Old Scout" [house name, author unknown]. LOST IN THE GREAT BASIN; or, The Wonderful Underground City. NY: Pluck & Luck #495, November 27, 1907; pictorial wraps. Serialized in The Boy's of New York #495, November 27, 1907, as by Kit Clyde (anther house name). High civilization in caverns in the Wild West.

Oldrey, John. THE DEVIL'S HENCHMEN. Ln: Methuen, 1926. Alexandrian Greeks inside mountains of Afghanistan, discovered in the future.

O'Neill, Joseph. LAND UNDER ENGLAND. Ln: Gollancz, 1935; NY: Simon & Schuster, 1935; NY: Overlook, 1981. Descendants of Romans, plus giant spiders, in hollow earth.

Oppenheim, E. Phillips. A DAUGHTER OF ASTREA. Ln: -?-, 1898; NY: Doscher, 1909; NY: Newton, 1912. Long-isolated & cruel kingdom in North Africa.

Orcutt, Emma Louise. THE DIVINE SEAL. Boston: Clark, 1909. Atlantean survivals at North Pole & Hollow Earth, as discovered in the future in the wake of worldwide cataclysms. Most imaginative.

Orczy, Baroness. THE GATES OF KAMI. NY: Dodd Mead, 1907. Same as BY THE GODS BELOVED. Ln: Greening, 1905. Egyptian survival in Libya. Seems to me this can be read two ways. Some have felt that when the protagonists pass through a cavernous entryway they arrive at a city carved out of the middle of a mountain; but I kind of got the impression that they had passed through a time warp. Been years since I read it & haven't been able to force myself to see if my recollection that it's time travel rather than lost race is wrong.

Orgill, Douglas (William) & John Gibbons. BROTHER ESAU. NY: Harper & Row, 1982; Ln: Bodley Head, 1982. Himilayan Yetis are a telepathic lost race.

Osborne, Duffield. THE SECRET OF THE CRATER: A Mountain Moloch. NY: Putnam, 1900; NY: Bookfinger, 1979; originally as A MOUNTAIN MOLOCH in Lippincott's Monthly Magazine July 1897. Carthaginians on southern Pacific island.

Osbourne, Lloyd. THE ADVENTURER. NY: Appleton, 1907. Wind-driven land-ship travels to the last enclave of classical Incas.

Otis [Kaler], James. THE TREASURE FINDERS, A Boy's Adventures in Nicaragua. NY: Burt, -?-.

Otis [Kaler], James. SEARCH FOR THE SILVER CITY: A Tale of Adventure in Yucatan. NY: Burt, 1893. Mayan survival.

Owen, George. THE LEECH CLUB; or, Mysteries of the Catskills. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1874. Marginal; a secret society has established a secret underground city with trappings of pagan antiquity.

Oxenham, John. A PRINCESS OF VASCOVY. NY: Dillingham, 1899. Marginal. Previously unknown South American tribes show vestigial relationship to Incan civilization. Also, an imaginary kingdom in Eastern Europe.

Ozollo, I. P. [pseud of ALfred Sears]. THE LOST INCA: A Tale of Discovery in the Vale of the Inti Mayu. Ln: Cassell, 1889; NY: Street & Smith Columbia Library, 1902, wraps. Scientifically advanced Incas in great city under the Andes. Rare.

Pain, Barry. THE NEW GULLIVER & Other Stories. Title story about castaway's discovery of Ultima Thule of super-advanced people; the castaway is treated as a pet. Nothing to do with Swift.

Paine, Albert Bigelow. THE GREAT WHITE WAY: A Record of an Unusual Voyage of Discovery, & Some Romantic Love Affairs amid Strange Surroundings." NY: Taylor, 1901. Telepathic race in temperate zone of Antarctica.

Palmer, Don [pseud of Mildred A. Wirt]. THE BOY SCOUT EXPLORERS AT TREASURE MOUNTAIN. Chicago: Cupples & Leon, 1955. Incas in Peru.

Paltock, Robert. THE LIFE & ADVENTURES OF PETER WILKINS. Ln: Robinson & Dodsley, 1751 double-decker; republished as by "R. S." Ln: Reeves & Turner, 1884 double-decker. Also issued as THINKS-I-TO-MYSELF, A Serio-Ludicro, Tragico-Comico Tale; written by Thinks-I-to-Myself, WHO?, Two Volumes in One (Phila: Sas. B. Smith, 1860). Imaginary voyage & winged lost race near the North Pole.

Pangborn, Edgar. "Longtooth" in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 1960; collected in GOOD NEIGHBORS (NY: Macmillan, 1975). Bigfoot in Maine.

Pape, Sharon. THE PORTAL. NY: Silhouette Shadows, 1994 wraps. Archeologist discovers dimensional gateway to Anasazi Indian tribe's location.

Pardio [pseud of John Nott Pyke-Nott]. THE WHITE AFRICANS. Ln: Tinsley, 1879, 86p. Ancient race of advanced whites in African hill country.

