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Sexton Blake: The Teed Files


“Wu Ling appeared in the same year as Fu Manchu and in my opinion is a far better, subtler and more interesting character than Rohmer’s.” ~Michael Moorcock, London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction

For many, 1913 was the start of Sexton Blake’s Golden Age. That year saw the arrival of many of Blake’s greatest opponents including: Dr. Huxton Rymer, Professor Kew, Mademoiselle Yvonne Cartier and Prince Wu Ling.

Perhaps the wiliest and most dangerous of them all, Prince Wu Ling was the leader of The Brotherhood of the Yellow Beetle, a secret society founded in China during the fall of the Manchu Dynasty. His plans for China and the West are revealed throughout the pages of the adventures contained in this anthology.

The secret society first comes to Blake’s attention in The Brotherhood of the Yellow Beetle. The tale is followed by Strang the Silent a summer double-length special that also marks the first of a number of meetings between Prince Wu Ling, Dr. Huxton Rymer and Yvonne Cartier. In The Mystery of Walla-Walla Blake and Tinker travel to Australia for a short vacation and cross paths with Yvonne Cartier once again. In the last adventure The Sacred Sphere, a double-length Christmas issue, Blake and Yvonne go undercover to investigate an illegal human trafficking ring. All four tales were written by George Hamilton Teed (1886-1938) a Canadian writer who is regarded by fans as one of the best Sexton Blake authors of all time. Enjoy!

The Sacred Sphere: "Simply one of the best Sexton Blake tales of all time." Mark Hodder, Sexton Blake Bibliography, Blakiana

Imprint ROH Press Great Detectives and Master Criminals
Published 02/08/2020
ISBN 978-1-987886-69-6
Length 446 pages
Legendary Detectives
Sexton Blake: The Early Years
Sexton Blake: The Answers Casebook
Sexton Blake: The Yvonne Cartier Files
Sexton Blake: The Wu Ling Files
Sexton Blake and Nelson Lee
Nelson Lee: The Black Wolf Files
Nelson Lee: The Pluck Casebook
Nelson Lee: The Landmark Cases
Moriarty’s Rivals: 12 Female Masterminds
Miss Brandt: Adventuress


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