Paris, John [pseud Frank T. Ashton-Gwatkin]. THE ISLAND BEYOND JAPAN. Ln: Collins, 1929. Marginal; sacred treasure on an imaginary island.

Parrish, Randall. PRISONERS OF CHANCE: The Story of What Befell Geoffrey Benteen, Borderman, Through His Love for a Lady of France. Chicago: McClurg, 1908; Toronto: McLeod & Allen [1906]. Four color plates by the Kinneys. Survival of the Mound Builders in early Louisiana with an Ayesha-like queen.

Parry, David MacLean. THE SCARLET EMPIRE. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill [1906]; Toronto: McLeod & Allen [1906]; NY: Arno, 1971. Atlantis survives under the sea. Beautiful color illustration plates.

Parry, Peter. QUEEN OF THE SILVER CITY, A Thrilling Story of Amazing Adventures in the South American Forests. Ln: Amalgamated, No. 720 in the Knock-Out Library [c1940] pictorial wraps.

Payne, A. R. Middleton. THE GERAL-MELCO; or, The Narrative of a Residence in a Brazilian Valley. NY: Norton, 1852. Reissued as RAMBLES IN BRAZIL; or, A Peep at the Aztecs By One Who Has Seen Them. NY: Norton, 1854. Lost Race pawned off as travel fact. Rare.

Pearson, Alec G. THE CITY OF FLAME! A Grand, Complete Story of Thrilling Adventure. Ln: Amalgamated/Boys' Friend Library No. 316 [1915]; pictorial wraps. Lost land of Shoa ruled by Queen Clytemna.

Pearson, Alec G. "Under the Northern Lights" in The Union Jack second series no. 22, 1904. Viking city.

Peek, Hedley. THE CHARIOT OF THE FLESH. NY: Longmans Green, 1897. A hidden community of super-humans in the Himalayas.

Peeke, Margaret B. ZENIA THE VESTAL; or, The Problem of Vibrations. Boston: Arena, 1893. An ancient mystic order hidden in the Alps; remnant of Atlantis.

Peckwater, H. ARIMAS. Ln: Simpkin Marshall, 1881. Pacific island.

Pendleton, John. THE IVORY QUEEN: A Story of Strange Adventure. Ln: Osgood, McIlvaine, 1897. Race descended from Zenobia in Africa; supernaturalism. Rare.

Pengreep, William. THE TEMPLE OF SAHR. Ln: Cecil Palmer, 1932. Australia.

Pereyra, Diomedes de. THE LAND OF THE GOLDEN SCARABS. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1928.

Pereyra, Diomedes de. THE LAND OF THE GOLDEN SCARABS. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill, 1928. Incas in the Brazilian interior.

Peters, Elizabeth [pseud of Barbara G. Mertz]. THE LAST CAMEL DIED AT NOON. NY: Warner, 1991. Sixth book in the Amelia Peabody Victorian Explorer series. This time Amelia's family discovers a lost city in the Sudan.

Peterson, Margaret. DEADLY NIGHTSHADE. Ln: Hurst & Blackett, 1924. Egyptian high culture in Africa. Plus prehistoric survivals.

Peterson, Margaret. THE YELLOW PEOPLE; or, Queen of Sheba's Tomb. Ln: Shaw, 1930. A people descended of Solomon & Sheba in Central Africa. Also a feral boy raised by gorillas.

Pettit, Henry. THE TWENTIETH CENTURY IDEALISTS. NY: Grafton, 1905. Visit to a secret Himalayan city of adepts patterned on Shangri-la.

Petworth, Algernon. THE LITTLE WICKET GATE. Ln: Fifield, 1913. Tangential since evidently set in a parallel dimension: utopian society appears beyond the little gate.

Phelon, W. P. OUR STORY OF ATLANTIS. San Francisco: Hermetic Book Concern, 1903; Quakerstown, PA: Philosophical Publishing Co., 1937. In a West Indian archipelago is an island with a secret entrance to Atlantis, though only relics & their history on tablets are found.

Phelon, W. P. THREE SEVENS, A Story of Ancient Initiation. Chicago: Hermetic Publishing Co., 1889. Marginal. Occultism, mystic brotherhood, & forgotten civilizations of Mexico.

Phelps, Gilbert. HEART IN THE DESERT. NY: John Day, 1954. A different version was issued in England as THE DRY STONE. Ln: -?-, -?-. This was revised & reissued as THE WINTER PEOPLE. Ln: Bodley Head, 1963; NY: Simon & Schuster, 1964. Andean race that can hibernate.

Philips, Rog. WORLDS WITHIN. Chicago: Century Publication, 1050. Hollow Earth; Inca survival under Los Angeles.

Phillpotts, Eden. TABLETOP. NY: Macmillan, 1939. Marginal; island society, Inca treasures.

Phineas [pseud of J.Hanifin]. THE BLINDMEN & THE DEVIL. Boston: Shepard & Lee/NY: Dillingham, 1890. Underground blind race. Rare.

Piliponis, Justas. Reportedly lost race are the untranslated Lithuanian novels KUNIGAIKSIS BE PRACITIES ("Knight Without a Past", 1936) & AMZINAS ZYDAS KAUNCE ("The Wandering Jew in Kaunas, 1934), although specifics are not available.

Pinkwater, Daniel. THE WORMS OF KUKUMLIMA. NY: Dutton, 1981. Discovery of a race of intelligent worms in East Africa, spoofing several Haggard elements.

Plummer, William F. THE HAUNTING MELODY: A Novel. Ln: Stockwell, 1925.

Poe, Edgar Allan. THE NARRATIVE OF ARTHUR GORDON PYM OF NANTUCKET. NY: Harper, 1838. A defining hollow earth fantasy.

Pope, Gustavus W. A JOURNEY TO MARS. NY: Dillingham, 1894. A lost race found in Antarctica turns out be descended of Martians.

Popescu, Petru Demetru. ALMOST ADAM. NY: Morrow, 1996. Missing link tribe discovered in Kenya.

Porter, James A. A PRINCE OF ANAHUAC, A Histori-Traditional Story Antedating the Aztec Empire. Galion, Ohio: Crawford, 1894. Marginal; an historical novel.

Porter, Admiral D. THE ADVENTURES OF HARRY MARLINE; or, Notes from an American Midshipman's Lucky Bag. NY: Appleton, 1885 wraps. Fantastic voyage including visit to an unknown South Seas kingdom.

Portwin, E. T. DEATH SWAMP & Other Adventure Stories. Ln: Vowser & Wiles [1946]. Includes the hollow earth lost race tale "Lake Under London".

Potter, Robert [pseud of Robert Easterley & John Wilbraham]. THE GERM GROWERS, The Strange Adventures or Robert Easterley & John Wilbraham. Ln: Hutchinson, 1892. Interior of Australia.

Pound, Singleton. "Don Manuel's Diamond" in The Union Jack first series no. 183, October 21, 1897. South America.

Powell, Frank. THE VENGEANCE OF THE WOLF-MEN. Serialized in Cassell's The New Boys' World numbers 1 thru 14, March 17s thru June 16, 1906. Sequel to The Wolf-Men (immediately below) but never in book form.

Powell, Frank. THE WOLF-MEN: A Tale of Amazon Adventure in the Under-world. Ln: Cassell, 1906. Hollow Earth under the Pole, prehistoric survivals, & a hairy lycanthropic race. This first appeared in Boy's World in 1905. This is a famous enough rarity that it should be reprinted together with the sequel which was never in book form.

Powell, Van. THE MYSTERY BOYS & THE INCA GOLD. Cleveland, OH: World Syndicate, 1931.

Praed, Rosa Campbell. FUGITIVE ANNE. Ln: Long, 1902; NY: New Amsterdam Book Co., 1903. Atlantean/Mu/Lemurian survival in Australia.

Praed, Rosa Campbell. AS A WATCH IN THE NIGHT, A Drama of Waking & Dream in Five Acts. Ln: Chatto & Windus, 1901. Enlightened race in the South Seas.

Preisler, Jerome. ZORRO & THE JAGUAR WARRIORS. NY: Tor, 1999 wraps. Zorro encounters a nasty Aztec cult

Prentice, Harry. THE BOY EXPLORERS; The Adventures of Two Boys in Alaska. NY: Burt, 1895. Late in the tale, the adventurers discover a people of medieval European origins (probably Viking) in the interior of Alaska guarding their ancient treasure in a temple of many doors.

Prentice, Harry. THE KING OF APELAND. NY: Burt, 1888. Also issued as CAPTURED BY APES, or, How Philip Garland Became King of Apeland. NY: Burt, 1892. Marginal; castaway on an island of apes.

The Prince of Mantua & Montferrat. VISIONS OF THE INTERIOR OF THE EARTH. Ln: Simpkin Marshall, 1894, wraps. Angel-guided spirit-journeys into sundry caverns of the honeycombed Hollow Earth, one of which contains Atlantis.

Proctor, Frederick J. THE SECRET OF MARK PEPYS. Ln: Digby Long, 1899. Secluded Indian survival in hidden Golden Vale of California.

Prospero, Peter. THE ATLANTIS. American Museum of Sciences, Literature & Art, 1838. Arctic survival of Atlantis; utopian.

Pratt, Fletcher. TALES FROM GAVAGAN'S BAR. NY: Twayne, 1953. "No Forwarding Address" features a single Atlantean.

Purnell, Idella. THE FORBIDDEN CITY. NY: Macmillan, 1932. Aztec city.

Quiroule, Pierre. THE PAINTED DEATH. Ln: Nelson, 1935. Tribe of amazon women found in South America.

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